Top 5 Best Swing Set in NZ

There are few things more satisfying for a child than playing outside, especially on beautiful sunny days. The best swing set is a great way to keep your kids entertained and active all day long. Kids can climb an entire fort-like structure or simply enjoy a simple slide; some even come equipped with hammocks that allow two people at once.  

However, there are so many options out there that it can be hard to choose which one will work best for your family. The best swing set can be a perfect way to get your child excited about playing outside and exercising. Best Swing sets offer children opportunities for running, hopping, jumping, and swinging – all while burning off their energy.

If you’ve been on the fence as to whether or not you should purchase one of these play equipment pieces consider this: A swing set may give kids an exciting outdoor experience your kids will love every day. Kids want somewhere fun where they can run around freely with friends.

This blog will help you to know about the benefits of having a swing installed and provide tips on how best to decide which type you should buy based on space availability and budget.

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How to choose the Best Swing Set 


Safe play area – For playground safety, you should cover non-absorbent surfaces with 6 to 12 inches of shock-absorbing materials. Also, extend a fall zone for six feet surrounding the play area using surfaces that are also absorbent. 

Look for the size – If you plan to have more children in the future, purchase a swing set that can accommodate multiple kids. If your backyard is small and space is limited, go for something smaller so it doesn’t take over too much of the yard. Lastly, measure out how large or “long” this new addition will be by using measuring tape before purchasing anything to ensure there’s enough room around it. Mostly swing sets last 7-10 years.

Material type – The materials that most swing sets are made of include wood or metal with plastic.

Wooden swing set – A wood swing set is a classic and durable option for your backyard. It has natural protection against bugs and decay, but you need to maintain the stain, keep an eye on bolts securing it together, and watch out for splinters when using it.

Metal swing sets – When choosing a metal swing set, the best option is to look for one with a protective coating especially to keep kids safe. This will reduce your chances of getting burnt on hot days and ensure safety from all angles. Be aware that different types of metals have various levels of upkeep requirements.

Plastic swing sets  – They are not as durable or likely to continue looking new after years of exposure. However, they tend to hold less weight than other options and can be good for younger children since there is no risk of splinters or burns with plastic swing sets.

Ensure the swing set you purchase is designed for your child’s age and stage. Check for the weight limits, and look out for small openings children can get stuck in with exposed chains that pose a pinching hazard while swinging on them.


What other features you should look for 

Every swing set comes with a seat for swinging, but many extras add fun and encourage movement. There are multiple types of swings, slides, and climbing walls to challenge your body in different ways. Some swing sets have multiple types of swings to satisfy different preferences while others allow for future modifications by building in space for additional play options.


The Best Swing Sets NZ


1. Seven-Station Metal Swing Set Metal Swing Set

The Seven-station metal swing set is a great addition to your backyard. This kids’ swing set is made of powder-coated steel and includes a slide, swings for 2 children, a seesaw, and a ladder. 

The entire structure is weatherproof and can withstand the elements year-round. It’s easy to assemble. Ideal for 3 to 8 years kids.


2. Six-Station Metal Swing & Slide w/TrampolineSix-Station Swing Set

The Six-Station Metal Swing Set is a complete swing set package for kids. It is designed with A-shape steel frames, which are strong and sturdy enough to support children’s playtime. 

The swing set includes 4 swings, a slide, and a trampoline. With these fun features, your kids can have endless hours of outdoor fun.


3. Heavy Duty Steel Swing Set with 2 Swing, 1 Glider & 1 SlideHeavy Duty

This Heavy Duty Steel Outdoor Swing Set is perfect for families with small children and pets. The swing set features heavy-duty powder-coated steel and A-frame, 2 heavy-duty belt swings, a slide and a web disc swing. It is weather resistant, this swing set will provide hours of fun in the sun.


4. Six-Station Metal Swing Set Six-Station

This Six-Station Metal Swing Set is a perfect choice for your backyard. This swing set offers six different positions, which means your child can have fun swinging from all angles. The fully coated chains prevent snagging and pinching.

This metal swing set is built to last and will keep your kids entertained for hours. It has a powder-coated steel body which makes it Weatherproof.


5. Two Pack Swings Seats Playground Swing

This two Pack best Swings Seats 66 Inch Chain is the perfect solution to your swing set needs. This swing chain will attach easily to most swing hangers and can be used on most swing sets, including wood and metal. The zinc-plated chains are yellow plastisol coated to prevent finger pinches.