Top 10 Best Surfboards in NZ

Surfboards are a staple in the water sports world. Whether you’re new to surfing or have been doing it for years, there’s always room for improvement and innovation in surfboard design. We rounded up our favourite boards that will help you take your surfing skills to the next level.

Surfing is an awesome sport. But you have to make sure they are using the best surfboards on the market for your needs. There are many surfboard companies out there, and it can be tough to choose which one is right for you. That’s why we did all of the research work so that you don’t have to.

In this article, we will go over 10 surfboards that are considered by surfers everywhere as being some of the best ones currently available on the market and worth looking into if you want a new surfboard.

How surfboards are made, what they are made of and the different surfboard shapes can all affect the performance of a surfboard. We will cover everything from how surfboards work to what makes one board better than another. 

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How to Choose a Surfboard 

If you’re looking to buy your first surfboard, this is the guide for you. We’ll go through all of those key components that will have a big impact on how good it feels when riding waves with style and ease. Become more acquainted with surfing in general by reading our buying guide before picking out which board best suits you. 

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Type of Material

The most popular surfboards these days are foam and epoxy boards. These provide a range of benefits for beginners, as they come with some forgiving features like being more buoyant in the water than fibreglass boards.

Since there is no need to worry about not catching waves on account of rough handling or neglecting them due to their material composition and also because foamies are lighter weight compared to solid wood board designs. while still having enough rigidity that you can shred your way through any sized wave without fear that it will break apart if used incorrectly.


Foam Surfboards:

Foam surfboards are made out of smooth foam material. It has an extra layer of hard plastic to give you a great experience and extra speed when riding on waves. They’re perfect for beginners because they pose little to no threat if you lose control and hit the board.

Foamies are a long-time favourite for many surfers, with shapes and sizes evolving in recent years. The pros have also seen the fun of small foamies, since they offer more manoeuvrability and less chance of getting wrapped up on bigger waves as some larger boards do. 

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Epoxy Surfboards:

For surfers who want extra protection from a fibreglass board but don’t enjoy having an item that is as hard and rigid, epoxy boards are perfect. With their ability to be softer than other types of material.

They’re also more comfortable for beginner or experienced surfers alike. When these boards hit you in the water it won’t hurt like a foamie would because they are still tough enough to take on any waves well without giving much cushioning when coming into contact with your body.

Epoxy Surfboards use light foam cores encased by flexible epoxy resin which makes them both soft and sturdy. However, they are still made up of harder materials that can hurt more as opposed to a softer board design such as foamie.


Fins of a Surfboard:

Fins are one of the most essential parts of a surfboard. The rubber fins offer more control but less speed than fibreglass or plastic.

Plastic offers even lighter weight with more resistance to wear and tear for those who like to take their boards out often, whereas composite is known as being just heavy enough without overdoing it while still offering durability that can withstand any type of waves you might find yourself surfing against.

Fins act as an extension from your feet into deep waters when paddling towards the shore during high tides or strong currents – these extensions make sure water flows around them smoothly which means better stability when riding through rough conditions. 


Surfboard’s Length:

Surfboards for children are typically shorter because they need a more manageable size to learn. However, the extra volume in their boards is what helps them stay stable and catch waves with less effort. Adults on average would benefit from high-volume foam boards within the 7 ft range (depending on ability) while kids could use an even smaller 5 or 6ft surfboard.

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The Best Surfboards NZ



Technora Surfboards

The Crossover is a wide-bodied, high-performance board with an ultra-responsive Carbon Air Core 3. The board’s classic Koal construction and injection moulded fins give it the perfect balance of stability and manoeuvrability. 

This model has been designed to be ridden in all conditions, for riders who want to progress without limits.





The ALOHA Pintail Nose Rider is a traditional nose rider with a modern touch. It is Hand shaped with a narrower tail for more control and speed, the Pintail is still capable of holding up to the power of larger surf.

The Pintail has an extra wide nose to provide maximum lift and stability when carving down the line. It’s also great for point breaks where you need to get through tight sections of waves or on those days when there are no waves at all. 




The Aloha Fun Division Ecoskin Fcs II Long Surfboard 9’1″ is a longboard made from less toxic materials. It has a wooden texture with a smooth finish that allows the board to glide through the water with ease. 

It also features two fins, one at each end of the board, for stability and control while riding. The Aloha Surfboard is perfect for those who are looking to get started in surfing or just want an alternative activity to do.




It is the perfect board to take with you on your next surf trip. Surfers are sure to be impressed by its sleek and stable design.  A classic fish outline combined with a modern 

bottom for an unbeatable speedster perfect for all types of waves.

You’ll find this new surfboard is easy to manoeuvre with a traditional keel shape, but the stylish bottom contour and rail volume will give you more glide than ever before.




The Navy Gold Pinline Epoxy Surfboard is the perfect board for surfers who are looking to have a little more fun on their next big wave. It has FCSII 3 plug fin boxes and a set of three thruster fins that will help you take your surfing game up another level, as well as soft rails through the nose leading into a slightly scooped single concave with Vee tail enhancing rail-to-rail manoeuvrability and maximum fun.





This is a new model created from the desire to have an all-purpose board that “paddles like a longboard, rides like a short board” A Longboarder wanting more manoeuvrability for bigger surf or Surfers looking for some extra help paddling in currents will be stoked with this thing.





The Caliber is a versatile shortboard that can be used in waves up to 6 feet. This board has plenty of hold and volume for paddling, making it perfect for beginners or intermediate surfers who want something with speed.

The Calibre is your go-to shortboard when you want to be able to get in the waves quickly and smoothly. The board has a pulled-down rail that gives it plenty of holds, while still allowing for easy paddling with its perfect volume distribution.




Luke Dorrington  is a high performance model, for waves up to 6 feet. Advanced surfers will enjoy the speed and maneuverability of this board on bigger days at advanced skill level

The Bones Board has everything you need to conquer both highly responsive conditions as well as tight turning sections. The thinned out nose creates an amazing feel of responsiveness when riding larger bumps or softening up your approach to landings at higher speeds without affecting what it delivers around corners where stability reigns supreme.




The Pitt Boss is a great board for those days when the waves are small. It can be ridden 2 inches shorter than your normal board. since it has more overall volume and will make it more enjoyable and pleasurable on smaller surf.




The Arch is the signature model of Archer Curtis. For groms who are progressing to a more advanced level in surfing, this mini shred stick has been refined over the past 12 months for performance-based design. 

It comes with single or double concave, squash tail and low rails that will work well in most conditions but excel on good waves.


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