Top 5 Best Smokers in NZ

BBQs are great for entertaining, but if you really want to make your guests crave their food just as much as they do the ambience of summer then get yourself an awesome smoker. They add flavour and taste that will knock everyone’s socks off. Smokers also tend to be of higher quality so there won’t be any worries about undercooking or overcooking anything on them like with other outdoor cookers out there today. 

The best smoker is one with a lot of flavours, easy to maintain and clean. They are also convenient with the ability to be used indoors or outdoors. You want your food to taste great but you don’t want it to smell like smoke.

If you’re looking for the perfect smoker BBQ, there are many things to consider. You want one that will work with your fuel types and be able to cook various food items – but how do you know which is best? This blog has reviews of some great smokers built specifically so you can have hassle-free cooking at outdoor places. 

Best BBQ in New Zealand

How to Choose the Best Smoker 

We have included the best smoker grills on the market and essential features you need to consider before you make your purchase.

Size of Smoker

You need to think about the size of the smoker that will be best for you, but it involves a number of factors. Firstly consider what food is desired – often depending on how many people there are in your family. Check also if the cooking surface is enough to cook a single lot for the number of people you want to cook.

The small smoker has a cooking surface that is perfect for 1-3 people, but not so much when you want to cook an entire rack of ribs or even just one large fish. Generally, the smaller model has a 15-30cm cooking surface and others from 50cm and upwards. 

The size of a smoker is going to be determined by the style and type. Some smokers are small enough that they can sit on your patio without taking up much space, but other models may be larger and take more space so it depends on you having enough space for that large model.

Build Materials of Smoker

It’s important that you buy a smoker that is made out of durable materials like steel because this will be strong against all weather conditions. Usually steel or metal gets rust over time so consider buying either powder-coated or painted finish. This will protect them from weather and keep your smoker in good condition for years to come

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What other features need to consider?

Fuel – Consider what kind of fuel is required for the smoker whether it runs through charcoal or wood. charcoal smokers are the most common smokers people use but electric options as well are available in the market. 

Thermostat – Maintaining the temperature for a perfect cook is vital. Without an accurate thermostat, you’ll have to open your cooker regularly or constantly be checking on it with meat thermometers. Be sure that when purchasing new appliances like smokers/grills, they come equipped with built-in heating systems such as these devices to keep meats at desired temperatures throughout their cooking process. 

Air vent – This is a crucial part of the smoker because it guides smoke down into your food. A good model will have both air vents in its fire chamber, as well as grill venting for maximum heat output and airflow control.

Water pan – It is a great way to add more smoke flavour. These pans can be used when you want the maximum in terms of both taste and smell, as they will produce enough vapour for about an hour or three hours at most before having to refill them again.

Best Portable BBQs in NZ


The Best Smokers NZ


1.  Charcoal Smoker & Grill

Smoker & Grill

The portable appliance has a 37cm cooking area with a charcoal grill and the best smoker. It has two chrome-plated grills. It comes with a porcelain-enamelled charcoal pan that allows for even heat distribution. The built-in thermometer helps you monitor the temperature of the food while it’s cooking. This black-painted steel body will last for years to come, creating memories that will last forever.


2. Broil King Smoker

Best Smoker

The Broil King Keg 2000 is the ultimate barbecue for entertaining friends and family. It has a 48cm wide cooking area, perfect for grilling large cuts of meat or multiple dishes at once. The Deluxe Accu-Temp thermometer allows you to control the temperature with ease, while the Cast Iron Upper Damper gives you complete control over your heat output. The Stainless Steel Lower Damper can be opened or closed depending on how much airflow you want coming in through. 


3. Bradley Smoker Original BlackBradley Smoker

Bradley Smoker Original Black is your best choice for the ultimate indoor smoker. It uses a combination of cold smoke, hot smoke, and roasting to produce authentic BBQ flavours in your kitchen. The fully insulated stainless steel interior with a powder-coated exterior features a 48cm usable smoking area and provides up to 130°C cooking temperature. It also has a slow cooker or a slow roasting oven cooking function.


4. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 57cm 

Mountain Cooker

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is the ultimate barbecue cooking appliance. It has double-tiered cooking grills that are sealed in porcelain enamel and combined with the steam and filters up through the double racks to produce food that’s full of flavour, juicy, tender, and succulent. It has a built-in lid thermometer that measures the internal temperature of meat or other foods while smoking. It has a rust-resistant aluminium heat shield. 


5. SOGA 3 In 1 Barbecue Smoker, Grill Barbecue Smoker

SOGA 3-in-1 BBQ best Smoker Charcoal Grill is great for barbecues, picnics and family gatherings. This portable charcoal outdoor grill has three grilling/smoking sections that allow you to barbecue, roast and smoke all at the same time. The water bowl allows you to steam or smoke your food without using extra fuel. With its adjustable air vent, lid crossbars and hooks for smoking, chrome-plated cooking grills, side ventilation doors and Built-in Thermostat.