The 10 Best Top and Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer

Are you looking to buy a new Top or Bottom Mount fridge freezer, then you are on the right place.  Here we have made the best collection of the best Top and Bottom Mount fridge freezers for you.

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The 10 Best Fridge Freezers in New Zealand

What you need to consider before buying the best Top or Bottom Mount Fridge

The first thing to consider is the size and style of the fridge freezer you need.  The other thing is what side you want to open your fridge door. Usually, these fridges come with the right-hand side hinge and open from the left side.

Right or Left Hinge side door

If you want your fridge door to be open from the right-hand side then there are reversible door option fridges available also, so you can change door hinges from right to left-hand side.

Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount

Top mount Fridges are cheaper as compared to bottom mount fridge freezer. Bottom mount fridges are more convenient for daily use as you do not need to bend down to look for the items in the fridge. They are a little expensive as compared to the Top mount fridge.

Half Fridge & half Freezer vs 30% freezer & 70% fridge section

Fridge Freezers come with a different-sized section of Fridge & freezer. If you need equal space for the fridge & freezer section then you can buy half and half Fridge Freezer. If you need more space for the fridge section then you will prefer 70% fridge and 30% Freezer section.

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Here, we have found the  collections of the best top and bottom mount fridge freezer for you which you can buy now


1. Samsung 329Lt Fridge Freezer – SRL325DMB

Samsung 329 Litre Fridge Freezer

This is a Samsung 329 Litre sleek design bottom mount Freezer, It has a 2-litre water dispenser on the Door.  There is a touch control inside the top front of the fridge to adjust the temperature. 

This elegant fridge has three shelves so you can easily organize your lots of food items. There are Grooves grip handles on the left side of the door to open the door. It has a deep storage crisper in which you can fit large sized vegetables. Inside of the door, you have little shelves to keep cheese, eggs and other small items.

It has two large clear transparent bins so you can see what is inside the freezer compartment. The bins are easy to slide out and you can easily insert your large bowl or containers.

This Samsung Fridge has a Digital Inverter Compressor which makes this fridge more energy-efficient and quiet. It has a Power deodoriser filter that cleans the inside flowing air and removes the odour and prevents the transfer of odour to other food items.


  • stylish design
  • Energy efficient
  • Quitter 


  • Only two bins in the Freezer section.
  • It can easily  get fingerprints


2. Fisher & Paykel 373Lt Fridge Freezer – RF372BRPX6

Fisher & Paykel 373 Litre Fridge Freezer

With ample storage space, a stylish design and smart features, this Fisher &  Paykel bottom-mount fridge can be a great addition in your kitchen. From the outside, this refrigerator has a sleek stainless steel finish that blends nicely in your kitchen. 

There is plenty of space for everything with the 373-litre capacity. There are adjustable spill safe shelves and easy slide crisper drawers that provide flexible storage space and easily adjust the humidity on these crispers to create the right storage environment for your fresh produce. It has enough storage for your needs.

Large bottles can fit comfortably in the adjustable door bins. It is helpful for those who wish to keep beverages upright.

This model has an active smart cooling system that helps to keep food fresher for longer with its ability to adjust the temperature, airflow and humidity based on your fridge habits.

There is a freezer compartment at the bottom where you can organize your frozen item and the full width sliding drawers that help you easily find and access your frozen foods and the deep basket at the very bottom provides space for the bulkier items like frozen meat and ice cream.



  • Expensive



3. Haier 450Lt. Fridge Freezer – HRF450BW2

Haier 450 Litre Fridge Freezer

With amazing storage and easy-to-use controls, this high refrigerator is a  delight in your kitchen.  This Haier HRF450BW2  bottom-mount refrigerator can easily store enough food for two to four people.

There is an LED display and electronic controls on the top front of the Door and it is easy to read and simple to use which help you to manage all the features you’ve come to love from  Haier.  You can adjust the temperature settings as well as turn on handy settings such as super freeze mode or super cool mode in the fridge.

There is an LED light on the top to assist in finding items easily and quickly.  The positioning of the full-width spill-proof shelves along with the multi-directional airflow system ensures cooling is kept at an optimal temperature for food storage.

There are  three-door bins as well as a  humidity-controlled crisper for storing  fresh fruits and vegetables.  A my zone  variable temperature draw is also  available to preserve items of your  choice such as fresh meat seafood or a  few of your favorite beverages the  freezer section is separated into three  drawers for spacious freezer storage and  with the transparent fronts finding your  stored frozen foods is made easy saving  you time and hassle as you bend down to  reach.


  • Reversible door
  • 4  Star Energy rating 
  • Fast cooling function


  • No water Dispenser 
  • Get fingerprints on the door 


4. Panasonic 358L Bottom Mount Refrigerator – NR-BV360QKAU

Panasonic 358L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This NR-BV360KAU Model  Black steel and sleek design is made by Panasonic. It has three shelves in the fridge Compartment and two shelves with an ice-making tray and one drawer in the Freezer section. There is a grip on the door between the fridge and freezer to open the door.

It is easier the freezer drawer opens smoothly  to provide great access to everything  stored in the freezer you’ll find plenty  of space for large items as well as  thoughtfully designed trays for those  small things that might otherwise get  misplaced front internal LED lighting  

This fridge has EcoNavi technology  which recognizes your  usage pattern  and automatically  adjusts the power used to ensure the  most efficient operation of the fridge  and a lower electricity bill.

Eco Navi has three intelligent eco sensors to  learn the way you use your refrigerator. The door sensor detects the frequency at  which the door is opened and closed. The room  temperature sensor does just that, sensors the ambient temperature level of  the environment around the fridge and  the internal temperature sensor  calculates the required cooling power  needed for optimum internal food storage performance.

The inputs from all these  three sensors are analyzed by a built-in  microcomputer which then continuously  adjusts the power usage to match the  conditions as the unit learns your  fridge usage patterns over days and  weeks the power savings achieved by this clever use of technology.

Panasonic EcoNavi  refrigerator incorporates an Ag filter; this technology gently cleans the air  circulating inside the refrigerator and  deactivates any bacteria that might form.  It also effectively reduces the smells  that can come from stored food. You’ll  notice your refrigerator stays cleaner  and smells fresher as the AG clean  function works to largely eliminate mold  and unwanted odors.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Keep food fresh longer time as compare to other fridge
  • Easy to clean


  • The front doors  smudged with fingerprints..
  • The ice maker is small 


5. Westinghouse 370Lt Bottom Mount Refrigerator – WBB3700AH-X

Westinghouse 370 Lt Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This 370 liter  bottom mount fridge from Westinghouse  Model  WBB370WAn is a sleeker stylish look  fridge.  It has adjustable spill safe glass shelves and is easy to clean. The freezer compartment has a removable twist ice maker and  two large freezer bins and one  smaller one making organizing your  frozen foods even easier.

This  fridge also comes with a  humidity-controlled crisper bin and a  dairy compartment. This Model has  great features including  the deodorizer which ensures that food  smells are kept to a minimum so you can  say goodbye to unwanted odors without  having to use harsh chemicals.

This  fridge also has  a  multi flow air delivery system which  prevents warm all frosty spots from  forming the multi flow system maintains  an even temperature throughout your  fridge at all times

Pros :

  • Hidden hinges
  • Reversible doors
  • Easy to clean


  • It makes noise 
  • Get  finger marks


6. Fisher & Paykel 403L Fridge Freezer – RF402BRGX6

Fisher & Paykel 403 Litre Fridge Freezer

This is the Fisher and Paykel active smart refrigerator with a bottom-mounted freezer. This F&P Model  RF402BRGX6 is stainless steel finish and has a sleek stainless handle on the door. This fridge and freezer have a total capacity of 403 litres which is about enough to suit a  household of three to four people.

The inside of the refrigerator has glass shelves that can be adjusted and rearranged to better store food and drink of different shapes and sizes. The shelves are also spilling safe. There are also two crisper bins for storing your fruits and vegetables and on the fridge door, an assortment of covered and uncovered shelves are available for storing bottles, eggs and dairy products.

The freezer compartment is divided into several transparent bins that offer convenient access to your frozen foods and this includes a shallow tray that’s handy for storing ice cubes.

It’s  active smart sensors to efficiently  maintain consistent temperature and  humidity levels throughout the fridge  and freezer so your food and drink stay fresher for longer. You can adjust  the settings of the fridge and freezer  using the electronic touch controls  found inside the fridge as well as  adjusting the temperature and humidity  levels to suit your preferences.

You can  also use these controls to set a fast  freeze that locks in your foods  freshness when you get home from the  shops or set a bottle chill to serve  wine at its ideal temperature

Pros :

  • Reversible doors
  • Fast freeze option 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Little too noisy
  • Not stainless steel on all sides  of the door


7. LG 335Lt Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer – GB-335WL

LG 335 Litre White Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer

This stylish LG fridge will look great in the kitchen, makes efficient use of space and keeps all your food and drink nicely organized where it’s easy to access. This fridge and freezer have a  combined capacity of 335 litres which is  about right for a small family or any  other household of two to three people

It can be nice and slim for squeezing into a smaller kitchen space. This white Fridge has pocket handles that are nice and neat and don’t stick out from the fridge.

It has tempered glass shelves and plastic door bins for storing your food and drink. You can adjust the shelves to different heights to better store food and drink of different sizes and at the base of the  fridge section there is a full width  crisper drawer for keeping fruit and  vegetables nice and fresh.

The crisper  has been designed to retain the  evaporated moisture from fruits and  vegetables to help them remain fresher  for even longer by opening up the freezer. There’s the fridge alarm reminding you to  shut the door. 

There are 3 drawers in the freezer section  where you best store  different foods and soft desserts and  it’s  a great way to keep all your frozen food  nicely organized and if you ever experience any  technical issues with this fridge you  can use LG smart diagnosis feature to  quickly find out exactly where the  problem is and sort out a solution straightaway. 


  • Bigger freezer as compared to other models
  • Quiet operation


  • No meat keeper drawer


8. Akai Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer 357Lt

Akai Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer 357

This Bottom mount fridge in a sleek look and premium silver colour half Fridge and half freezer,  is an ideal option for a small family. This is a frost free designed fridge /freezer and can defrost automatically and you do not need to defrost the freezer compartment by yourself. It has  357L gross capacity with Chiller zone & Crisper drawer. 

This fridge /freezer has a great exterior. It has  a LED digital display to guide you. You can open the fridge door from both sides left or right as per your fridge settings in kitchen or preference. 

It has adjustable levelling feet on bottom so the fridge can be placed on uneven surfaces that is safe and prevent vibration and maintain balance. 

The interior design of this fridge is simple and stylish. It has  stylish LED interior light and automatically works when you open the fridge. It has a chiller zone with adjustable temperature to keep your food items more crisper and cold. This refrigerator unit  has adjustable spill proof glass shelving and is easy to clean  if you spill something on it and saves you time. 

It works with  3 pre-set modes – Eco modes , Holiday mode and super freeze mode. The ECO mode can set and change the freezer compartment temperature and power saving. The holiday mode will maintain the internal temperature of the fridge cabinets and prevent the mould and bad odour when the fridge is not in use or empty and also reduce the energy usage. 

The third mode super freezing mode works when you need quick and fast freezing to store your fresh food and the freezer will automatically adjust the temperature. 

Pros :

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Reversible door 
  • Electronic temperature control


  • Energy  rating: 2.5 stars only
  • Not well Known Brand


9. Samsung 318 Lt Fridge Freezer – SR317WTC

Samsung 318 Litre Fridge Freezer - SR317WTC

This Samsung top mount fridge 318 Lt has a pocket handle on the door. It is an ideal fridge for a small family and would be a great addition to your kitchen.  It has all moveable shelves which make it easy to clean.

Its Twin Cooling Plus Technology helps to maintain the fridge temperature which keeps your food and veggies fresh. It has a superior quality seal around the door which maintains the cooling very well.

It has one shelf and a twist ice maker and two trays on the door for your small bottles and jar in the freezer compartment. You can easily organize all the frozen items. If you do not freeze the section you can use it as a fridge by adjusting the temperature.

In the fridge section, there is one deli storage compartment on the top, two shelves and one crisper at the bottom for vegetables. There are two full and two half trays for your bottle and dairy items.

This fridge has plenty of storage for two people in a household and it is easy to organise all the food items so never miss seeing your old food items.


  • Easy to clean shelves
  • Energy Efficient 



  • Bit Noisy 
  • Only 2 shelves 


10. Mitsubishi 370 Lt Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer – MR-CGX370EP-GWH-A

Mitsubishi 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer

This new Mitsubishi CX Designer series 370-litre Multi Drawer Fridge has stylish design glass panels. It would be an ideal option for a small kitchen. It has energy-efficient LED light that illuminates the fridge section up to 50 times longer as compared to other fridge lights.

This fridge comes with a two-way glass Flexi which can maximise storage. It has a supercooling chilling case where you can store your fresh meat for up to 5 to 7 days. 

Its Muti airflow cooling system distributes the cold air from the back to both sides and the front which helps to cool each compartment quickly and evenly.  It has a vital right Amber LED light system in the humidity drawer to keep vegetables fresher for longer.

It has a removable water tank that supplies water to the automatic ice maker. Its Freezer Drawer at the bottom has a sliding tray at the top which can push back to reveal the rest of the drawer. There is huge space in the freezer drawer for your large frozen items.

It has inverter technology that saves more than  30 per cent on power and makes it the quietest fridge.


  • Plumbing not require
  • Quiet
  • Energy Efficient 


  • Very Expensive 


Here we have discussed our list of the best top and bottom mount fridge freezers. let us know if we have missed adding anything in this list. These best top and bottom mount fridge freezers will be a great addition to your home appliances.

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