Top 7 Best VPN For New Zealand

What is VPN?

The best VPN is a medium to encrypt your connection to secure your location-based data and the server is controlled by the VPN company.

It creates the encrypted connection on your device and gets controlled by a virtual tunnel to secure it from the VPN provider. The tunnel prevents anyone from gathering your anonymized information that includes your ISP as well.

If anyone wants to take a look at your IP address, they certainly won’t get the right one since it’s covered up by the VPN provider. Now it’s a very powerful tool to enhance your overall privacy throughout the web with layered securities and you can use them on a lot of occasions.

Why Do You Need a VPN in New Zealand?

New Zealand is certainly one of the greatest countries to fully live your life without a doubt but nothing is perfect. Every country has its issues with online privacies and New Zealand isn’t different either, and it may share an alliance with intelligence agencies to share your personal information when needed and that is something to worry about. But that’s not all, there are a lot of websites that are blocked from the country’s firewall and you can’t access them.

Online censorship and blocking the access of websites isn’t a new thing you experience. However, spying on your online activities is never a good sign for your privacy and an alternate route should be taken to prevent breaches of your privacy. The only choice you can have in New Zealand to protect your privacy is to choose the best VPN services.

Now, most people use VPNs for accessing restricted websites and protecting their privacy as well. There are other benefits, why kiwi users  use VPN services and here are some of them:

  • You can watch  New Zealand content while being in another country.
  • You can resolve speed throttling by ISPs on the torrent and other services.
  • More secure P2P services without worrying about breaches.
  • Privacy protection from possible snoop attacks
  • Protecting your IP address throughout your internet activities.
  • Streaming specific geo-blocked content including movies and series from other countries. There are a lot of tv series and movies that are not available on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. With VPN services, you can easily unlock them and enjoy them without any problems.


Best VPN Providers in New Zealand

Choosing the Best VPN in New Zealand according to your preferences might be a bit difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve reviewed multiple VPN services and made a list of the best VPN service providers you can choose.

They can resolve geo-location restricted content, bypass bandwidth throttling, better P2P services and protect your privacy at the same time.


1. VPN Proxy Master


VPN Proxy Master


VPN Proxy Master is a virtual private network (VPN) service that allows users to browse the internet anonymously and securely. It offers several features and benefits that make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.

One of the main features of VPN Proxy Master is its ability to provide users with a secure and encrypted connection, protecting their online activities from prying eyes. The service uses advanced encryption protocols to ensure that user data remains secure and private at all times.

Another benefit of VPN Proxy Master is its ability to bypass internet censorship and geo-restrictions, allowing users to access content that may be blocked in their region. This is particularly useful for individuals travelling abroad or for those who want to access streaming services from different regions.

VPN Proxy Master also offers fast connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth, ensuring that users can browse, stream, and download content without any interruptions. The service is available on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


2. ExpressVPN


No doubt Express VPN is the best one on the list you can pick. It sure does live up to the expectations. This best VPN service provides you the most powerful cloaking security to protect your personal information from getting by intelligence agencies. They don’t even collect your data and it’s out of reach for collecting by Eyes Alliance. 

Here are the highlights of Express VPN :

  • It provides super-fast speed internet without issues. It reduces your internet speed by less than 30% which is more than efficient.
  • With one subscription, you can add up to 5 devices with ExpressVPN.  They are compatible with all the popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and even Android.
  • ExpressVPN is providing an amazing subscription offer with a free subscription for 3 months!
  • There are 3 different subscription plans for you to pick from including Monthly, Half-yearly, and Annual subscriptions.
  • If you face any problems with their features, you can get your money back. But you’ll have to request it within  30 days. The money-back process is completely hassle-free and their customer service is completely devoted to the customers.


3. SurfShark

surfshark vpn

Surf Shark is another amazing VPN service you can choose and there certainly are a lot of reasons. They’re extremely affordable and powerful.

Here are the highlights of SurfShark VPN :

  • Surf Shark comes with inbuilt ads and a malware blocker for your device. It can efficiently save your data and protect your device from harmful programs.
  • It boosts up your P2P services and prevents speed throttling caused by your ISPs.
  • The speed reduction by SurfShark is amazingly low and you can play multiplayer games without any kind of issues.
  • They provide White List features to run apps directly with the VPN tunnel.
  • Watching geo-blocked content from your device has gotten even easier and faster than ever.
  • SurfShark is compatible with all the popular operating systems including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android.
  • Even though SurfShark is very affordable, as of now they’re offering new subscriptions with more than 70% off!
  • SurfShark has 3 different subscription plans for you including monthly, half-yearly, and biannual subscriptions. They support all the popular payment options including Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Google pay, Amazon Pay, and even cryptocurrencies.
  • If you are unsatisfied with their services, you can always request 100% money-back. You’ll have to request the money back within 30 days.


4. NordVPN


Nord VPN offers excellent speed delivery with its cutting-edge features for privacy protection. With their amazing encryption methods, you’ll still get the fastest internet speed to surf around along with streaming content or playing games. 

Here are the highlights of NordVPN :

  • Nord VPN uses military-grade encryption to protect your data from possible snoop attacks and it’s practically unbreakable.
  • You can even have double-layered VPN protection to double up your privacy security. It is an impeccable line of defence for your internet activities. So neither your ISP nor government agencies can spy on your activities and your privacy remains secure as ever.
  • One subscription will allow up to 6 devices to connect through NordVPN servers and that’s more than you need.
  • Nord VPN supports 3 subscription plans including monthly, annual, and biannual subscriptions and you can pay them with all the popular payment options. As of now, NordVPN is providing a huge 68% discount on subscriptions without needing any code applied.
  • You can buy their subscription in risk-free ways as they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services.


5. iProVPN


iProVPN surely gets its name from the speed performance it provides along with all the premium features of securing your privacy. They’ve been improving their performance over the years and now they certainly are at their peak.

Here are the highlights of iProVPN :

  • iProVPN offers more VPN servers with a lot of locations for accessing geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.
  • The UI is certainly amazing on all the compatible operating systems out there including Windows, Mac, and other mobile operating systems.
  • This VPN doesn’t keep logs of the users so it’s practically impossible for intelligence agencies to collect your data.
  • You can certainly surf around without any worry about speed reduction. And streaming content is now amazing as ever.
  • It has a built-in malware protection engine and an ad blocker. Certainly to prevent you from having harmful programs and of course, annoyance. The most amazing part of FastestVPN is that you can use up to 10 devices per subscription.
  • iPro VPN has subscription plans of monthly, biannual, and triannual subscriptions. They support payment through credit/debit cards and Paypal.


6. StrongVPN

Strong VPN

The StrongVPN offers excellent internet speed along with its premium-grade features on privacy protection. They’re still one of the best VPN services you can pick  and still work like a charm. They offer 24/7 customer care support and they’re rich with features. 

Here are some highlights:

  • StrongVPN doesn’t keep any log data of the customers so it’s completely off the radar and away from intelligence agencies to collect.
  • Streaming is still faster than ever with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. No buffering issues on streaming.
  • Online gaming is still amazing on speed and you can play without any reduction of performance on your multiplayer games.
  • P2P connection is faster with strong encryption methods
  • Torrenting is even secure and you can bypass the speed throttling from your ISPs.
  • Compatible with most of the popular operating systems out there including PCs and mobile platforms.
  • They support 3 subscription plans including monthly, annual, and biannual subscriptions. And you can pay them with all the popular payment options. 
  • More than 50% discount on first subscriptions and 30 days money back guarantee!


7. Norton Secure VPN

Norton VPN

Every major antivirus provider has created its very own VPN services. Norton takes the top place among them. Norton Secure VPN is certainly more affordable. As compared to the amazing features they provide with the best security. The only setback here is the reduction of speed by 50%. 

Here are the highlights of Norton Secure VPN:

  • Norton Secure VPN provides more than 1500 servers and thousands of IP addresses to mask yours.
  • They use the AES-256 encryption method to secure your identity.  That method of encryption is practically unbreakable. It’s certainly challenging for intelligence agencies to collect your data.
  • The apps themselves are compatible with all the popular operating systems which is a huge plus point.
  • Norton Secure VPN supports up to 5 devices at the same time.
  • The subscription process is based on how many device access you’ll be needing. They support payment through Debit/Credit cards and Paypal but the process is a bit complicated.



Is VPN Legal in New Zealand?

The question itself doesn’t have a simple Yes or No answer and we’ll dig deeper right below. Kiwi Users are certainly allowed to use VPN services. But if someone does illegal activities with a VPN service can somehow get caught, and can be in trouble.


What Makes a Good VPN For New Zealand?

If you’re looking for the best VPN service, you certainly need to consider some options before subscribing to one. 

The first thing to consider is the speed reduction rate from your VPN provider.  VPNs will surely reduce your internet speed by some rate no matter how good the provider is. But it’s the rate that you need to consider from a VPN service provider. Anything below 50% reduction of internet speed is great but does aim for at least lower than 40% of total bandwidth reduction. 

The next part to consider is to see the security of the VPN services provided. Having an AES-256 method for data encryption is a must to have for the VPN service provider. Another part to consider is the compatibility among different devices. You surely shouldn’t buy a VPN service that can’t even run on your phone or PC. 

Other things to consider are affordability, streaming support, better P2P services, Static IP support, and hassle-less customer support.


What Can I Use A VPN For?

There are a lot of benefits to using a VPN service that includes protecting your privacy, watching geo-blocked content, and improving P2P connection along with resolving bandwidth throttling by your ISP.

We made a list of all six best VPNs for Kiwi Users. These VPNs help you secure your privacy. Let us know if you have any query