Top 5 Best Upright Vacuum in NZ

Upright vacuum cleaners might not be as stylish compared to other models, but there are still plenty of reasons why you may want an upright cleaner. Their main feature is the ability to stand without needing external support and in most cases, they’re also more powerful than their skinny rivals with less limited movement options when needed.

This vacuum cleaner that can stand up on its own two feet is an upright machine. The most common powered brush heads and dust collection boxes are attached to the handle of these vacuums, which are usually mains-powered. Cordless versions have started popping up recently but tend to be more expensive than traditional models because they require batteries for operating power rather than being plugged in at home base like wired ones would need to do so efficiently to take care of all those hard-to-reach places around your house. 

It can be hard to pick the right one when there are so many models in this category. We’ve made a handy buying guide with our favourite products below to help you buy the right model.

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How to buy the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner?


Dust bin capacity?

An upright vacuum is a more expensive upfront purchase, but you get your money’s worth in terms of cleanliness. A larger dustbin means fewer trips to empty it and helps keep the house cleaner for longer periods between maintenance sessions.

Does upright vacuum cleaners suitable for allergy sufferers?

Upright vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep your home clean and fresh, but some have filters that work better than others. HEPA Filters can be very important for those who suffer from allergies or asthma as they remove at least 99% of dust mites from the air. 

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Are upright vacuum cleaners good for hard flooring?

Now advancement in brush head technology, especially the ability to switch off of a roller upright vacuum’s motorized function for carpeting type floorings like Berber or plush rug. They’re suitable for all types of flooring. 

How much space do upright vacuum cleaners take?

It’s true that upright vacuum cleaners are larger than stick vacuums. This means they take up more space. If you do not have enough space for an upright vacuum cleaner then consider buying a stick vacuum.

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The Best Upright Vacuums NZ


1. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2in1 – 21.6V

Cordless Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. It features an enhanced pivot steering that allows you to easily manoeuvre around furniture and other obstacles, an LED light head to illuminate the floor area, a self-stand mechanism that allows you to conveniently stand the vacuum on its end when not in use, a removable beater bar with bristles on both sides which can be used for vacuuming carpets or hardwood floors.  It has  60 minute running time on a single charge. 


2. Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Upright Vacuum

Upright Vacuum

This Upright Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and manoeuvrable. It has a large dirt cup that can hold up enough dust for your home cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has powerful suction & rotating brush deep clean which removes embedded dirt in carpets, rugs and hard floors. The multi-level filtration system includes a washable filter for the best air quality. This 2.4m wire-reinforced stretch hose allows you to clean stairs, furniture and other high places easily without having to bend over or get on your knees.


3. Shark Corded Self-Cleaning Brushroll 

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

This vacuum cleaner is the ultimate vacuum for hard floors and carpets. The innovative DuoClean Floorhead has bristles that rotate to lift dirt from both hard floors and carpets – it even works on rugs. The bristle brush-roll deep cleans into carpets, while a soft rubber edge glides over delicate floor surfaces. Shark’s signature LED headlights to illuminate hidden dust to make cleaning easy, plus the swivel steering makes reaching those awkward areas simple.


4. Electrolux ErgorapidoCordless Vacuum CleanerElectrolux Ergorapido

This vacuum is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that combines the power of an upright with the manoeuvrability of a handheld. It’s perfect for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and cars. It has a detachable handheld section with LED lights to help you clean hard-to-reach areas like under the couch or in your car.


5. Upright Vacuum Cleaner 900w Multi-ColouredMulti-Coloured

The vacuum cleaner will help you keep your home clean, tidy and free from allergens. With a motorized powerhead brush, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning carpets, rugs and bare floors. It features an extra-large capacity 2L dust container that can hold more dirt before emptying it into the trash or outside to be disposed of properly.