Top 7 Best Wall Ovens in NZ

If you are in the market to buy a new wall oven, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs.

There are many brands and styles that all have different features that could be beneficial or not so beneficial depending on what you cook. We have compiled a list of the seven Best Wall Ovens based on size, price, efficiency, cooking space, and other factors. Check out our top picks below. 

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How to choose the Best Wall Oven for you

A built-in oven is a must for any premium household. With sleek design and functionality, it’s easy to see why more people are opting for this type of cooking space in their kitchens today. 

If your kitchen cabinets have been installed by a professional fitter, then consider installing an oven and select from one of many different types such as ceramic or induction hob to match it. 

Built-in ovens are a great way to add convenience and safety features. You can use them in any kitchen, but they require proper installation because of the required enclosure or housing unit that goes around it. 

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Pyrolytic or Catalytic liners oven

The Pyrolytic cleaning function of the oven is an automatic way to remove food and grease from inside your oven. It is the newest and most efficient way to have your oven look like new. During this cycle, heat surrounds every corner of your cavity meaning you’ll never need another deep scrubbing session again.

When your oven’s cooking compartment is full of grease and food residue, the Pyrolytic cleaning mode will convert them to ash by burning them at high temperatures. You can then sweep these away when it has finished its time on-screen. This process takes between one to three hours depending on what kind you have programmed in for cleaning. 

However, during pyrolytic cleaning, there are some special precautions that need to be taken such as making sure residual heat from inside of your oven cavity surrounds every corner so you do not burn yourself when opening or closing a door after completion of the cycle because they automatically lock themselves until all temperatures have stabilized and returned back down again at safe levels before unlocking themselves upon request. 


Catalytic liners

Ovens that are equipped with stay-clean catalytic liners in their oven can get rid of most food stains automatically. They should never be cleaned manually and may need replacing during its lifetime as well, depending on how often you use your oven or what kind of food is being cooked in it.

You also might need to service these types by putting them on their highest heat for about an hour so they can get clean enough before storing them away again.


Oven cooking functions

Some ovens have more features than others, so it’s important to know what function you need before you buy one. If the built-in oven is a single electric model then chances are that it will be convection with an included fan for even heat distribution inside of cavity – but if there’s also multifunctioning capabilities on tap like some double drawer French (or German) style range models can provide different settings depending upon dish type being prepared or temperature requirements needed by certain foods in general then this may suit those needs just as well. 

Single electric and convection models will both help evenly distribute the heat inside, while combination units offer additional options depending on how they’re programmed like baking simultaneously at low temperatures for bread dough or using fan-assisted warm air during meal prep time frames. 

The best way to cook a dish perfectly is with an oven that has perfect temperatures and features. One of the most common uses for a grill or oven is to roast meat. To do this, you can use different settings on your appliance depending on how cooked you want it: grilled using fan-equipped models and heated from below through an element at the bottom; cooked in pizza mode if it has one. 

For instance, when you use your grill or baking dishes on high heat for roasting then it will get evenly cooked throughout but this can be difficult if using only one element as some may burn before other parts are done sufficiently enough; so make sure there’s more than just one heating source. 


What accessories should you have with the oven?

Ovens make cooking easy and convenient because they are used for baking, roasting meat or vegetables, making cakes/ desserts, etc. You’ll find that most new ovens come equipped with all the necessary accessories.

Oven trays are an essential kitchen tool for any homeowner. Most ovens provide you with at least one baking tray, though some models come with two or more. They can be used in a variety of dishes from roasting meat and veggies to baking bread or cakes. 

A wire rack can be used for so much more than just grilling. Wire racks are an essential tool for an oven, especially the new oven-proof variety that has been designed to handle even higher temperatures. These versatile utensils work well with both indoor and outdoor cooking spaces. Newer models often provide you with two-wire cooking surfaces that can be used on either side as well. 

Wire shelves are an essential part of every oven. These metal or plastic support panels can be removed from their slots and replaced with others depending on what position you want to place them in, which helps save space when cooking multiple dishes at once. 

Telescopic runners provide an easy way to pull out wire shelves and push them back in again, so you can check on your dish without taking it all the way out of the oven. With some models they’re movable; with others not as much–but anyway, this accessory makes cooking safer and easier.

A Temperature probe in the oven can be useful. This device will monitor your cooked meat and tell you exactly how done it is so that no one else has to guess. Some of the models come with a temperature probe. 


The Best Wall Ovens NZ 


1. Midea 13 Functions Oven

13 Functions Oven

This oven is a modern appliance that compliments your kitchen. It can bake, roast, broil and toast to bring out the best in your favourite foods. The sleek black door with stainless steel handle has touch controls that are easy to use. :

Its dual airflow system, dual convection and heating, the Midea oven provides even heat distribution for perfect results every time. The enamel oven interior is easy to clean and prevents food from sticking. The 72L flat cavity provides plenty of room to cook multiple dishes at once while the 8 heating modes allow you to create a variety of meals with ease.


2. Pyrolytic Wall Oven


Pyrolytic Wall Oven

This Pyrolytic Wall Oven is a stylish addition to any kitchen. This sleek, stainless steel oven provides an easy-to-use interface and a host of handy features such as automatic cooking and minute timer.

It features a black door with timer on the top and 85 litre,(72L usable) capacity, this oven has 10 cooking functions including fan bake, convection bake, grill and rotisserie.

This oven has ActiveVent technology to control moisture levels and AeroTech for even heat distribution. This means you’ll be able to cook with confidence on your multi-shelf setup. It also has a unique pyrolytic cleaning system that works in conjunction with the self-clean function for easy maintenance. 


3.  Multifunction Pyrolytic Wall Oven


Multifunction Pyrolytic


This 60cm Multifunction Pyrolytic Wall Oven has a stainless steel finish and features two knobs. The digital touch timer display shows the remaining cooking time, while the 8 cooking functions include: Convection Bake, Fan Assisted Bake, Eco, fan grill, grill, Supercook, and Pyrolytic.

This wall oven features a large 79L capacity for family size cooking. It’s 5 cooking levels will allow you to bake, roast, grill or reheat with ease. The self cleaning function will make your life easier by eliminating the need for manual cleaning. With its cool door technology that keeps the door safe to touch after use, this oven is a great addition to your kitchen. 


4. Thermoseal Self-Cleaning Pyrolytic Wall Oven

Self Cleaning Oven

This thermoseal Self Cleaning Pyrolytic Wall Oven is a stylish, high quality oven. It has a matt black finish and the handle is silver. There are two knobs  and a digital display on the front top of the oven.

It is a 79L versatile, high-performance cooking appliance that makes it easy to prepare and serve up delicious meals every day. With 10 cooking functions including a fan oven, combi grill and rotisserie, you can cook everything from meat and fish to pizza and pastries with ease. Featuring 5 different levels of cooking power as well as an automatic self-cleaning mode.


5. Thermoseal Electric Wall Oven

Electric Wall Oven

This oven is a great addition in your  kitchen. This oven has a black glass door with stainless steel panel and two knobs and buttons on the top front. The 79L oven capacity can fit most dishes, including a turkey. The electronic display features an easy-to-read clock and timer for convenience. 

This model has a 60cm width, with an easy-to-clean Ever Clean Enamel finish. The Vapour Clean Technology helps remove any food or dirt residue from the oven cavity, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time cooking. This oven has 9 cooking functions, 5 cooking levels for full flexibility and a thermostat control between 50°C to 280°C. 


6. Haier 60cm Electric Wall OvenHaier Wall Oven

This wall oven is designed to provide you with all the features you require in a wall oven. The black panel design feature ensures that your oven will look great in any kitchen, while the stainless steel finish will ensure it stays looking good for years to come. The removable inner door glass makes cleaning up after cooking easier than ever before, and the programmable timer allows you to cook food with precision.

It has 7 great cooking functions. With a capacity of 85 liters, this oven can fit a variety of dishes and foods for your family to enjoy. The 5 shelf positions allow you to place your food at the perfect height, whether it be roast chicken or fish fillet.


7.  Combination Steam Wall OvenSteam Wall Oven

This 36L combination Steam Wall Oven is a sleek, high-performance wall oven that combines the features of both a conventional electric oven and a steam convection oven. The smooth touch panel on the top front makes it easy to set cooking temperatures and timers with just one touch. 

With nine cooking functions, you can cook a wide variety of dishes, including baking, roasting and steaming. It does not require plumbing.

Its triple-glazed door ensures that heat is maintained within the oven cavity for even cooking results, while also allowing you to check on your food without having to open the door. There’s no need to worry about spills because this combination steam wall oven has an easy-clean enamel.