The 10 Best Suitcases in NZ

Embarking on a journey to New Zealand, with its stunning landscapes and adventurous activities, requires careful planning and packing. One of the essential items to consider for your trip is a reliable suitcase that can withstand the rigors of travel while also complementing your style and needs.

With an array of options available in the market, choosing the best suitcase can be overwhelming. In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate through the world of luggage to help you find the perfect suitcase for your travels. From durable hard-shell suitcases to versatile carry-on options, we will explore the features, benefits, and considerations to ensure you’re well-prepared for your Kiwi adventure.


How to Choose the Best Suitcase for You

Choosing the best suitcase depends on a variety of factors including your travel style, destination, duration of trip, personal preferences, and budget. Here’s a guide to help you select the perfect suitcase for your needs.


Suitcase Types:

Softshell Suitcase: Made from fabrics like polyester or nylon, softshell suitcases are flexible and can often expand to accommodate more items. They might have external pockets for extra storage.

Hardshell Suitcase: Constructed from materials like polycarbonate or ABS, hardshell offer better protection for fragile items and are generally more weather resistant.

Rolling Suitcase: Featuring two or four wheels for easy maneuverability. Fourwheelers, also known as spinners, can roll in multiple directions and are easier to navigate in tight spaces.

Duffel Bag with Wheels: A combination of a duffel bag and a rolling suitcase, they are often lighter and more versatile, but can be less structured.

Garment Bag: For those traveling with dresses, suits, or formal wear, a garment bag can keep clothes flat and reduce wrinkles.


Size and Weight:

CarryOn: Typically measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Always check with your specific airline for their carryon size restrictions as these can vary.

Checked Luggage: Larger suitcases that you check in can range from 24 to 32 inches in height. Consider the weight limits imposed by airlines to avoid extra fees.

International Travel: Different countries and airlines have varying size and weight restrictions for luggage; lighter and smaller is generally better.


Durability and Material:

Look for high-denier fabric if you opt for a softshell suitcase, as it implies greater durability.

Polycarbonate is lightweight and flexible, whereas ABS is generally the least expensive but less durable than other materials.



Spinner Wheels: Allow 360-degree movement. Ideal for smooth surfaces and rolling alongside you.

Inline Skate Wheels: Typically found on two-wheel suitcases, they are recessed into the case and offer smooth movement, but you have to drag the bag behind you.



Look for sturdy telescoping handles that lock in place and are comfortable to grip. Dualtube handles can be more stable than singletube ones.


Locks and Security:

TSA-approved locks are crucial for travel to and within the United States.

Zipperless suitcases can offer additional security against tampering.


Storage and Organization:

Consider internal compartments, dividers, and pockets for organization.

Compression straps help to keep contents secure and reduce the volume of your packing.


Personal Style:

Choose a color and design that you like and can easily spot on the luggage carousel.

Personalised luggage tags or straps can help differentiate your bag.

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The Best Suitcases NZ


1. Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner Suitcase

Spinner Best Suitcase

This Samsonite Suitcase combines lightweight design with durability, making it an excellent travel companion. The integrated TSA Lock enhances security, allowing you to travel with peace of mind. Conveniently placed, the front pocket ensures your travel documents are easily accessible.

The water-resistant material of this suitcase stands up to the elements, safeguarding your belongings against rain or splashes. This feature is essential for anyone traveling to destinations with unpredictable weather.

Mobility is a breeze with the dual spinner wheels, offering smooth navigation through bustling terminals. The internal pockets provide organizational bliss, allowing for a neatly packed and sorted array of items, ensuring your essentials are both secure and quickly reachable.


2. Samsonite Minter Hardside Suitcase

Checked Suitcase

The Samsonite Minter 75cm Hardside Checked Suitcase is a robust travel choice, offering an expandable feature that caters to those extra souvenirs or last-minute packing additions. Available in stylish blue and silver hues, it meets the aesthetic and functional needs of modern travelers.

Despite its hard exterior, this suitcase is surprisingly light, supporting up to 35kg without weighing you down. The four-wheel system ensures effortless movement across various terrains, from smooth airport floors to cobblestone streets.

Thoughtful design elements include a retractable telescopic handle for compact storage and seamless handling. The built-in TSA lock is a standout for security-conscious individuals, offering protection without hindering TSA agents’ access when needed. This Samsonite suitcase is tailored for a smooth and secure journey.


3. Samsonite Prodigy Hardside Suitcase

Samsonite Prodigy

The Samsonite Prodigy stands out as a top contender for trips spanning a week or more, with a hard shell design and the ability to expand, catering to your storage needs without sacrificing the safety of your contents. Crafted from premium polycarbonate, it ensures your items are well-protected on the go.

Maneuverability is key with the Prodigy, equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows for a comfortable grip as you navigate through busy terminals. The addition of a telescopic handle adds to the ease of pulling the suitcase along behind you.

Organization is effortless thanks to the multiple pockets within the suitcase, offering dedicated spaces for all your essentials. This feature is perfect for those who value order and accessibility in their travel gear.


4. Samsonite Luggage Set

Luggage Set


The Samsonite 72 Hours DLX Luggage Set answers the call for lightweight yet adaptable travel solutions. This duo of luggage pieces is admirably suited for business excursions or brief getaways, ensuring flexibility for varying trip lengths.

Enhanced by the convenience of a double tube handle system, each suitcase is designed to offer an ergonomic grip, minimizing wrist strain. The four 360-degree spinner wheels contribute to a smooth and stable glide across airport concourses and hotel lobbies.

Visually, the set makes its mark with the iconic Samsonite logo embossed on each piece, adding a touch of class and recognition to your travel ensemble. This luggage set isn’t just about functionality; it’s a style statement that stands out in a crowd.


5. Pacsafe Toursafe Wheeled Duffle

Pacsafe Toursafe

The Pacsafe Toursafe merges the best of both worlds for the astute traveler, whether the occasion is business or pleasure. This wheeled duffel, with its lightweight build, is crafted to effortlessly traverse the hectic avenues of travel from bustling airport terminals to the vibrant city streets.

Its design features a telescopic handle that pulls out smoothly, allowing for easy maneuverability. Beyond mere functionality, the Softside construction offers a plush grip for comfort when on the move, coupled with a spacious interior that ensures all your essentials are neatly stored and secured with an integrated lock for peace of mind.

Transporting the Toursafe is a breeze with its additional side grab handle—ideal for moments when rolling the duffel isn’t an option. Plus, its cut-resistant materials add a layer of durability, safeguarding your bag from the wear and tear of travel and potential security threats.


6. So-Lite Softside Luggage Set

Luggage Set

The So-Lite 3.0 luggage set stands as an excellent choice for travelers seeking both lightness and flexibility. Its polyester construction and expandable soft side design accommodate those inevitable extras you pick up along your journey.

The set is designed for effortless navigation through hectic travel hubs, thanks to the four double-spinning wheels and an inbuilt TSA-approved combination lock that ensures your belongings remain secure while complying with travel regulations.

Travel comfort is a priority with the telescopic handle system, offering adjustable height to suit your ergonomic needs and minimize physical strain. The inclusion of rubber corner buffers is a thoughtful touch, guarding against wear and tear from impacts—a practical feature that extends the life of your luggage.


7. The North Face Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder


The North Face Rolling Thunder is a rugged yet convenient travel solution for adventurers who tread beyond the beaten path. Ingeniously blending the robustness of a hiking backpack with the portability of a travel bag, it’s poised to endure the rigors of outdoor escapades and airport sprints alike.

Equipped with innovative self-cleaning wheels, this duffel eases the burden of transit across challenging surfaces, ensuring your focus remains on the adventure at hand. Whether it’s gravelly paths or uneven cobblestones, the Rolling Thunder rolls on undeterred.

Designed for holding a substantial 30 liters, the Rolling Thunder wheeled duffel is ideal for packing all your gear for a weekend getaway or an extended expedition. Its durable construction promises to safeguard your belongings and withstand the demands of both short jaunts and prolonged treks.


8. Herschel Trade Hardside Suitcase

Checked Suitcase


The Herschel hardside suitcase presents a delightful choice for girls who prefer a blend of style and functionality. Bathed in an eye-catching pink hue, it brings a vibrant touch to travel essentials and easily stands out from the crowd.

Practicality isn’t sacrificed for aesthetics; this suitcase is outfitted with double wheels for smooth and stable movement across airport floors and city streets. The interior compression straps are a godsend for packing efficiency, allowing travelers to maximize space and fit extra items with ease.

Organization is simplified with two interior pockets, perfect for segregating smaller items and keeping essentials at your fingertips. The suitcase also features a robust two-way zipper, complete with stylish pebbled leather pullers, adding a dash of luxury to the overall usability of this travel piece.


9. Pierre Cardin 3-Piece Set

Hard Luggage

The Pierre Cardin 3-piece hard luggage set offers a trifecta of security, durability, and ample packing space for the discerning traveler. Constructed with a focus on lightweight materials, these cases ease the burden of transit without compromising on strength, ensuring a resilient travel companion.

Smooth navigation is assured with the heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels, designed to handle 360-degree movement with grace. Whether gliding through airport terminals or coasting over hotel lobbies, these wheels are built to deliver seamless rolling action.

Security concerns are alleviated with the fixed 3-point TSA combination lock, providing a hassle-free check-in experience while keeping contents locked away safely. And for those who find packing light to be a challenge, the 8cm expandable feature of each suitcase is a welcome addition, offering extra room for clothing, shoes, and travel treasures.


10. Wenger Lumen

Wenger Lumen

The Wenger Lumen stands as an emblem of sophistication and resilience for business travelers seeking both aesthetics and function. Encased in a sturdy polycarbonate shell, it promises to shield your essentials from the rigors of transit, warding off bumps and scratches with finesse.

Mobility is a breeze with the four dual-caster wheels, providing a glide that’s as smooth as it is silent across diverse surfaces. Whether it’s traversing a plush airport lounge or navigating a cobblestone street, you can trust in the Lumen’s ability to transport your belongings undisturbed.

Comfort is not an afterthought, as evidenced by the aluminum trolley handle’s height adjustability. This feature allows you to tailor the handle to your preference, ensuring a comfortable grip that complements your stride, making this case a reliable extension of your professional poise.



Which suitcase brand is best?

In New Zealand, Samsonite often ranks highly for its blend of durability and design, offering a range of luggage to suit various travel needs. Local brands like Kathmandu are also popular for their robust outdoor gear.


Is hard or soft luggage better?

Hard luggage provides better protection against impact and is more water-resistant, while soft luggage offers more flexibility with expandable options and external pockets. Your choice depends on your priority between security and flexibility.


What size suitcase is best for 23kg?

A suitcase measuring approximately 28 inches (71cm) typically suits a 23kg weight allowance, staying within most airlines’ checked luggage size limits. Check your airline’s restrictions to ensure compliance.


Is Samsonite better than American Tourister?

Samsonite is positioned as a premium brand, often featuring higher-end materials and more advanced features, while American Tourister is a more budget-friendly line with colorful designs, owned by Samsonite, targeting a different segment of the market.