Top 7 Best Sleeping Bag in NZ

If you’re the type of person who loves camping, then you know how important it is to have a great sleeping bag. You don’t want your kids or yourself waking up in the middle of the night cold and shivering, so make sure you are comfortable with your sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag is an essential item for camping trips and outings with friends. The right sleeping bag will help you get back into shape.

It will provide the warmth you need while sleeping outside, which is necessary when temperatures drop. Some types of sleeping bags are designed to be light and portable so that they can be easily carried on outdoor excursions.

Lightweight models are perfect for backpacking or car camping, as they will not take up too much space in your pack or vehicle. 

The best sleeping bag depends on what type of activity you want to use it for, whether it’s a one-night sleepover with friends or an extended backcountry trip into the wilderness.

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How to choose the Best Sleeping Bag for you

You’re about to head out for a camping trip, that’s right – you have the gear. But what if it isn’t enough? You want your equipment to last and keep up with all of those adventures life throws at you. Whether you’re camping next to the beach, hiking through forests or mountain climbing, here are some tips on how to pick the best sleeping bag for you. 


What about size, weight and shape?

Your sleeping bag goes with you anywhere. Whether it’s in the back of your car, or while hiking through a beautiful mountain trail, weight and size matter because these factors can affect how easy it is for you to carry around as well as what gear you’ll be able to bring along too. 

If backpackers are on their way up mountains they need more lightweight options that are easier for them to get moving again when they stop – this means checking out packed sizes and weights before buying one that’s heavier than all others. 


How about the materials?

Down is the best material for warmth-to-weight ratio, heat retention and temperature range. They can be used in both cold and warm conditions. The downside is that you cannot get them wet: once water gets involved, they lose their insulating properties; meaning when it rains or snows outside your sleeping bag will not keep you as warm as before.


The Best Sleeping Bags NZ


1. The North Face One BagThe North Face Sleeping Bag

The North Face Fuseform One Bag is a highly versatile, lightweight sleeping bag that can be used as an over bag or as a stand-alone quilt for campsite lounging. The down layer can be removed and worn around camp in cool weather, and the Anti-compression layer on the back is composed of Heatseeker™ Pro synthetic insulation to keep you warm when the temperature drops. With its roomy fit and a large, fitted hood that accommodates pillows and arms-over-the-head sleepers, this versatile bag will keep you comfortable.

This sleeping bag has three insulated layers that can be used for any climate. The top layer features 40-degree-rated Heatseeker Pro synthetic insulation to keep you warm in warmer climates or temperatures during the night and will also work as an insulator in colder conditions. Mid layer takes on 20 degrees of 800 fill down which ensures your sleep experience stays comfortable when it’s cold outside!


2. Face Blue Kazoo

North Face

This sleeping Bag packs down to a smaller size than other sleeping bags! The hood is fitted and has zippers specifically for baffles- meaning you can breathe easy all night long. It will help keep heat in the bag with the draft collar around your neck. 

It is an adventure-seeking person’s dream. It features a water-resistant 700-fill ProDown to keep you warm in any wet conditions with temperatures down at -9°C.


3. Extra Long Left Zip Celestial


It’s made of 20D ripstop polyester outer with a soft polyester lining and lightweight breathable recycled polyester insulation. Designed to be specially lightweight the RAB solar will keep you warm in any climate, both summer and winter.

The all-around best sleeping bag for those who need an extra long/extra cold rating. It is a differential cut with blanket base and shingled upper construction to optimize thermal efficiency, plus a snug internal draft collar to keep the cold at bay.


4. The North Face Green Kazoo

The North Face

Get cosy in the North Face Green Kazoo. With 700-fill ProDown and a compression-optimized fill schedule, this sleeping bag will keep you warm throughout the night. Fitted hoods ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and zipper baffles help maintain body heat. This sleeper has 10% more compressibility than previous versions so it packs up to be easier for shorter trips into nature with friends or all by yourself.

This sleeping bag is small and can be carried in just two hand-delivered cubic feet, thanks to compression optimized down and a fitted hood for more warmth. 


5.  Alta 500 V2 Down Sleeping Bag RZ


The Torpedo7 Alta 500 V2 Down Sleeping Bag RZ is a lightweight and compact down sleeping bag. With 500 grams of 600 fill power White Goose Down, this sleeping bag has the perfect temperature rating for 2°C. This bag will keep you warm all night to help you sleep peacefully during wet conditions and chilly evenings. If weight and size are your main considerations when looking for a new bag then this bag would be the right option for you.

The 3D collar on this bag provides additional insulation from the cold air, and there’s an anti-snag zip webbing on the interior which keeps your clothes in place so you don’t snag anything while sealing up your sleeping bag. 


6.  Nebula 700 Down Sleeping Bag RZ

Torpedo7 Sleeping Bag

Torpedo7 Nebula is a popular sleeping bag, providing plenty of comfort and insulation for freezing temperatures. Boasting 700 grams of White Goose Down 600 fill power, this bag can keep you toasty warm even at -2°C. It’s designed with durability in mind too so if your travels take you up mountains or out into the wilderness, you’re good to go!

With features such as a 3D collar, wind baffle, and zipper garages with low snag fabric protectors to keep weight and bulk at a minimum, this is an ultimate sleeping bag ideal for outdoor activities over all seasons.



7. Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag

Marmot Trestles

The Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag is a synthetic bag designed to withstand cold and damp conditions. Constructed of Polyester, the Trestles has an insulated neck baffle on the inside lining which allows warmth to be captured all around your head for optimum comfort. 

This Sleeping Bag is designed to keep you warm and comfortable all night. It comes with a fold-down second zipper for increased ventilation, an anti-snag slider on the main zip that reduces snagging, an anatomically 3D foot box for more room in your feet area, and Spirafil High Loft Insulation which increases the warmth of this bag by 10%.

This sleeping Bag is the perfect bag for camping and hiking. This sleeping bag has a fold-down second zipper that provides additional ventilation, making it easy to cool down at night or warm up in the morning with ease.


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