The 10 Sofa Beds in NZ

Sofa beds are versatile and practical furniture piece that can transform any space into a guest bedroom or provide a cozy spot for lounging. Whether you need an extra sleeping option for guests or simply want to maximize space in your home, a sofa bed is a smart solution.

When choosing the best sofa bed in NZ, factors such as durability, comfort, and affordability are key considerations. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. In this blog post, we have curated a list of our top 10 favorite sofa beds to help you find the perfect one for your needs.


How to Choose the Best Sofa Bed for You

Choosing the best sofa bed for your needs involves a combination of practical considerations, design preferences, quality assessments, and an understanding of the different mechanisms and mattress types. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision when selecting a sofa bed.


Space and Size


Measure Your Space:

Before you start looking at sofa beds, measure the space where it will be placed. Consider both the dimensions of the sofa when folded and how much room it will occupy when extended into a bed.


Single: Ideal for one person and small spaces

Full/Double: Can accommodate two people but still fit in smaller rooms

Queen: A larger option for two people, needs more floor space

King: The largest option, not as common, requires significant room


Mechanism Types:

There are several types of sofa bed mechanisms, each with its pros and cons:

Pullout Couches: Traditional sofa beds with a full mattress that folds out from beneath the seat cushions.

Pros: Often have a larger mattress, more like a traditional bed

Cons: Can be heavy; mechanism can be difficult for some to operate


ClickClack: The back of the sofa clicks down into a flat position, without the need for a separate mattress.

Pros: Easy to convert; often more affordable

Cons: The sleeping surface might be less comfortable due to divided sections


Futons: A simple fold-down design with a cushion that serves as both the seat and the mattress.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, often inexpensive

Cons: Less padding, might not be comfortable for every sleeper


Corner Sofa Beds: These are L-shaped sofas that usually have a pullout mechanism or a chaise with hidden storage that lifts to form a bed.

Pros: Versatile, provide extra storage

Cons: Can take up a lot of space, and the setup might be complex


Lift and Pull: Requires lifting the seat to reveal a bed frame and mattress beneath.

Pros: Usually has a more supportive mattress

Cons: Might require more strength to set up


Mattress Types

Sofa beds come with various mattress types, each offering different levels of comfort:

Innerspring: Traditional mattresses with springs which can be comfortable but might feel the coils over time.

Memory Foam: Provides excellent support and contours to the body, but can retain heat.

Latex: Offers a more responsive feel than memory foam, and is hypoallergenic, but can be expensive.

Airovercoil: Features an innerspring mattress with an inflatable top layer, which provides adjustability.

Polyester and Cotton Fill: Generally found in futons, lighter and less supportive than innerspring or foam options.


Durability and Frame Material

Frame Material:

Metal Frames: Generally more durable but can be heavier and more expensive.

Wood Frames: Look for kilned hardwood for greater stability and longevity.


 Aesthetics and Style

Consider the style and fabric that matches your decor and lifestyle:

Leather: Durable and easy to clean but can be expensive.

Microfiber: Soft and stain resistant, a good choice for homes with kids or pets.

Polyester: Versatile and available in various patterns and colors.


Additional Considerations

Budget: Prices can vary greatly, so set a realistic budget and look for the best quality within that range.

Sleeping Habits: Think about how often the sofa bed will be used for sleeping. If it’s frequently used as a bed, invest in a model with a highquality mattress.

Manufacturer and Warranty: Choose reputable brands and check warranty details to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Maintenance and Care: Ensure you understand the maintenance requirements for both the sofa and mattress components to keep the sofa bed in top shape.

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The Best Sofa Beds in NZ


1. Ovela Jepson 2-Seater Sofa Bed

Ovela Jepson 2-Seater Sofa Bed

The Ovela Jepson 2 seater sofa bed blends functionality with a modern aesthetic, making it a smart addition to any space-conscious home. A seamless folding mechanism transforms this piece from a stylish sofa to a bed with ease.

With five backrest tilt and lock positions, this sofa bed caters to your comfort preferences. Whether needing upright support or a gentle recline, the adaptable angles cater especially to those with back concerns, offering personalized relaxation.

The sofa’s design features ultra-durable fabric and metal legs with a chic wooden print, presenting a contemporary look that will stand up to daily use. The handsome and sturdy construction ensures the Ovela Jepson is both a practical and stylish choice for your living space.


2. Ovela Apline Sofa Bed 

Ovela Apline Sofa Bed

The Ovela Alpine Sofa Bed offers a perfect blend of modern design and convenience, effortlessly transitioning from a cozy sofa to a bed in no time. Ideal for those who enjoy the ease of adaptability in their furniture without compromising on comfort.

Plush cushioning promises a relaxing experience, whether seated or lying down. The added luxury of a built-in surface tray elevates its functionality, keeping essentials within arm’s reach and making lounging both comfortable and convenient.

Quality fabric upholstery and a robust frame supported by strong rubberwood legs ensure stability across various surfaces. This sofa bed doesn’t just look and feel luxurious; it’s constructed to stand the test of time, providing both comfort and durability in any living space.


3. Shangri-La Convertible Corby Sofa Bed

Shangri-La Convertible Corby Sofa Bed

The Shangri-La Convertible Corby Sofa Bed is the epitome of modern convenience, transforming from a chic sofa to a comfortable bed within seconds. This piece is an ideal solution for accommodating overnight guests with minimal effort.

Generous foam cushioning ensures a soft and inviting sitting or sleeping surface. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or providing a restful space for friends or family, comfort is guaranteed with the Corby Sofa Bed.

Quality craftsmanship is evident in the ultra-durable wooden frame and sturdy metal legs. Upholstered in high-quality fabric, this sofa bed also boasts an easy assembly process, making it a hassle-free addition to any contemporary space seeking functionality and style.


4. T Gyllene Velvet Sofa Bed

T Gyllene Velvet Sofa Bed

The Gyllene Velvet Sofa Bed brings a touch of modern elegance to any room, offering a versatile design that easily converts for sitting or sleeping purposes. Its sophistication meets functionality in one luxurious package.

Boasting a solid wood frame and robust metal legs, this sofa bed promises improved stability and lasting durability, all while ensuring user comfort is at the forefront. Whether as a daily rest spot or an occasional guest bed, it remains steady and secure.

Dense foam cushioning envelopes you in maximum comfort, a testament to Gyllene’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction. The velvet upholstery only accentuates the overall premium feel, making it a stylish and plush addition to your living space.


5. Hunter Queen Sofa bed

Queen Sofabed

The Hunter Queen Sofabed stands out as a versatile addition to any home, adept at accommodating guests or serving as a staple for daily relaxation. Its queen-size foam mattress is designed for both night-time comfort and daytime lounging.

Ease of use is at the heart of this sofa bed’s design, with a soft fabric that offers a warm, cozy retreat. The effortless bi-fold mechanism ensures smooth transitions between a sofa and bed, accommodating your living space needs without any hassle.

Aesthetically pleasing with its 100% polyester fabric and chic black wooden legs, the Hunter Queen Sofabed doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. Available in various colors, it’s easy to coordinate with your decor. The detachable foam mattress adds convenience for maintenance, encapsulating both superior comfort and practicality in a budget-friendly sofa bed.


6. New York Sofa bed Black Fleck

New York Sofabed

The New York Sofabed Black Fleck showcases a sleek and modern design, perfect for contemporary living spaces that seek to marry style with functionality. Its thick plush cushioning and sturdy wooden legs ensure comfort isn’t sacrificed for its appealing aesthetic.

Optimized for space-saving without compromising on comfort, this 3-seater provides an inviting lounge by day and easily transitions into a guest bed by night. Its faux leather upholstery and solid wood construction speak to its durability and quality.

Beyond its comfort features, such as the thick, pillow-top cushioning and adjustable backrest, the New York Sofabed also contributes a touch of sophistication to any home interior. Its ability to blend seamlessly with various design styles makes it a versatile choice for those looking to enhance their home with both elegance and practicality.


7. Copenhagen Upholstered Sofa Bed


The Copenhagen sofa bed is a sleek and stylish piece that brings functionality and elegance to your living room. Crafted from high-quality materials, this versatile sofa bed offers three adjustable positions, allowing you to sit back, stretch out, or sleep with ease.

Its elegant simplicity fits seamlessly into a range of interior styles, providing a comfortable seating option or a convenient extra sleeping area when you have guests. This blend of comfort and functionality makes it an asset for any homeowner.

Perfect for tight spaces, this chic sofa effortlessly converts into a bed, with high-quality fabric and sturdy birch wood legs supporting its dual-purpose design. Its neutral color scheme ensures that it will complement your existing décor, making it a practical and stylish choice for any room in your home.


8. Esta Sofa Bed

Jory Henley

The Jory Henley Esta sofa bed is designed to seamlessly integrate into any home with its low-profile structure and multi-functional capabilities. Whether it’s for lounging, sleeping, or a casual work session on your laptop, this sofa bed offers versatility without compromising style.

The understated elegance of the natural wooden base and PVC legs is complemented by the dual-tone grey upholstery, making it a chic addition suitable for various decorating schemes. Converting it into a full-size bed is effortlessly simple, ensuring a smooth transition to accommodate guests or for a cozy night in.

Practicality is woven into the design with a hidden storage compartment under the seat cushion, perfect for tucking away blankets and other essentials. With the added convenience of converting into an armchair at the push of a button, the Esta Sofa Bed stands out for its adaptability and ease of rearrangement, serving as the quintessential solution for dynamic living spaces.


9. Liberty Basel Storage Sofa Bed

Liberty Basel

The Liberty Basel Storage Sofa Bed is an impressively functional addition to any living space, catering to the needs of a home that values both comfort and practicality. As a 5-seater, it offers ample seating space, and its integrated storage is ideal for neatly tucking away blankets.

Constructed with easy-to-clean polyester fabric, the sofa bed ensures maintenance is straightforward, allowing for stress-free upkeep. Its thick cushioning provides ample support, whether you’re seated for conversation or stretched out for a restful slumber.

Designed with convenience in mind, this sofa bed can be quickly assembled, letting you enjoy its versatility without delay. Whether used as a sleeping couch, daybed, or to create space for additional furniture, the Liberty Basel Storage Sofa Bed is engineered for adaptability and ease, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to optimize their living area.


10. TSB Living T Ofilia Sofa Bed 

TSB Sofa Bed

The T Ofilia Sofa Bed in Velvet Dark Blue exudes sophistication and versatility, suitable for any home seeking to add a touch of luxury. Its solid wood frame ensures durability while the sumptuous dark blue velvet fabric adds a layer of elegance.

Functionality meets comfort with the sofa’s adjustable backrest and convenient removable armrest, providing customizable support. The inclusion of a pull-out bed base transforms the sofa into a cozy sleeping area, accommodating overnight guests with ease.

Sturdy and reliable, with two extra supporting legs in the middle, this sofa bed is built to last. It’s easy to assemble, offering a comfortable seating or sleeping solution for many years. Whether as a captivating centrepiece for your living room or a practical bed, the T Ofilia Sofa Bed’s chic dark blue velvet will seamlessly integrate with your decor.



Is there such a thing as a comfortable sofa bed?

Yes, modern sofa beds are designed with improved mechanisms and mattress options that enhance comfort. High-quality sofa beds often feature memory foam, latex mattresses, or pocket coil systems that rival traditional beds in comfort.


Is it OK to sleep on a sofa bed every night?

Sleeping on a high-quality sofa bed with a sturdy frame and a supportive mattress every night is generally okay. However, it’s crucial to ensure the sofa bed offers adequate support and comfort comparable to a regular bed to avoid sleep-related discomfort.


Why are sofa beds so expensive?

Sofa beds are expensive due to their dual functionality, requiring more complex mechanisms, robust frames, and high-quality materials for both sitting and sleeping comfort. Additionally, the design and engineering to seamlessly transition between modes contribute to the higher cost.