Top 5 Best Umbrellas in NZ

Umbrellas are one of those things that we never think about until we need them. It rains often in NZ  so if you just know the feeling of getting caught out in the rain with nothing to protect yourself from those wet drops, then you might want to consider investing in an umbrella that works as well as looks.

The best umbrellas are durable enough to withstand harsh winds but also small enough to fit into your bag for easy travel. They have an easy, open and close feature so you don’t get caught out in the rain trying to fumble with them. 

The best umbrellas are the ones that can stand up according to your needs. Umbrellas are a necessary accessory for the rainy season. You may want something which is easy to carry with you and does not weigh down your arm. Maybe something more durable that will last longer than a few months and help keep you safe from strong winds when it’s raining outside.

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What needs to consider when buying an Umbrella

What kind of umbrellas is available?

There are different types of umbrellas: automatic, folding, and golfing umbrellas. 

The first type is an automatic umbrella, which opens when it rains with the push of a button or automatically in response to unfold. These types are perfect for people who don’t want their hands wet while holding an umbrella during rainstorms because they open with minimal effort.

Foldable umbrellas are great for when you don’t know if it will rain or not. You can keep one in your bag and take it with you wherever you want to, and it is easily saving space.

When you want to stay dry and maintain your style, the best option is a Full-length walking umbrella. It has more surface area than other styles, so it can shield from both windy weather and long periods of time being pelted by raindrops. This type also allows for those who prefer traditional looks and these types of umbrellas are known as golfing umbrellas.


What type of handle should you go for?

You don’t want to carry something heavy, but you also need an option for when the rain pours down. A good grip umbrella is essential for any type of weather so it’s best if your handle can provide both comfort as well as security while walking around with this precious cargo. The umbrellas with curved wooden shafts make them super comfortable regardless of whether you are holding your left or right hand. It gives the umbrella a vintage look as well as a better grip during travelling. 


What other things should you look out for?

It is important that you look into what kind of umbrella will fit your needs best before buying an umbrella. If you want to make sure that your umbrella isn’t going to blow inside-out in strong winds, consider getting one with a vented or two-layer fabric canopy. 

If you want to be safe when out in the rain, consider getting an umbrella with fibreglass ribs. The design of these umbrellas allows them to flex in response and withstand strong winds without breaking, so there’s no need for worry. Look at other features like canopy material which will affect performance underwater like polyester pongee fabric that offers better protection.


The Best Umbrellas NZ


1. Blunt Sport UmbrellaBest Umbrella

The Blunt Sport Umbrella is the perfect solution for golfers who want big and strong to protect their clubs from rain and wind. It is also easy to open and close by just pressing the button on the handle and it comes with a matching carry sleeve.


2. Blunt Executive UmbrellaExecutive Umbrella

Blunt Executive Umbrella is a black colour full-length street umbrella with a stylish handle strap. It provides enough coverage for at least two people, which makes it convenient to share with a friend or companion. It has a black carry sleeve. All this makes it the best value for your money.


3. Blunt Classic Umbrella

Classic Umbrella

The Blunt Classic Umbrella is the perfect everyday companion. This full-sized, original umbrella features a high-performance frame and an easy-grip handle for a comfortable and secure grip. It opens up to provide great coverage from the rain.


4. Blunt Exec Umbrella BlueUmbrella Blue

The Blunt Exec best Umbrella is the ideal everyday umbrella. Whether you’re walking to work or running errands, this full-length street umbrella provides plenty of coverage and protection from the rain.

With the help of an auto-open canopy, you can easily open it by pushing a button, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. This umbrella collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve for easy storage when not in use.


5. Blunt Umbrella Blunt Classic Red Classic Red

The Blunt Classic is a highly water-resistant umbrella that holds up to heavy winds and driving rain. This red colour best umbrella has an easy-grip handle that provides a comfortable grip in any weather. It is made of polyester and has a companion for day-long downpours.