Top 10 Best Tallboy Chest of Drawers in NZ

There are many different types of tallboy chest drawers to choose from. They’re made up of treated wood and metal, which is great for storage at home. Tallboys can be very stylish too with a variety of styles available in NZ including wooden tones or metallic finishes. To find the best one that suits your living space, here are some tips on how you should purchase them online. 

The chest of drawers is a versatile piece. In addition to its obvious function, it also provides many surfaces for displaying trinkets and other items throughout the home in various rooms or areas. 

You can place your dressing mirror on top of one in your bedroom, leave out a dish filled with decorative knick-knacks near the front door entrance area where guests may see them as they enter and exit from visiting you at home or you can position a table lamp atop in your living room. 

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How to choose the best Tallboy Chest of Drawers

Your tallboy chest of drawers can be used in any room. For example, it could be placed in a children’s playroom or bedroom because the furniture will go well with any colour and theme. However, if you’re completely unsure what type of design your home needs or which room to place this piece into, start by figuring out how much storage space is needed for everyday items such as clothes and toys. 

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A tallboy chest of drawers can be made from many types of wood. Matching the style to a living space is fun and yields the best results: -Bamboo or wicker chests work great in bathrooms and sunny breakfast nooks. Clear fronted drawers are perfect for storing toiletries, which makes them ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms. 

A traditional oak one creates a feature in hallways with its sleek design making it an excellent choice for modern minimalist homes as well.

A tallboy chest of drawers is a great way to organise and show off your belongings. They look good in any room, so find the best style for you. Whether it’s modern or traditional, clear fronted with bamboo details or wicker-inspired wood pieces that work well under cabinets.

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The Best Tallboy Chest of Drawers NZ


1. Slim Retro Colour 4 Drawer Tallboy

MOOD Slim Retro Colour 4 Drawer TallboyThe Slim Retro Colour Tallboy is the perfect storage solution for your home. This tallboy has clean lines and a gorgeous finish and gives a stylish look. 

It comes with four spacious drawers on metal runners that allow you to easily access your belongings. The Slim Retro Colour Tallboy will look great in any room of your home.


2. Slim Retro Colour 6 Drawer Lowboy

MOOD Slim Retro Colour 6 Drawer Lowboy

The Slim Retro Colour 6 Drawer Lowboy is a timeless design that will enhance your bedroom. The lowboy has six drawers for you to store your clothes.

The drawers are made from pine with colour options of white, navy, blush or black.  This lowboy comes fully assembled and is ideal for placing at the end of your bed or beside. With its new design, it will look great in any room. 


3. Old Elm Wood Drawers

Old Elm Wood Drawers

The Old Elm Wood Drawers are a must-have for any bedroom. The natural finish with a light wood tone is great for any home decor style. This 8 drawer chest has golden handles that add to the beauty of this piece. The drawers are made from solid wood, which makes them durable and sturdy enough to last for years to come.


4. Jory Henley Armadale Tallboy

Jory Henley Armadale Tallboy

Jory Henley Armadale Tallboy is the best choice for your bedroom. This tallboy is made of solid oak veneer, which makes it durable and sturdy. It has five drawers with metal runners to ensure smooth operation. Its sleek design gives an elegant look to your room. 


5. Chest of Drawers Tallboy

5 Chest of Drawers Tallboy in White Oak

This Tallboy is finished in natural white oak veneer for a beautiful look that will blend seamlessly into your bedroom. It is a multifunctional piece that provides you with ample storage space and can be used as a dresser, chest or nightstand. 

It is Crafted from solid wood and features five drawers for keeping your clothes, linens and other belongings organised. The drawers are attached to the frame with metal gliders for smooth sliding. 


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6. Artiss Tallboy Chest of Drawers

Artiss Tallboy Dresser Table 6 Chest of DrawersArtiss Tallboy Chest of Drawers is a high-quality furniture item with a white finish. It has 4 full and 2 half drawers made from particleboard. The product is easy to assemble, and it has metal runners for the smooth opening/closing of the drawers. Its dimensions are W85 x D39.5 x H105cm.


7. Jory Henley Jamison Tallboy

Jory Henley Jamison Tallboy

This Tallboy has an antique finish that gives it a distressed look, but its sturdy construction means it will be around for a long time. It has 5 Drawer Chest is a classic design with five drawers for plenty of storage. Made from solid timber, this chest will last you a lifetime


8. Jory Henley Woodland Tallboy

Jory Henley Woodland TallboyThis classic tallboy is a great addition to any bedroom or lounge. This tallboy is finished in a dark brown colour for a stylish look. It has 4 full drawers and 2 half drawers on the top, all of which are made from solid timber and black metal handles on each drawer. 


9. Tallboy Chest of Drawer Oak

Tallboy Chest of Drawer Oak

This chest features a two-toned colour design, natural wood grain finish and sturdy construction for long-lasting use. It is a well-crafted storage chest. It has 4 spacious drawers that can be used for keeping clothes, books, toys and other items. The drawers are smooth to pull out and push in. They come with metal drawer slides that make the operation effortless. 


10. Marina TallBoy

Online8 Marina TallBoy

This  Tallboy is a perfect choice for your bedroom, living room or even the office. With 4 full and 2 half drawers, you can keep your belongings organised and neatly tucked away. The brown colour of the TallBoy complements any decor while its solid NZ radiata pine construction makes it sturdy and durable. It also features black metal handles on each drawer for added elegance.