The 5 Best Wine Racks For Your Home

If you have a great wine collection, you should invest in a good wine rack. You could have a wine cellar, but it’s much more convenient to store your bottles on the counter with the aid of one of these superior racks. 

The best wine racks are also a great way to keep wine bottles at the desired temperature and are a stylish addition to any home. They come in many different styles and can be made of different materials. Some are even made from a combination of materials. You can also find racks that are designed to preserve the original labels on your bottles. 

In this article, we will be discussing the best wine racks for your home. We will discuss how to choose the best type of rack, and how to place your rack in your home to get the best results.

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How to choose the Best Wine Racks for you

Before you purchase a rack for your home, there are certain factors to consider before you pick one. 

Size: The size of the wine rack is determined by the number of bottles it can hold. A large rack will be able to comfortably hold more bottles than a small one, but it obviously takes up more space. 

Material: wooden racks are the most common and are typically handcrafted, but if you want a display rack that you can place your bottles on to show them off, metal racks may be better. Wood is a more natural material and typically looks better with home décor. Metal racks are great for space-saving, especially if you have limited counter or floor space.

Adjustable feet: you want to make sure your rack is stable, so consider purchasing one that has adjustable feet so that you can position it just right in your home.

Load Capacity: Each rack has a weight limit, even if it looks sturdy. Make sure the rack you purchase can handle the weight of your wine bottles and accessories.

Design: the design of the wine rack can really make or break a home environment. One of the most popular designs today is a tower rack. These racks have horizontal rods and wine bottle holders across them. They are a great way to display your wine collection in central areas where you may not have any other storage for, but you may want to consider one with adjustable legs for stability if you need freestanding racks.

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The Best Wine Racks in NZ


1. Vasagle Wine Rack – 4-Tier

Wine Rack

This is a beautiful, functional wine rack with a stunning look. It is made from particleboard, steel and a durable finish. It offers you 4 tiers (20 open slots) to store, and sort, 2 open shelves at the top and the provided glass holders, lots of storage space, 4 adjustable feet and an anti-tip kit to keep your bottles safe in place.


2. Rustic Farmhouse Wine RackRustic Farmhouse

The Rustic Farmhouse Acacia Wood Lattice Wine Rack is made from beautiful, dark-stained acacia wood. This wine rack is able to hold up to 8 bottles at once and has a stylish, attractive design that looks great on your wine shelf. The wine rack is sturdy and is able to hold a number of different bottles. The design is functional and functional and adds a great touch to any home


3. Viski: Geo Counter Top Wine RackTop Wine Rack

The Viski Geo is a stylish and eye-catching wine rack that is perfect for your home bar or counter. The six-bottle capacity is perfect for smaller kitchens, and the hexagon design is sure to add a little bit of personality to your home bar. The sturdy construction allows for safe and secure storage of your wine bottles, and the gold-plated steel construction will ensure that this wine rack will stay well-polished for many years to come.


4. Academy Orwell 16 Bottles Wine Rack Bottles Wine Rack

Keep your wine collection in check with the Academy Orwell Wine Rack. This stylish rack features a stylish and modern design that is perfect for holding up to 16 bottles. The rack is made from iron and leather so it is both durable and stylish. It can be wall-mounted or placed in a pantry or closet for easy access.


5. Wine Rack 25 Bottles Walnut WoodWalnut Wood

This stylish, compact and sturdy wine rack will complement any wine collection and keep your bottles safe and secure. The 5-tier design is perfect for displaying bottles of wine and wine accessories. The wine rack comes with a bright white finish and is designed to be sturdy.



Where should I place my wine rack in my house?

The best wine rack for your home depends on what you like most about wine. For the people who enjoy a casual glass of wine, it can be placed near your dining room table or your kitchen counter so you can use it as an entertainment centrepiece. Others enjoy hosting outdoor events and may choose to place their wine rack in the living space or porch area of the house.


Wooden vs Metal wine Rack?

Is a metal wine rack better than a wooden wine rack? There seems to be quite a debate on this subject. Metal racks are typically often lighter and less expensive, but they also require more upkeep and can rust if not taken care of properly. Wooden racks will require less preventive maintenance, but they may be heavier and more expensive.