Top 10 Premium Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts can be a great way to show your appreciation for the individuals that work with you. It’s a fantastic way to get your company’s name out to the public and let your company be a good corporate citizen. But you’ll have a lot to think about when it comes to deciding what the best corporate gift for your employees, customers, and executives is. 

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to what might be the best corporate gift for your key players. That’s why we’ve got you covered with advice on everything from unique gifts to luxury business gifts. And even if you’re short on time for the holidays, we’ve got you covered with the best time to give your corporate gift away.

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What is a Unique Corporate Gifts idea?

Unique Corporate Gifts Let’s start simple with the best unique business gifts, from wooden key rings to personalized pens and clocks. These give the recipient something to remember you by, a way to remember their time at your company or share your brand in a unique way. 

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to unique corporate gift ideas. They range from functional items like thermometers and mugs that can be used right away, to novel items like custom shelves or homewares like personalized picture frames or etched glassware.


What is a Business Gifts idea?

When you think of business gifts, what do you think of them? We all have our own idea. It may be that the general mindset is that business gift ideas are utilitarian and not about personality, or it could be that corporate gifts should be thoughtful and useful. Some people may even find gifts for business executives to be excessive and just too expensive for the token thank-you gift; however, we believe that these gifts should still have a sentimental value, so we’ve chosen to include ideas from this point of view as well.


What will be the ideal situation for corporate gifts?

Business gifts are given as a token of appreciation. It may be a big deal or a small one, but what they all have in common is that they do not include monetary value. They are meant to express gratitude, show an act of kindness, and/or work on business relationships. The ideal timing for sending business gifts is the end of the fiscal year, after successful negotiations that lead to your company signing a contract with another business, or when you want to build upon the working relationship with clients and customers.


What about the Executive Gifts?

Executive gifts are the most luxurious and sophisticated corporate gift ideas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be personalized too. They are meant to be thoughtful, useful and creative. While not about business per se, but about luxury and personality, executive gifts will make a wonderful impression on the recipient because you put thought into it!


The best Corporate Gifts you can buy


1. Premium Red Wine Hamper

Corporate Gift

This is a great business gift for those who are looking at it as a way of rewarding good work or saying thank you. It contains two bottles of premium wine. The Ata Rangi Pinot Noir is supple and lithe with gorgeous primary fruit characteristics whilst the Wooing Tree Pinot Noir has a powerful structure and exquisite fruit flavours.


2. Gold Premium Gift Basket

Gift Basket

The Gold Premium Gift Basket is a great corporate gift for any employee. It includes high-end foods and drinks that will surely be appreciated by your whole team. It’s a great way to say thank you to your employees for all their hard work as well as reward them for their good performance. The Gold Premium Gift Basket has a variety of items that are sure to please everyone, including Champagne, chocolate, cookies, crackers and more.


3. Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Lovers Gift Basket

Whether it’s for a professional conference, or just to thank your employees for all the hard work they do throughout the year, Coffee Lovers Gift Basket is sure to be that perfect gift. With many items available, you will never go wrong with this Corporate Gift.


4. Celebrate With Pinot NoirPinot Noir

Celebrate With Pinot Noir is a corporate gift that is perfect for any celebration, whether it be an office party, Christmas or birthday. It contains pinot noir wine, as well as many other foodstuffs. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves wine and desserts.


5. Golden MomentsGolden Moments

Golden Moments is the perfect Corporate Gift because it includes an extensive selection of products that appeal to the employees, as well as their guests. These products are not only luxurious, but they are very original, fun and exciting.


6. The Sharing Box – Sweet MixSharing Box

The Sharing Box is a perfect business gift for any occasion. It includes a variety of sweet candy and chocolate treats. The box can be given as a reward, to thank someone for their hard work, or even as a gift for clients and other professionals. Since it comes with so many delicious items, it’s fun to share the sweet assortment of treats among coworkers or family members during the holiday season.


7. Blushing Bliss Gift Basket

Bliss Gift Basket

As you can see, this gift is a perfect way to show your appreciation to someone. The pampering treats will make her feel appreciated and she will love the variety of items that were chosen for her. This business gift basket is perfect for all occasions.


8. Treats For Two Gift BasketTreats Gift Basket

Treats For Two Gift Basket is a wonderful corporate gift. The basket includes a variety of delicious treats to appease the palate. The champagne flutes will please your taste buds as you enjoy the bubbly from Louis Bouillot Rosé Bubbles. This gift is perfect for many occasions and will be enjoyed by everyone that gets it.


9. Glorious Gold Gift Basket

Gold Gift Basket

The Glorious Gold Gift Basket is a great corporate gift for anyone that you know. This gift basket includes champagne, speciality foods and sweet treats, candles and other delightful items. You can impress your employees by giving them this great business gift from their boss.


10. Hot & Spicy Gift Basket

Spicy Gift Basket

The Hot & Spicy Gift Basket is a great corporate gift for people who enjoy a little spice in their life. Inside the box, the receiver will find an assortment of quality spices, sauces, and oils that they can use to make their meals even hotter. You are able to add a personal message on the free handwritten card so it will be sure to make that person feel extra special.


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