Top 10 Best Toasters in New Zealand

Toasters are versatile kitchen appliances that can toast anything from bread to waffles.  These handy machines come in all different shapes, colours, and sizes, with a wide range of features to choose from. 

The best toaster should be easy for you to use and have the right amount of slots for your needs. It should also toast everything evenly without burning or leaving burnt spots on your food.

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What you need to Consider Before Buying the Best Toaster

Choosing the right toaster might seem like a really difficult decision, but it can be really simple if you know what you’re looking for. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the best toaster for your needs. 

Quality of Toaster

If you want something that’s durable and reliable, then avoid plastic materials because they don’t last as long as other materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. It is also important to consider your desired browning setting and whether it has a defrost button that will help with making toast from frozen bread.

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Two Slice or Four Slice Toaster 

If you are only one or two people, then a two-slot toaster with just a couple of functions will probably suffice. Two-slot models are also better if you’re short on space as they typically have easy-to-access storage that can be used permanently. For families, a four-slice toaster is an ideal option as they ensure the toast can be prepared for breakfast time quickly.

Slot size 

Some other features include extra-wide slots to fit your bagels or Texas toast. There is also an adjustable browning dial so you can make sure your bread has just the right amount of crunchiness on both sides before popping out from under its metal coils.

Defroze Function 

The idea of toasting from frozen is a function that has never been on the market before. With this new option, you will be able to defrost your toast as it heats up rather than waiting for hours or doing it all at once in advance and risking burnt toast. 

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The Best Toaster you can buy Today


1. Kitchenaid Toaster – 2 Slice

Kitchenaid Best Toaster

The KitchenAid 2-slice toaster is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The sleek, stainless steel design adds a touch of elegance to your countertop. It features 7 shade settings and cool wall construction for safety. Plus, it has a convenient slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Whether you’re making breakfast or just warming up leftovers, this KitchenAid 2-slice toaster makes it simple with variable shade settings and an automatic Keep Warm setting that activates when your toast is done.


  • Elegant design
  • Keep Warm
  • Defrost Function


  • Expensive


2. Cuisinart 2 Slice Toaster

Cuisinart 2 SLICE

The Cuisinart 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster has a stainless steel finish with a square shape and comes with knobs on the front. This toaster offers even heat distribution and easy cleanup. It has extra-wide slots for bagels, thick bread, and other speciality bread.

It also features a high lift lever so you can easily remove your toast without burning your fingers or damaging the levers and reheat a button that warms up toast without toasting it further. With 7 browning settings and extra-wide slots that fit bagels, thick bread, and English muffins, it makes toasting easier than ever. 


  • Durable design
  • Smart setting
  • Reheat option


  • Expensive 


3. Dualit NewGen 2 Slice Toaster 

Dualit NewGen

The NewGen 2-slice toaster is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. It comes with two slots, silver in the middle and brass on both sides. It has two knobs at the front of the machine and an eject lever at the bottom. The slots are quite big enough to fit even thick slices of bread or bagels inside them.

The toaster also features a removable crumb tray that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. This appliance comes with a high lift feature so you can remove smaller pieces without burning your fingers in case they get stuck.


  • ProHeat elements
  • Extra-wide slot
  • Replaceable parts


  • Expensive 


4. KitchenAid: Proline 2 Slice Toaster

Proline 2 Slice Toaster

The KitchenAid Pro Line 2 Slice Toaster has a sleek, modern design that will add style to any kitchen. The Frosted Pearl exterior is easy to clean and the domed top allows for extra space for bigger items like bagels or thick bread slices. The toaster features 7 shade settings and an LED indicator light so you can watch your toast as it browns.

It also features a cancel button so you don’t have to worry about burning your toast. It has 4 toasting functions, an automatic sensor and it automatically lifts and lowers the bread for you. This appliance will make your mornings more convenient.


  • An automatic sensor
  • Keep warm
  • Extra-Wide and Long Slots


  • Expensive 


5. Breville The Toast Select Luxe 2 Slice Toaster


The Breville toast Select 2-Slice Toaster is a bold and beautiful toaster that’s designed to bring the fun back into breakfast. With its brushed stainless steel housing, this 2 slice toaster offers a premium look and feel that will complement any kitchen. 

It features 6 shade settings so you can achieve your perfect toast every time, along with a mid-cycle cancel button for extra peace of mind. 


  • Great Design
  • 1000 watts
  • Lift and look


  • Do not have Keep warm choice


6. Sunbeam: Maestro 2 Slice Toaster Maestro 2 Slice Toaster

The Sunbeam Maestro 2 Slice Toaster is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This stainless steel toaster features a LCD countdown display, QuickCheck and a high-lift lever.

 It also has six browning levels with a defrost setting for frozen bread and bagels. The two separate slots fit thicker slices of bread, English muffins or bagels without crowding them. The removable crumb trays are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up after use.


  • Variable settings
  • Reheat option
  • High Lift lever


  • No, keep warm option 


7. Sunbeam Diamond Collection Toaster


Sunbeam’s Diamond Collection 2-slice toaster is a simple and elegant way to enjoy your morning toast. The sleek design fits beautifully into any kitchen, while the diamond texture on the sides adds a touch of elegance. 

With 7 browning settings, this toaster allows you to make toast just the way you like it. The self-centring bread slots provide even heat distribution for a consistent golden finish on every slice.


  • Awesome Design
  • Value of Money
  • Reheat option


  • No, keep warm


8. Delonghi Distinta Moments 4-slice Toaster

Delonghi Distinta

The Delonghi Distinta Moments 4-slice toaster is a stylish and practical appliance. The matt-textured metallic finish gives it a touch of elegance, while the dual independent control panels allow you to toast your bread just how you like it, whether it’s light or dark.

This Distinta Moment has a large 4-slot capacity so you can toast more than two slices at once. With its wide range of settings including defrost, reheat and bagel functions, making great toast has never been easier.


  • 2 Crumb trays
  • Dual separate control 
  • 1800W Power


  • Expensive 


9. Cuisinart 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

Cuisinart 4 Slice Toaster

Cuisinart 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster has four slots with two independent control panels.  The high lift levers make it easy to remove the food after it’s done. 

It also has a wide slot design which allows you to fit in larger slices of bread or bagels. There are seven different browning settings so you can choose how light or dark your toast will be. If you want your toast extra crispy, just press down.


  • Wide slot
  • Separate control
  • 3-year warranty


  • No, keep warm option


10. Russell Hobbs Brooklyn 4-Slice Toaster

Russell Hobbs

This is the new Russell Hobbs Brooklyn 4-Slice Toaster. It has a stainless steel body finished in matte black with copper accents. The toaster has two dials, buttons and a lever on the front. The dials are for adjusting the browning of your toast and the buttons are for cancelling or setting your toast to different functions, such as bagels or frozen bread. 

There is also a lever on this toaster that you can push down to lower bread into it when you want it to be toasted. 

This toaster features wide slots that are perfect for bagels, thick slices of bread, or even frozen waffles. It has a high lift lever that enables you to easily remove smaller items from the slots. The automatic self-centring guides ensure your toast will be evenly browned on both sides.


  • Great Design
  • Six browning control
  • Easy to use


  • No, keep warm option