Top 5 Best Sprinklers in NZ – For your Garden

We all know that a well-maintained lawn is an example of a beautiful garden. However, what do you think about a perfectly watered lawn? Watering your plants and flowers with the best sprinkler will help to maintain their health and colour. 

The best garden sprinkler will do the work for you by automatically rotating in a full circle until it has covered your entire yard with water. For those who like to spend their free time doing something other than gardening. 

The best garden sprinkler for your yard depends on the size of your lawn, budget and time you have to spend. There are several types of sprinklers so it is important to identify which type will work best for you before making a purchase. 

If you want to purchase the best garden sprinkler for your yard, then this blog post is for you. Here you will find different types of sprayers and tips on how to choose the best sprinkler.

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How to Choose the Best Sprinkler for you

Garden sprinklers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the area you need to water. Below we have discussed some types of garden sprinklers.

Rotary sprinklers are a great way to water plants and lawns. These types of irrigation systems rotate under pressure, ensuring that everything within range gets some rainwater. It can be used in either 360-degree circles or arcs for more precise watering needs.

Fixed sprinklers spray water upwards and outwards to cover a circular area around the sprinkler. They are an ideal option for watering smaller, sun-baked areas of lawn or flower beds where you’re growing things like shrubs and vegetables.

Oscillating sprinklers are a type of automatic lawn care system that can be set to water either left or right. The sprinkler has two different jets, one on each side, and it moves back and forth like an oscillating fan. These sprinklers give you more control over where the water goes, so it’s not wasted on areas that don’t need watering. They also cover a much wider area than rotary sprinklers.

Dual Automatic Sprinkler is a product where the timer and nozzle are combined in one device. The Dual Automatic Watering Sprinkler can be set to water for any time you want, from 2 minutes up to 24 hours, so it’s perfect for those who have busy schedules. It also has an adjustable flow rate of between 0.25-1 gallons per minute so there’s no need to worry about wasting water or over-watering your lawn if you don’t want to.

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A sprinkler system can be a great way to have your yard looking lush without the work. They are easy, fun and require no maintenance, But what type of sprinkler will get you excited about them? It’s all in how far they shoot water from their nozzle – some only go 3 meters while others throw off 20+ meters into an area around them.

Not all sprinklers work at close range, and those with a longer range may not be as effective for spraying water in close range. The pattern is tuned to cover more ground while missing near the centre area.


Is there anything looking out for?

Make sure you keep an eye on the connector that comes with your sprinkler. Most of them use a standard 1/2in Hozelock-style fitting, but there are some exceptions like threaded inlet and outlet hoses which allow you to connect two or three different pieces together as long as there’s enough water pressure available. Some sprinklers have a slider or settings that will allow you to adjust the range of spray patterns from close-range misting for finer droplets, down to more intense water salvos.

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The Best Sprinklers NZ


1. Dual Automatic Watering Sprinkler Best Sprinkler

The Dual Automatic Watering Sprinkler is a durable, easy-to-set-up sprinkler with a big dial. It is very useful for saving water and your plants from overwatering. You can set the time display on the sprinkler to show you how long it has been since the last time it was watered. This way you don’t have to keep checking on it every day.

It also comes with a rain sensor so that you do not have to worry about watering your plants in rainy weather. This is a sprinkler that can be set to water the plants automatically. It has an easy-to-use dial for setting the watering schedule and delaying watering from 0H to 72 hours. 


2. Two Outlets Digital Automatic Watering Sprinkler Watering Sprinkler

The Two Outlets Digital Automatic Watering Sprinkler is a smart sprinkler that automatically waters your lawn and garden, helping you save water and time. It helps you to control watering with the LCD screen and it also has a manual setting that allows you to set watering for 1 minute to 240 minutes. You can also delay watering by 0H to 72H. The working water pressure of this automatic irrigation system is from 1 bar up to 8 bars. This smart sprinkler comes with a compact design so it’s easy to place anywhere in your garden or lawn.


3. Ginormous Pink Elephant Sprinkler

Elephant Yard Sprinkler

A ginormous pink elephant water best sprinkler is the best way to cool off during the hot days of summer. This giant inflatable yard sprinkler features a 7-foot tall trunk that sprays water out of its mouth, which makes for hours of fun in the sun. This durable, large-scale inflatable is perfect for any backyard or neighbourhood block party. Just inflate it, then turn your garden hose on and watch as the pink elephant soaks everyone within range.


4. Impulse Sprinkler Garden Watering Zinc on Tripod Impulse Sprinkler

The Impulse best sprinkler is made of Zinc and copper. It has a tripod base which is made of stainless steel. The height of the sprinkler is adjustable from 55 to 88 cm. It has a working pressure: 20 – 100 PSI and a flow rate of 5.3 – 13.5 L/min. It can spray up to 450 m2, and the angle can be set in 30 degrees to 360-degree directions by hand, this lawn watering system helps you water your garden automatically and saves your time and effort.


5. Gardena Spike Sprinkler Comfort Turbo-Drive

Gardena Spike Sprinkler Comfort Turbo-Drive

The Gardena Spike Sprinkler Comfort Turbo-Drive is a sturdy product designed to withstand the elements. It has an adjustable range and can cover up to 450 m². The turbo drive means that it will water your lawn evenly, and unlike other sprinklers, it has a low noise level. Its dirt-resistant gear ensures that you don’t have to constantly clean out the gears in order for them to work properly.


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