Top 5 Best Step Ladders in NZ

Step ladders are a unique type of ladder that have wider steps for easier access. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them an essential household item in any home.

A step ladder has been designed to make climbing up tight spaces easy. It helps you to reach the hard-to-reach areas and provides proper balance support. 

Step ladders are better than the traditional model because they provide better balance and support, which makes them more suitable for indoor tasks. The foldable model also allows you to store these step ladders in small spaces when not being used. It’s perfect if your work requires shifting around from room to room or if there isn’t enough space on shelves above ground level that is inaccessible without climbing onto something unstable like window sills. 

To help you choose the best step ladder for your needs, we’ve put together this list of five awesome ladders. Consider their standout features and choose which one will serve as the best fit.

Best Ladder in NZ

Things to Consider When Buying a Step Ladder


The durability of a ladder is determined by the material it’s made with. You’ll want to look out for steel, fibreglass or aluminium ladders that are also corrosion-resistant so they will last long enough. Aluminium stepladder weighs less than steel or fibreglass models so is great to take with you anywhere.

Overall Dimensions

These ladders come in different sizes and weights, depending on what you need them for. If a pair of step ladders isn’t going to be usable when not being used then it’s best that they’re stored somewhere where space can accommodate both your equipment as well as theirs.

The weight and size of your ladder are important for two reasons. First, it needs to be light enough so that you can easily move it from place to place without having much trouble lifting or dragging it along the ground with each step. Secondly, heavy ladders take up too much room when not being used which might make storage difficult at times.

Ladders should be tall enough to reach the places you need them. This is again why it’s important that your ladder matches up with all of these requirements: How high must the ladder be? What kind of materials, size and also how many steps do you need a ladder to have? 


You’ll want to think about the portability of your step ladder when buying it. If you plan on taking this downstairs or outside often, make sure that it can be folded up for storage and comes with features like rubbery feet so it doesn’t damage delicate surfaces while being stored.


The Best Step Ladders NZ


1. Little Giant Jumbo Step Ladder System 3-Step

Step Ladder

The Little Giant Jumbo 3-Step is a lightweight, compact aluminium ladder that holds up to 170kg. With a wide step and an incredibly stable design, the Jumbo 3-Step is safe and comfortable for everyday use. The slip-resistant treads and large non-slip foot pads ensure your feet stay firmly planted while you work. It’s ideal for indoor or outdoor use on all types of flat surfaces.


2. Atom Platform Ladder 3 Step 1.8mPlatform Ladder

The Atom Platform Ladder 3 Step is an essential tool for any tradesman requiring access to hard to reach areas. The ladder features a non-slip platform that provides safe footing when working at height, and the sturdy aluminium construction ensures that the ladder will provide years of reliable service.  It has a 150kg weight capacity. 


3. Bulldog 3 Step Steel Ladder


Steel Ladder

A Bulldog Ladder is a sturdy and compact steel ladder that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It folds flat to 40mm for easy storage and transportation. The rubber feet provide non-slip support, while the strong construction means it can hold up to 120kg in weight. A great tool for any home or garden, this ladder will help you get to those hard-to-reach places with ease.


4. Stepmaxx Step LadderStep Ladder

The Stepmaxx is a lightweight, portable ladder that can be used on any surface. It’s easy to assemble and has wide steps for added comfort. The padded handrails are non-slip and the rubber feet prevent sliding when in use. The maximum weight capacity of 150kg makes it suitable for most people.


5. Atom Step Ladder Double Sided 3 Step

Atom Step Ladder

This is the perfect solution for small jobs around the house or in your garden. The ATOM is ideal when you need to reach high places or when you want to do work on a surface that’s too low for your stepladder. The ATOM can be used as both a 2 and 3 step ladder and folds down easily for storage. It is a sturdy, lightweight aluminium step ladder that has been designed with the needs of today’s busy people in mind. It features non-slip feet and a top flat step with a flush screw for added safety.