Top 5 Best Shower Heads in NZ

The Shower Head is the most important part of the shower. A good showerhead will make the best out of a bad situation. A bad showerhead will never generate enough pressure to satisfy you. 

You know what it’s like to be in the shower and have a clog in the showerhead. It’s not fun. Is it? It’s simply horrible. You let the water run and run, but still, the clog doesn’t go away.

So what do you do to fix it? You have to get out of the shower. Then you have to search for a penknife or a pair of scissors. And then you have to try your level best to cut out whatever is clogging your showerhead. It’s really awful.

The Best Shower Heads are a great way to revitalise your shower and make it more enjoyable. They are made of tough plastics that are scratch-resistant. These showerheads are strong and durable, resistant to water drops and clogs. They also last a very long time, coming in lots of designs to appeal to all tastes. The Best Shower Heads simply provide the quality that you need.

In this Blog, We will tell you why it’s so important to have a good showerhead. And how to choose the right shower head for yourself.

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How to choose the best Shower Head for you

What types of Showerheads are there?

There are two types of showerheads fixed and handheld. The fixed shower head has a semi-flexible neck. This means these types of shower heads cannot move much. The handheld showerhead can move in any direction. Although it is important to note that the hose must be long enough to allow the showerhead to move freely on its own.


What flow rate does the showerhead support?

It is important that the showerhead you buy supports a flow rate of at least 6.5 Lt. per minute. This flow rate is what standard showerheads support. However, you can get better performance from showerheads with higher flow rates e.g. 6+ Lt./ minute as it would provide better coverage as well as save energy and your money.


What is a type of spray pattern?

The spray pattern on the showerhead refers to the way the water comes out of the showerhead. There are three types of spray patterns that can be found on showerheads:

Rainfall showers: These showers provide full coverage from the head at all times. They produce a steady flow of water which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. However, the only setback to this is that it uses more water and the water can be wasted if not directed properly.

Jet Shower: This type of shower produces a more focused spray pattern. It does not cover the entire body at all times but rather provides bursts of water to specific areas of the body. This gives the appearance that one is in a private spa.

Massage Shower: This type of shower is used to produce a massage-like feeling on the body. The showerhead provides alternating streams of water as it moves back and forth on the showerhead. This causes compression waves on the body which provides a rejuvenating effect.

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The Best Shower Heads to buy


1. Round Chrome Super Slim HeadShower Head

Round Chrome Super Slim Showerhead is a very stylish shower that comes with a 3-way swivel for your convenience. The solid brass construction ensures durability, while the stainless steel material ensures its longevity. It has a ball joint which can be adjusted to suit your needs, making it easy to install.


2. LED Square Rainfall Shower Head Shower Head

LED Square Matte Black Water Saving Rainfall Shower is a beautiful shower head that provides a rainfall effect. It is made of brass, making it durable and rustproof. The LED lighting changes colour to Red/Violet/Blue temperature detectable and can be used to stimulate biorhythms. The 8 LED Lights with the Swivel ball joint make it easy to attach to your shower or tub head and free up space.


3.  Round Black Rainfall Shower Head Rainfall Shower Head

The Round Black Rainfall Shower Head is a good shower head because it has a swivel joint which enables you to angle towards your desired direction. The plated black colour allows the showerhead to blend with the rest of your fixtures without attracting undesirable attention. It also has a mesh filter which prevents debris from entering the water and disrupting your showering experience.


4. LED Rainfall Square Shower Head

Square Shower Head

The LED rainfall showerhead is a high-quality and trendy shower head that makes bathing an enjoyable experience as well as an appealing visual spectacle. The LED light can help to power up your bath time with a little splash of colour and more vibrant lighting. It is self-powered by the water pressure, so no batteries or external power sources are needed. It is also easy to install.


5. Super Slim Square Rainfall HeadStainless Steel

Super Slim Square Rainfall Showerhead is a stylish and sleek 8-inch square showerhead with a swivel ball joint for easy positioning. The water outlet is soft TPR material and easy to install.  A great shower head for those who are looking for style, design, and durability.