Top 5 Best Telescopes in NZ

The Best telescope is a device that can be used for viewing distant objects, such as stars and planets. Best Telescopes are often used in astronomy to study the sky. A telescope may have many different designs, but they all share one common function: helping us see things far away from where we stand on Earth.

The telescope has been around for centuries. Galileo Galilei was an early telescope inventor and astronomer who helped develop the telescope’s design and its use in observing celestial bodies.

There are different types of telescope designs. There are refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, Dobsonian telescopes, and Cassegrain telescopes which each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will help you to find the right one for you.

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How To Choose the Best Telescope for You

For those on the astronomy frontier and looking for a telescope to explore outer space, you might be intimidated by all of your options. However, just asking yourself some key questions can help you make an informed decision: what do you want to see with your new telescope? How much room is in my observatory/backyard? What’s my budget like?


Usage : 

Do you want to use your telescope for land, sea or planet viewing and leisure? Or are you thinking about stargazing and bird watching with the help of a powerful telescope that is probably best suited in your backyard? 

Telescopes are great for exploring the stars and galaxies outside of your window, but you’ll need to make sure that where and when you use the telescope will work. You won’t get a good view if it’s just pointed out of your window because light pollution and even heat from inside can affect what we see.

So think about portability and ease of setup before making this purchase.  Also, consider whether or not attaching video cameras would be necessary so that recordings could capture everything as soon as they happen in real life.



Telescopes are not just about magnification. Aperture is crucial, as well in determining the ability to explore parts of space with your telescope. For example, a 102 mm aperture can have up to 204 times magnification while trying to use an eyepiece for more than that will result in a field of view so narrow and unclear you won’t be able to see anything at all. 



A telescope’s aperture is the diameter of its lens or mirror, which must be slightly less than the outer diameter for it to function. The greater the size, the more light will come in when you’re looking through it and makes viewing objects much clearer – depending on what eyepiece you use too.


Mounting stand:

For those who are interested in astronomy, mounts come in two basic types- Alt-azimuth or Equatorial. These names refer to the way that a telescope is able to move as it follows your chosen celestial object. The type of mount used will affect what you can see and do with your equipment. knowing which one would suit them best could mean all the difference between being frustrated by blurry images or seeing faraway worlds clearly for yourself. 

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The Best Telescopes NZ


1. Celestron Sctw-70 Astronomical Telescope from Xiaomi Youpin

Astronomical Best Telescope

The Celestron SCTW-70 is a lightweight and portable telescope that’s perfect for those who are newer to astronomy and can’t commit to the time-consuming task of properly interpreting intricate star charts. 

It helps you see one million stars in more detail than your naked eye can detect, and the 4mm aspherical eyepieces give the highest possible clarity with minimal distortion. With a 2X teleconverter added on, you’ll be able to explore even further into deep space.

The mirror is made of fine glass with 72% reflectivity, which gives excellent performance in a compact design. You’ll be able to see more detail in galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters than ever before.

The unit has fully coated lenses which means less scatter of light from inside each lens increases image contrast and sharpness. This best telescope is outfitted with a two-inch Crayford-style focuser with 1:10 dual-speed micro-focusing so you can perfect your images by smoothly adjusting the scope’s focus without needing tools or magnification glasses.


2. Meade Instruments Infinity 50 Refractor Telescope

Refractor Telescope

With the Infinity 50 Refractor Telescope, your eyes will be full of joy and wonder as you explore our universe. Your loved ones deserve to see these breathtaking sights through Infinity. You’ll believe in magic again with this telescope’s crisp views of the Moon, planets, nebulae and galaxies far away from Earth. 

with the Meade Infinity 50mm Refractor best Telescope you’ll be able to see them clearly. With this telescope’s 600mm focal length and magnification eyepieces, it’s easy to make out more details than ever before. Sit back in your observatory chair or lie on your back in the backyard, look up at the sky and take in all of its glory. 


3. Beginners Portable Astronomical Telescope with TripodPortable Astronomical Telescope

The perfect option for beginners or newbies to the astronomy field, this is an ideal starting point. This telescope can be mounted on any standard t-bar tripod head with a ball joint and dual grip knob locking stage, which provides easy tilt positioning-just what you need to get more into discovering celestial bodies and far away planets.

Whether you’re reading books about timescales and distances of galaxies or if there’s a chance event like a meteor shower coming up in your area, these are the tools at your disposal to track it down. 

The scope features powerful optics that have been coated with an anti-reflection coating as well as two high-quality eyepieces – one 2x Barlow and one 4x ocular lens.

A great option for beginners, with two replaceable eyepieces that provide a focal length of 400mm and aperture of 70mm. The anti-reflection coating produces clear images with minimal ghosting.


4 . HD 30070 Astronomical TelescopeHD 30070

You’re going to be picking up the most powerful, compact, and lightweight telescope you can find.  This HD 30070 Astronomical Telescope Outdoor Indoor Stargazing Adult Universal Monocular telescope is designed for maximum versatility in any situation without sacrificing power.

This Telescope comes equipped with a 150x magnification lens. Not only is it perfect for viewing and discovering new things on Earth’s moon or deep into our solar system but it’ll also make looking at stars from space a magical experience. 


5. Discovery – 50mm Astronomical TelescopeAstronomical Telescope

This 50mm Astronomical Telescope is the perfect beginner’s telescope. It is assured knowing that this isn’t just for children as adults can also enjoy nighttime adventuring with the scope.

You’ll see more than you ever thought possible with this easy-to-use tool in your arsenal of adventures under the stars, into deep space, and beyond.

Its aluminium table-top tripod, 90mm long and 360mm focal length, lets you take telescopic snapshots of the beautiful planets in our solar system. It features 18x and 90x magnification eyepieces and a 50 mm objective lens.


We hope this blog has helped you learn more about the best telescopes and we encourage you to go out and explore our universe with one of these best telescopes. Let us know what your favourite or Best telescope is by commenting below!


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