7 Best Cooling Fans in New Zealand

As the temperature increase from November – to February, everyone needs to keep cool themselves. There is the cheapest way to keep you cool by best cooling fans. There are many different types and styles of fans that are available in New Zealand.

Bladeless Fans are the Safest fan for families who have kids or pets. These fans are less noisy that’s why perfect for a bedroom.

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Here you will find the 7 Best Fan in New Zealand Market.

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

Dyson Pure Hot + CoolThis Dyson Pure Hot + Cool cooling fan can be a great addition to your home. This white and silver colour cooling fan have a round base that gives it a stylish and trendy look.

This appliance automatically purifies the whole room properly. It is portable and convenient for medium to large size rooms. This Dyson pure hot + cool purifying fan is the only air purifier with heating compatibility. 

This appliance removes gases and 99.95% of dust mite from the air. It needs low maintenance and has easily changeable filters with built-in notification. It works as a purifying heater in winter and purifying fan in summer.  It has jet Focus control for personal heating and has diffused mode for room heating.

Pros : 

  • Portable 
  • Easy to operate
  • No noise
  • Safe to use around kids

Cons : 

  • Expensive 


2. Dimplex Air Purifying Tower Fan 92cm

Dimplex Air Purifying Tower Fan 92cm

The stylish black colour Dimplex air purifying tower fan 92cm is compact size with powerful cooling and air purification feature. This tower fan can be a super addition to your office, house and apartment. 

This tower fan has a white LED display and has a user-friendly remote control that can pair with great quality cooling powers. It has a digital timer of 8 hours. 

This appliance has 3 modes – Normal, Natural, Sleep modes. It is specifically designed to wipe out any unnecessary noise. This tower fan can fit easily into every corner of your room.

Pros : 

  • It consumes less energy 
  • Value of money 

Cons :

  • Not many speed settings
  • Remote control


3. Goldair Platinum 107cm Heating & Cooling Tower Fan

3.Goldair Platinum 107cm Heating & Cooling Tower FanEnjoy the continual comfort with Goldair platinum heating and cooling tower fan. This compact slimline designed tower fan has a stunning white and black colour that complements its stylish look. 

This heating and cooling tower fan includes key features such as 3 heating speeds and 4 cooling speed settings. It has a remote control with an electronic display.  It has an Oscillation function and has cooling temperature settings according to your comfort. 

This appliance is great for medium to large-sized rooms. It has an adjustable thermostat and timer. The slimline design saves space on the floor and still can produce powerful airflow.

Pros :

  • It is durable and consumes less floor space.
  •  energy efficient


  • Expensive


4. Crane Tower Fan and Air Circulator

The Crane tower fan and air circulator are ‘designed for better living. It is tall which gives it greater room coverage than most others cooling fans. This dark colour stylish body tower fan is a consequently larger appliance with an ultra-slim design.

Its speed and breeze functions are displayed on a large digital screen.  This fan has an electronic timer for up to 12 hours with an auto shut-off function. 

It has a 45W  powerful motor. It includes a remote control so you can change the settings at your convenience and the button beeps when you press them. 

This appliance has oscillation settings that allow circulation of air at 70 degrees and is able to circulate the air to every corner of the room.  This fan comes with an electronic timer with an auto shut-off button.

Pros :

  • Take less space 
  • Attractive and lightweight.
  • Quieter than the other fans 

Cons :

  • Three speeds only


5. Dimplex Whisper Fan with DC Motor

Dimplex Whisper Fan with DC Motor

The Dimplex whisper fan is a compact fan due to its powerful efficient DC motor and its leafless pedestal fan shape. It sports a classy white colour. 

This appliance is well built to provide instant cooling and is suitable for medium to large rooms. It features five broad blades which increase the airflow in the room. 

This whisper fan has 12  adjustable speed settings and a variety of modes so you can personalise your comfort as per your need – normal, sleep or silent and natural breeze. 

The horizontal oscillation and adjustable height ensure the air circulates around the room accurately.


  • This appliance has a strong body.
  • Stable base 
  • Portable 
  • Simple to use 


  • No smart features


6. Heller 3 Speed 70cm Turbo Tower Fan

Heller 3 Speed 70cm Turbo Tower Fan

This Heller TTF07R tower fan is the smartest option for every summer to provide a cool gentle breeze. This stylish white and black colour unique design fan features circulate cool air throughout the room.

This tower fan has 3 speed settings: normal, medium and fast, which allows you to adjust and control the power of the air. The TTF07R has been created to feature an 8-hour timer and oscillation with high-speed performance. 

This appliance has a 70W high power motor and digital display with touch buttons controls. It also has a 7-hour timer and features 3 operational modes- sleep, natural and strong gust which is perfect during the summertime. 

Pros : 

  • High-speed wind performance
  • Remote control

Cons :

  • Not great design


7. Sunair 50W Bladeless 90cm Cooling Fan

Sunair 50W Bladeless 90cm Cooling Fan

This Sunair bladeless fan has a pleasant white colour which is furnished with an innovative air duct system. This freestanding electric mini fan is suitable for indoors and in any room. 

It is stock with a 50w motor for effortless and undisturbed performance. The sunair bladeless fan features an exclusive leafless design to neglect noise. It has high speed circulating airflow. It features an infrared remote and has an electric power source. 

This appliance is crafted with the finest materials that respond best to normal wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance with maximum durability. It is a thermoplastic material that can be easily recycled. 

Pros :

  • Low Noise 
  • Infrared Remote

Cons :

  • Not well know the brand


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These are the best cooling in New Zealand Market, these all have different styles and functions. You can buy one according to your need and suitability.

What’s your suggestion about all those Cooling Fans. Share your experience below if you are using anyone from them or let us know if any better one is available in  New Zealand Market.


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