The 5 Best Water Filters in New Zealand

Every drop of drinking water is essential for our healthy life. It is important to have the best water filter for the home, office, or anywhere else. Water filters eliminate the water impurities and contaminants from your tap water which makes the water more suitable for drinking. Compared to mineral bottled water, it is more eco-friendly, healthier, and cheaper and reduces the amount of plastic waste from water bottles. 

Water filtration methods can remove sediment and many types of microorganisms. Filtration ensures that your drinking water gives out essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. if you want to ensure that you have healthy and good-quality water for drinking, cooking, and other household purposes, you should definitely get one of the best filtration systems. Here we have a list of the best water filters for you. 

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What type of water filters are suitable for you?

When buying water filters, you need to know the types of filters.  We will help you to decide what kind of filters or water purifiers will suit your needs and lifestyle the best. There are two basic types of filters: cartridge water filters and faucet water filters. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Cartridge filters –  They remove lead, chlorine, and other contaminants from your water supply. These are generally made using activated carbon filtering technology. The best lead removal filter ensures that you get rid of lead, chlorine, and other contaminants from your tap water. Moreover, it makes drinking water free from germs, bacteria, and rust and makes water softened and stabilised pH level.  

Faucet filters – These water filters can be easily installed on your kitchen tap. When you open the tap the purified water comes out of the tap. These filters are most convenient and faster than other filters. 

Most faucet filters are small in size and you can easily install them. They are also perfect for small kitchens, rental apartments as well as travellers as they are portable. 


What do you need to consider before buying the best water filter?

You need to think about what kind of budget you have when shopping for a water filter. You can get some very good filters for under $100-$150, but even then you want to consider several other factors that go into filtering litres of water. For example, how much water do you drink on average per day? If you consume litres of water a day, look for a water filter that will effectively remove impurities.


The Best Water Filters NZ


1. Sheffield Benchtop Water Cooler & Filter

Water filter

This Sheffield  Benchtop Water Cooler & Filter is the perfect home or office water solution at the touch of a button. It comes in a compact design to fit on the benchtop.

It provides you with fresh and clean healthy chilled water. This water filter and chiller has 5L of capacity and is BPA-free. Its filters are made of carbon granules with a plastic casing and are replaceable. 

This water cooler and filter include a fast cooling system. It comes with dual taps for room temperature or chilled water.

Pros : 

  • It has Fast cooling system
  • Dual taps for room temperature or chilled water
  • It provides you with healthy and clean water to drink. 
  • Simple to use 

Cons : 

  • Can not fit large Cup on a dripping tray 


2. Water Filter Ceramic Carbon Mineral Purifier

28L Benchtop 8 Stage Water Filter

This  Benchtop Water Filter Ceramic Carbon Mineral Purifier purifies your drinking water to the optimum level and in a healthy and safe way. This benchtop water filtration technology provides the purest drinking water to you without any organic contaminants, lead or any harmful bacteria. 

This filter has 8 Stages of a Water filtering system and comes with the latest filtration technology to use at your home, office and at school. The ceramic filter includes highly compressed ceramic diatoms and as a filter, it removes dirt, solids and dangerous bacteria such as cholera, amoebas and typhoid the activated Carbon and Silver Activated Carbon remove chlorine, chemicals, and THMs and provide you odours free and crystal clear pure mineral water.

This purifier provides you with softened & pH-balanced drinking water. The other benefit of this purifier is the drinking water is without any germs, or rust and has no bad taste of water. The water feels light, clean and good for cooking too. 

Pros : 

  • This water filter purifies your water smartly and gives you pure and crystal-clear water to drink.
  • It removes harmful bacteria and stabilizes the pH 
  • This water filter has a capacity of 28L 
  • This promotes health and vitality and is easy to use and place. 
  • It comes with Silica Sand that removes acidic components
  • The Zeolite stage removes heavy metals such as gold and silver and lead and mercury. 

Cons :

  •  No Dripping Tray


3. 8 Stage Water Filter & 2 Bonus FiltersWater filter

This Water Filter will provide you with cleaner, tastier and purer water and you can enjoy mineral water at your home or office. It has environmentally safe material and a sleek design. 

The water filter has an 8-stage filtration system which is specially designed to purify your drinking water to the maximum level. The drinking water from this water filter is free from organic contaminants and removes harmful metals and bacteria in addition to being softened & pH stabilised.

The water filter has a built-in purifier that filters your own water which can be safe and better for babies. This water filter has environmentally Friendly material.

The 8 Stage Water Filtration System in this filter Includes Ceramic Filter, KDF, Activated Carbon Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Red Mineral Ball, Ceramic Plate, Red Mineral Ball, and White Mineral Ball and lets you enjoy natural mineral and pure drinking water. Its Water-Outlet Capacity is 5000L. 

This awesome water filter is as simple as a tap water filter as healthy life begins with clean water. 

Pros : 

  • It kills 99% of germs, bacteria and harmful chemicals. 
  • It provides you with natural mineral water 
  • Affordable and convenient
  • It maintains the pH level and decreases the acidity 
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • This water filter is easy to install and easy to clean.

Cons :

  •  No Dripping tray  


4. Hi Mart Cuckoo Benchtop non-refills water purifier Water filter

This Hi Mart Cuckoo Benchtop non-refills water purifier CP-FN601HW comes with built-in purifier filters that remove dirt and harmful bacteria from water and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

It has a 4-stage purification process that is designed to remove the impurities and provide you with pure, clean drinking water in homes, offices and schools.  This water filter comes with amazing features. The water tank is made of stainless steel and has a Refined design and also includes an operation status indicator. It has individual power switches for hot and cold water to choose from. 

This 4 stage filtration process will filter dust, debris, and harmful particles such as lead, and germs and remove the odour and the bad taste. This water filter has a carbon filter that stops any harmful bacteria, and germs from entering your drinking water and makes your water free of organic contaminants.

Pros : 

  • This water filter provides you with the cleanest water
  • It has a 4-step filtering system
  • The drinking water is softened and pH balanced 
  • Economical filtration system
  • Child-lock button

Cons : 

  • Very Costly


5. Faucet Filter Tap Water Purifier 8 Layer 

Faucet Filter Tap Water Purifier

This new design Faucet Filter Tap Water Purifier has an 8-layer purification system. This water purifier provides you with crystal clear water and it can be used in homes, kitchens, offices and the bathroom. 

This Faucet Filter Tap Water Purifier is made of ceramic wall, sintered activated carbon, KDFs and a cleaning medium. This can prevent more than 0.1um pollutants and can effectively filter water germs, scales, sediments, and floats. It can control bad taste and odours, rust, chlorine, E. coli and other harmful bacteria and block large particles from entering the drinking water. 

One filter cartridge can provide up to 100 gallons of clean drinking water and can be used for cooking. This water purification system gives you pH-balanced water removal. 

Pros : 

  • This water filtration system included 3 connectors easy to connect to different taps. 
  • It has a 360-degree rotation 
  • 360 Degree Rotation 
  • 8 Layer filtration
  • Explosion-proof and Anti-slip feature
  • Environmentally friendly 

Cons : 

  • Can not store water


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