Top 5 Best Wheelbarrow in NZ

In this day and age, you can’t have a household without having at least one wheelbarrow. Whether it’s for the backyard or just some DIY project around the house a good one will come in handy when transporting bulky waste from A point to B point.  

If you’re looking for a wheelbarrow that is lightweight, sturdy and durable, look no further. The best wheelbarrows are ones that take into consideration your needs and what you’ll be using the barrow for in order to find the right product.  If you need something with less weight capacity or just want something with more style than function, there are plenty of great options out there. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite wheelbarrows on the market today so check it out below.

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How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow for you

The best wheelbarrows are made from lightweight, durable materials. A plastic model is affordable and easy to handle which makes them ideal for garden waste – but if you plan on carrying heavy building supplies around in your barrow then the steel tray will be worth paying a little extra for protection against rusting or puncture-proof wheels that can withstand jagged ground better than rubber ones would even though it comes at an added expense.

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In choosing among different types of these carts there are also many factors one must consider before making their final choice: whether weight matters more than portability? Do I need something stylish as well? Where am I going to store this? 

With heavy puncture-proof wheels, your wheelbarrow is much more durable. The first time you need a replacement will be when the tire goes flat and needs to have its air pumped out before replacing it with another one that’s just like yours but filled up so nothing else happens again. 

The standard  72L wheelbarrow is a great choice for most people. If you have large gardens or need to clear out your vegetable patch, consider getting one of the smaller sizes available that can handle compact areas better than larger models. 

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The Best Wheelbarrows NZ


1. Tradesman e-Barrow Wheelbarrow 72LWheelbarrow

Tradesman e-Barrow is a wheelbarrow with electric power. It has a 500W brushless all-weather motor, 48V lithium-ion battery pack, and 160kg load capacity.

It has a variable speed throttle and handbrake system to control the speed of the barrow. The thumb throttle makes it easy to control the speed while you are pushing it. You can also use your handbrake for ultimate safety when you need to stop quickly or want to park the barrow on an incline.


2. Polypour Wheelbarrow 72L


This Polypour Wheelbarrow 72L is a valuable addition to any construction site or work environment. This wheelbarrow has a flat bottom tray base so you can transport loads and material easily. 

The pourer design allows easy pouring of materials from the container. Its 120kg load capacity makes it ideal for transporting large amounts of material around the workplace or home.


3. Tradesman XP Wheelbarrow 72L

Tradesman XP

Tradesman XP Wheelbarrow, with its deeply recessed bolt pourer tray, is the perfect solution for any job requiring a large volume of water or other liquids. 

The large, free-running, high-quality precision sealed ball bearings make it easy to move heavy loads of material quickly and easily. The steel wheel and puncture-proof PU tyre provide durability and stability on all types of terrain. 


4. Constructor XP wheelbarrow 70L

Constructor xp

The Constructor XP Wheelbarrow is the ultimate in heavy-duty wheelbarrows. Constructed from hot-dip galvanised steel, it’s built to last and designed for trade and professional use. The puncture-proof PU tyre and 160kg load capacity make this a must-have for any serious builder or landscaper.


5. 8-in-1 Garden Trolley, Wheelbarrow

8-in-1 Garden Trolley, Wheelbarrow,

This  8-in-1 Garden Trolley, Wheelbarrow is a versatile garden tool that quickly converts between different uses. The all-terrain trolley can be used as a platform truck, cylinder holder, pot plant mover, rock lifter, bag holder, trailer mover and extended dolly. The folding arms offer strong leverage for smoothly lifting rocks and heavy pots. The rubber handgrips make handling comfortable, secure and safe.


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