Top 10 Best Suitcases in NZ

Are you looking to invest in a new best suitcase? If so, it’s important that you make the right decision and pick one which suits your needs. There are many options available on the market but there can be some difficulties choosing between them due to style and functionality differences.

A good trip starts with a great suitcase. Having the right luggage or checked bag will ensure your belongings stay safe and you have more space for all of them. 

Travellers need to consider all factors before they purchase luggage for their trip. Depending on the type of holiday and where you’re going, each traveller will have different needs when it comes to travel gear.

There are a few things to look for before you buy a new suitcase such as price range, material type and what size would best fit their travel plans or if they should consider purchasing hardshell cases instead of fabric ones.

If you are looking for a sturdy suitcase to hold your belongings on vacation or something that will last years and withstand wear and tear? We’ve researched the best suitcases available in NZ so you don’t have to.

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How to choose the Best Suitcases NZ


What size suitcase do you need?

There are many factors you should consider when deciding on the size of your suitcase. Make sure you can fit all of the essentials in your best suitcase before purchasing it, with enough room left over to bring home some souvenirs or holiday purchases. If you do choose a large suitcase, make sure that there aren’t any flying restrictions with this kind of suitcase beforehand.  


What to choose: a hard shell or a soft-sided suitcase?

It might seem like hard shells are still more popular. The deciding factor between hard-shell and soft-sided suitcases is where you plan to keep your new best suitcase when it’s not needed.

Hard cases are less versatile than their softer counterparts,  due to the fact that they can’t be stored as easily, but if you’re looking for a case with good protection then this might serve well in combating wear and tear from other items. However, soft-sided suitcases are stronger than ever and come in various sizes that can be stored easily when not needed. 


Do you need to consider the interior of the suitcase?

There are many different types of luggage on the market today, each with its own unique design. Some have lots of inside pockets for organization while others can be separated into multiple sections to keep your clothes organized and separate from one another.


How many wheels should a suitcase have?

Two-wheeled suitcases are easy to pull behind you when speeding through the airport, However, they’re more likely to fall over if not packed carefully.

Four-wheeled suitcases roll better and easier in tight spaces but can easily roll away from you if they do not have  breaks or locks on them.

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The Best Suitcases NZ


1. Samsonite Lite-Cube 82cm CURV Spinner Suitcase


Spinner Best Suitcase


This lightweight and durable Samsonite Suitcase is a five-star choice for all of your travels. The TSA Lock lets you secure your luggage as needed, while the front pocket keeps travel documents handy. With its water-resistant material, this bag will keep your belongings protected from the elements. 

Dual spinner wheels provide superior mobility in any direction and make it easy to pull through an airport or train station. Inside, there are multiple pockets to organise your stuff.


2. Samsonite Minter Hardside Suitcase


Checked Suitcase


This is a hardside suitcase with a telescopic handle that expands for extra packing space. The Samsonite Minter 75cm Hardside Checked Suitcase has an expandable zipper system and comes in blue and silver colours.

This lightweight suitcase can carry up to 35kg of weight. It has four wheels for easy mobility and the handle extends outwards when not in use. It has a TSA lock to keep your belongings safe while travelling through airports.


3. Samsonite Prodigy Hardside Suitcase


Samsonite Prodigy


Samsonite’s Prodigy is the ideal checked luggage for trips of up to 10 days. It has a hard shell and expandable capacity, this piece is made from premium polycarbonate that will keep your belongings protected during transport.

The Prodigy also features an ergonomic handle that extends for easy manoeuvrability, as well as a telescopic handle for easy pull. This best suitcase comes with multiple pockets inside of the suitcase.


4. Samsonite Luggage Set


Luggage Set


The Samsonite 72 Hours DLX Luggage Set is perfect for any traveller who wants lightweight luggage that can expand when needed. These two pieces are great for business trips or short vacations. 

It has a double tube handle system and four 360-degree spinner wheels. With the Samsonite logo embossed on the front of each piece, this luggage set is sure to be an eye-catcher. 


5. Pacsafe Toursafe Wheeled Duffle


Pacsafe Toursafe


The Pacsafe Toursafe is the ideal travel companion for business or leisure. This lightweight wheeled duffel is designed with a telescopic handle that extends, which makes it easy to navigate in and out of airports and busy streets. 

Its Softside construction provides a comfortable grip and ample interior storage space with an integrated lock so you can rest assured your belongings are safe. A side grab handle makes it easy to transport this bag on its own when necessary, while cut-resistant materials protect the bag from potential damage.


6. So-Lite Softside Luggage SetLuggage Set

The So-Lite 3.0 is the ideal luggage set for your next trip! Made of polyester, this expandable soft side luggage set features a lightweight design with four double spinning wheels and an inbuilt TSA approved combination lock.

The telescopic handle system allows you to adjust the height so you can easily pull or push your luggage around without straining yourself. It also comes with rubber corner buffers to protect it from hitting the wall.


7. The North Face Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder


The North Face Rolling Thunder is an all-terrain backpacking pack that combines the durability of a hiking pack with the comfort and accessibility of a travel bag.

It also features self-cleaning wheels, making it easy to roll over rough terrain while you’re on the move. This large-size wheeled duffel bag can hold up to 30 litres of gear and has a durable design for weekend trips or long journeys.


8. Herschel Trade Hardside Suitcase


Checked Suitcase


This hardside suitcase from Herschel is a great option for girls. It has a pink color and wheels that are double. The interior compression straps ensure you can pack more stuff in your luggage.

There are also two interior pockets that will help you keep your things organized. This best suitcase has a two-way zipper with pebbled leather pullers.


9. Pierre Cardin 3-Piece Set Hard Luggage

ThePierre Cardin 3-piece set of hard luggage is designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. The lightweight, durable construction provides a spacious interior for extra packing capacity. It has heavy-duty ball bearing wheels to ensure smooth rolling in all directions. 

The Pierre Cardin expandable  also features a fixed 3 points TSA combination lock that allows you to securely lock your bag when traveling by air. You can easily pack more clothes, shoes and accessories thanks to the 8cm expansion feature on each piece of hard luggage.


10. Wenger Lumen Wenger Lumen

The Wenger Lumen is perfect for business travellers who want to carry their belongings in style. This case has a strong polycarbonate shell, which ensures the contents of your bag are protected from any bumps and scratches as you travel. 

The four dual-caster wheels allow this case to move smoothly over all types of surfaces with ease, so you can be confident that your items will arrive safely at your destination. The aluminium trolley handle is height adjustable so you can customize it to fit comfortably into your hand.