Top 5 Best Weed Eaters in NZ

What can make your yard look beautiful in a day? A weed eater. These handy devices are designed to cut the weeds that grow up among stones, branches, and other debris. The best weed eaters come with powerful engines to get the job done quickly while still being lightweight enough for easy manoeuvrability. 

It’s surprising to see how versatile weed eaters can be. They have been used for cutting grass, weeds and shrubs in uneven areas like bogs or along the beachfront where there is no other tool available besides an edge trimmer which is slow-moving due to its size. A powerful motor makes short work out of these tasks when it comes time to cut down some heavy brush with ease.

Weed eaters are a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes from trimming shrubs and ground cover to edging alongside walks. For example, you might have an uneven lawn where the weeds grow more quickly than your grass- but with a weed eater in hand, this problem becomes easy pickings. Weed eating blades on these little machines allow them to cut through even heavy-duty brushes without any trouble at all.

In this article, we will discuss the best weed eater from gas-powered and electric models. There are differences in the control, vibration, noise produced, speed of cutting vegetation, and power supply. It’s a good idea to consider all of these factors before making a final decision about your purchase. 

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How do I choose the Best Weed Eater

Types of Weed Eaters

There are two types of weed eaters: electric weed eaters and gas-operated ones. As we have discussed below both of them. 

When it comes to electric weed eaters, there are two main types: corded and cordless. The corded weed eater is more powerful and typically has a longer runtime, but you have to be careful not to run over the cord. The cordless weed eater is less powerful and doesn’t have as long runtime, but you don’t have to worry about running over the cord. 

Many people choose an electric weed eater for its convenience. These weed cutters go at a slower speed than gas-powered models, so they’re easier on the hands while also being quieter overall. You also don’t have to worry about gas or oil, while the battery cord eliminates the inconvenience of having to use extension cords.

A gas weed eater runs on gasoline, and it is the most powerful type of weed eater. However, it also tends to be the noisiest and heaviest. A gas weed eater is less likely to kick back than an electric one, but it has a limited range before having to refuel. Gas weed eaters tend to be more expensive than electric ones.

How do I choose an electric weed eater?

Electric weed eaters come in a variety of power capacities and can handle heavier tasks than their gas-powered counterparts. For example, an 800W electric model will do more work per minute than one with 400 watts. 

Cordless models are great because they can be taken anywhere, but you may need to think about voltage: 36V will provide greater cutting force than 18 volts or 12V models which might only reach 60 Volts maximum output potential.

Why is trimmer cutting diameter important?

It is important to consider the cutting diameter when buying a trimmer. A trimmer with a larger cutting diameter will be able to trim a wider variety of grasses. However, keep in mind that a weed eater with a large cutting diameter will have a smaller bar length and may have less power.

What type of weed eater is best?

Gas-powered weed eaters are more powerful than electric weed eaters, but they also tend to be heavier and noisier. Electric weed eaters are lighter and quieter than gas-powered weed eaters, but they are not as powerful.

Ultimately, the best type of weed eater for you depends on your needs and preferences. Each type of weed eater has distinct advantages and disadvantages. You will need to carefully consider each one’s strengths and limitations before you make a purchase.

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The Best Weed Eaters NZ 


1. HiKOKI 36V Straight Shaft Line Trimmer Weed Eater

HiKOKI Straight Shaft Line Trimmer is a powerful tool for trimming grass and weeds, which is designed to cut off all the unwanted growth in your lawn. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use trimmer with an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue during long periods of use. The straight shaft line trimmer features low noise, and low vibration that offers extended run time and reduced emissions. This corded electric trimmer has a loop handle for easy control, as well as hassle-free start-up and set-up.


2. Makita UR180DW 18V Cordless 

Makita Cordless Grass Shear G Kit

Makita’s UR18DWAX 18V cordless grass shear is a well-balanced, high-performance tool that can be used for a wide range of cutting applications. It has an adjustable loop handle and an adjustable cutting head to provide maximum comfort and control. The G-battery delivers more run time than the LXT battery, so you can finish your job faster. It has a 7,800rpm speed which gives you more power for tougher materials like thick branches or heavy weeds. 


3. MAKITA 18Vx2 B/less Loop Handle Grass Trimmer

Grass Trimmer

Makita’s Loop Handle Grass Trimmer is powered by a brushless motor that delivers up to 6,500 RPM for faster cutting. The 350 mm nylon cutting head with Extreme Protection Technology provides up to 100 minutes of run time under load on the low-speed setting. It has a 350 mm cutting width with a nylon cutting head and 3-stage speed control.


4. Greenworks Line Trimmer G-Max 40v Li-Ion 2.0ah KitGreenworks Line Trimmer

The Greenworks G-Max 40v Cordless Line Trimmer is a high-performance cordless trimmer that is ideal for trimming and edging. The G-Max 40v has a cutting diameter of 40cm, an adjustable front handle and variable trimming speeds. It also features an automatic line feed for less stopping, stronger dual nylon lines for longer life and a low noise level.


5. Flash Brush Cutter 43CC

Flash Brush Cutter

The Flash Brushcutter is a two-stroke engine that delivers high power and torque for a variety of applications. The brush-cutting blade can be used to cut through dense vegetation, while the line trimmer attachment allows you to trim grass and weeds. The Flash Brushcutter’s double bicycle handle provides maximum control of overall operations. The cutting diameter is 255mm; it has a 42.7cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine and comes with 2 attachments – a brush cutting blade & line trimmer.