Top 5 Best Wet and Dry Vacuum in NZ

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a multipurpose tool and can remove not simply dry but also wet dirt or even liquids. That’s why these vacuums are popular for use in homes with construction projects, as they’re able to thoroughly clean up any mess you might make without worrying about spilling anything on the floor.

Unlike a standard vacuum cleaner, the wet-dry can clean up messes that would be too big for your old one. This means you won’t have to worry about leaving an area dirty when doing cleaning jobs around the home or in workshops. 

If you are looking for a vacuum that can tackle any job, cleaning up your home or business then this blog will help you. Every wet/dry vacuum cleaner on the market has its own benefits and drawbacks depending upon what’s required from them so take time to read through our review before making a decision. 

Best Vacuum Cleaners In NZ

Things to consider before buying the best wet & dry vacuum

When you’re deciding what type of vacuum cleaner to buy, there are many factors that you should take into consideration. First, consider how often and for what purposes will this machine be used? The next thing to think about with vacuums is their power level – do you need a lot or barely any at all? 

The more you plan on using the vacuum, the better choice of model is going to depend on. If it’s just for occasional use or in a limited amount of time then opt for something smaller and cheaper but if not buying new tools will have an effect so make sure they’re flexible enough before buying. Here are some points you need to consider before buying this appliance.  


1. Capacity

Bigger is better when it comes to your home’s footprint, but note that high-capacity models can be larger. They tend to have the same sort of size and shape as smaller ones with more capacity; however, they may take up less space on average because their height increases at a rapid pace.


2. Reach

Make sure the length of the cord, hose and tube combined are long enough to reach any place you need. If there’s dirt in hard-to-reach places then a power socket will be needed as well. 


3. Dustbags

A dust bag is a handy accessory for keeping fine particles under control when you’re vacuuming. You can use a bag for dry vacuuming, but most of the time you don’t. If fine dust is what interests you then use one and it will help keep things under control when necessary.


4. Ease of changeover

Some cleaners require you to swap or cover filters when changing from wet cleaning machines, while others can be adjusted with only a quick tweak. We prefer models that make this easy for you so you don’t need any expertise in order to get the job done right. 


5. Flexibility

Flexibility is an essential feature of your wet/dry vacuum cleaner. This feature tells you how easy it is, for instance, to carry or transport them- that will depend on what kind of area you want to clean. Think about different appliances required based on where in your home they’ve been used most often: the garage vs bedroom carpet cleaning versus hardwood floors. 

So now when shopping around make sure there’s a balance between power capacity and ease of use with something lightweight enough so as not to tire yourself out too quickly while still having enough suction power needed depending on the type of job at hand. 


6. Performance

The power requirements will vary depending on what you’re cleaning and your own personal preferences for suction strength among other factors like weight capacity. 

For those who are looking for a wet/dry vacuum to clean their home, the best choice is one with 1 HP of power. But if you need something more powerful like 3 or 4HP then go ahead and check out our review. 

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The Best Wet and Dry Vacuum NZ


1. Karcher WD6 Premium Wet and Dry VacuumWet and Dry Vacuum

The Karcher WD6 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum is the perfect cleaning tool for your home. With a powerful 2000-watt motor, this vacuum can easily suck up wet dirt and dust from any surface. The 30-litre stainless steel container allows you to clean large areas without having to empty it frequently. 

The 2.2 m suction hose makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach places such as stairs and high windows while the blower function helps you get rid of leaves and other debris in your garden or on your patio.


2. Karcher WD4 Premium Wet and Dry VacuumPremium Dry Vacuum

The Karcher WD4 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner is a powerful, high-performance vacuum cleaner that can be used for wet or dry use. It has a 20-litre stainless steel container.

It has a powerful motor that can suck up almost anything, from wood chips to sand and dirt. The vacuum is easy to empty and clean after using it for various jobs around the house. It is lightweight and has an adjustable handle so you can use it as a hand vac or attach it to a hose for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your home.


3. Karcher WD3 Premium Wet and Dry VacuumKarcher WD3

The Karcher WD3 is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, which cleans floors and carpets. It has a high suction performance of 1400 watts. The 17-litre stainless steel container allows you to use the WD3 without having to empty it frequently. 

The suction hose is 2 m long so that you can easily reach every corner of your house. This vacuum cleaner features an integrated blower function, so you can remove even stubborn debris from your carpets with ease.


4. Karcher Fc 5 Cordless Floor CleanerKarcher Fc 5

Karcher FC 5  is a 2-in-1 floor cleaner that picks up wet and dry dirt. The 20 minutes of battery time will give you enough power to clean your home from top to bottom.

It cleans better than some other cleaners out there because it uses high-quality microfiber rollers instead of cheap plastic ones like many others do. They are also machine washable so that you can keep them clean after every use. 


5. Midea Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Midea Wet & Dry Drum Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor that delivers strong suction power to ensure thorough cleaning of carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces. The vacuum is equipped with a large 21-litre drum that can hold plenty of debris, ensuring you can clean large areas without having to stop and empty the container frequently. It is designed to be easy to manoeuvre. It comes with wheels that allow you to move the vacuum around effortlessly, and a long power cord that gives you plenty of reach.