Top 5 Best Waffle Makers for Your Delicious Breakfasts

Waffles are absolutely delicious and have many different uses in many different cultures. In New Zealand, we usually eat as a breakfast meal or on some special occasions. Some people enjoy having waffles as a dessert after dinner. You will prefer the best waffle maker to enjoy the rich taste of waffles. Here we discuss which is the best one available in New Zealand.

How to choose the best waffle maker for you

Waffles need to be prepared at a high temperature to ensure even browning and give you just the right browning, so your waffles will be golden, crispy, flaky, and delicious.

There are three basic sizes of waffles that can be used in a waffle maker. There are Liege Waffles, Dutch Waffles, and Belgian Waffles. All three of these provide you with a variety of different textures and baking styles.

Belgian waffles are very firm and provide a rich golden brown colour; Liege Waffles are fluffy and give a wonderful fall colour, and Dutch waffles are light and fluffy and are considered the traditional Belgian waffle.


What features should you look for in a waffle maker?

Most commercial waffle makers will have at least one large griddle, one smaller griddle, and even an adjustable height to accommodate individual waffles. These are all important features because you want a waffle iron that is easy to clean and evenly cooked. Waffles need to be evenly cooked or else they will taste like wet celery.

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Why do size and weight matter? 

Some commercial waffle makers are designed to be very lightweight. This makes it easier to transport and less likely to damage your kitchen.

However, some waffle makers are designed to be larger, which gives them a larger surface area. The size of the waffle maker will depend on the number of waffles you plan to make. The more waffles you plan to make, the larger the waffle maker should be the right option for you.


The Best Waffle Makers NZ


1. Davis & Waddell

Davis & Waddell waffle maker

Davis & Waddell presents you with on-trend products for your beautiful kitchen and table. Davis & Waddell: electronic non-stick waffle maker is your smart choice with a low budget. It covers all the elements needed to make fantastic waffles.

With a lot of five-star reviews, the Davis & Waddell: electronic non-stick Waffle Maker stands out for its reliability. They claimed they use it for making hundreds of waffles without getting disappointed.

The shape of the maker is smart enough with stainless steel and aluminium including a non-stick covering. It controls the temperature of the plates and prepares authentic Belgian-style waffles. This is so easy to clean as long as you season the plates with cooking oil before use.


  • Cook waffles from golden brown to an extra crisp.
  • Deep and non-stick plates
  • Perfect for cooking Belgian waffles
  • Able to produce both sweet and savoury waffles


  • Have to use it on the highest setting for it to heat adequately
  • lower ones heating way are just too low


2. Breville  – BWM520BSS

Breville Waffle maker

The Breville no-mess waffle maker will come out at the top for its performance and easy use. The tempered steel waffle producer highlights seven settings to work with you. People love to use Breville for its non-stick plates and huge handle.

Could you make crispy golden waffles without the mess? The Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker conducts the no-mess moat. The circulated moat catches and cooks extra batter.

Golden and crispy or light and fluffy waffle is now in your hand. Breville means more crunchy and thinner waffles without any mess. Experience the delicious waffle bites and enjoy them with your family.


  • Heats up quickly and efficiently
  • Classic waffle plate
  • No spray or oil needed
  • No mess moat
  • Easy to clean


  • Bulky Size
  • Difficult to remove waffles from the waffle maker


3. Breville – BWM250BSS

Breville Waffle maker heart shape

We all enjoy waffles. Some like fluffy whereas some prefer crispy. Does your waffle maker control the crispiness of the waffle?

With the touch of Breville, the crisp control waffle maker Enjoy crisp, golden Belgian-style waffles baked to your exact preferences.

The Crisp Control waffle maker allows you to adjust the brownness from light and fluffy to a crispy golden brown.

It excellently makes Belgian waffles that are softer with a slightly crisp exterior. Its large and deep pockets trap more butter or syrup per bite.


  • PFOA-free non-stick finish releases waffles immediately
  • Lid locks to the unit for slim, compact storage.
  • User-friendly LCD screen
  • Great price
  • Great with adjustable temperature


  • Thin and dense waffles


4. Kogan – Belgian Waffle Maker

Waffle maker - Kogan

Kogan 1000w Belgian waffle maker extremely fits with anyone’s budget. This is a quality product Create delicious, golden waffles in minutes. Smart, portable, and nice design with a 1-year warranty.

Kogan is one of the most used waffle makers for its brilliant price and performance. Users enjoy its effortless waffle release and easy cleanup that is for the non-stick surface.

It can prepare four Craving freshly made waffles at a time. The waffle maker comes with a small, portable design that makes it ideal to whip out for Sunday brunch. Enjoy the delicious creation of the Kogan waffle maker.


  • Heat up quick
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Space-saving design
  • Cheap price


  • Not Good design
  • Not for classic waffle


5. Sunbeam Classics Vertical Waffle Maker

Sunbeam Classics Vertical Waffle Maker

The Sunbeam Classics Vertical Waffle Maker is a must-have in any kitchen. This trendy design creates thick and fluffy waffles without mess. The auto-detection feature automatically counts down the time until your waffles are done to the perfect texture.

This Vertical Waffle Maker is an excellent addition to any breakfast bar or breakfast table. The new Sunbeam Classics Collection is a must-have for contemporary kitchens, no matter what your decor is – black or white.


  • Cook waffles from golden brown to an extra crisp.
  • Deep and non-stick plates
  • No Mess


  • Expensive


When you look for the best waffle makers First, you have to choose between Belgian and classic waffle makers. Then you need to consider their features, warranty, and price to purchase one.

Kogan 1000W Waffle Maker and Davis & Waddell: Electric Non-Stick Waffle Maker are both you can choose for Belgian waffle making. Both come at affordable prices.

Breville the No Mess Waffle Maker is perfect for classic waffles. The price is quite high for both Davis & Waddell and Kogan waffle makers. Breville ensures high-quality products.

Breville the Crisp Control Waffle Maker can control the crispness of your waffle. Undoubtedly Breville will be your best choice for a Belgian waffle.

What is your option about those waffle Makers?  Are you going to buy any of them? Let us know if you already using any, which is also makes a nice waffle for you.  Share your experience below in the comment section.


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