7 Best Top Loader Washing Machines in NZ

There are so many options available in the market to choose from but selecting the finest top-loading washing machine can be a difficult job. 

Over the past few years, technology has become more advanced and benefits overall performance and efficiency. The basic feature of the normal washing machine is to clean dirty clothes but the reason for choosing top loader washing machines is because they are greatly affordable and useful. 

Some people prefer top loaders for some reason such as those who have mobility issues or who find bending difficult, so this can be a great option for them. People who are using top loaders feel loading and unloading are easier than front loaders. 

The other reason to choose a top loader is that it has more quick washing cycle times and you don’t need to bend down for adding clothes into the mid-cycle of washing. 

The top-loading washing machine models are now very popular among people. But still, there are many things you should consider before purchasing the right one for you. 

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What are the Benefits of Top Loader Washing Machine


1. Effortless loading and unloading

The top-loader washes your clothes with the lid on, so you can store and carry laundry without bending down and without hurting your back. 

The top-loader is perfect for people who can’t bend down easily. This allows you to place your laundry basket next to the machine so it’s easy when transferring clothes in and out of the washing cycle.


2. Faster washing cycles

This Top loader is more popular because of its quick wash cycles program and as short as 15 minutes. This is perfect if you have a lot of laundries to do in so little time. 

Top loaders are the perfect choice for those people who want to wash laundry in a short amount of time. They have shorter cycles than front loaders and can handle bulky loads, so if you’re washing a lot at once- go with top loading. 


3. Able to add clothes mid-cycle 

Top loading washing machines are super convenient for busy people. Starting a cycle can be interrupted with the lid open, so if you leave something in your pocket or forget to put out laundry before starting the wash it isn’t too difficult to pull back up and get everything situated inside again.

Some front loaders offer this convenience as well – but not all of them do because safety is important when dealing with such hot water temperatures.


How to Choose The Best Top Loader Washing Machine


What size do you require? 

A small-capacity 5kg washing machine is perfect for a household of one or two people. This 6kg-7.5kg drum size washing machine is enough for a family of four but the 8kg drum size is ideal for more than 4 people if you want to wash your king-size large linens. 


Does the size fit into my laundry room?

Generally, a Small machine’s dimensions are a width of around 52cm and a depth of 54cm. Before buying make sure you consider how much space is available in your laundry area. The 8kg washer is approximately 60cm wide and 68cm Depth. So better to measure the area where you plan to put the machine. 


Spin speed

High spin speeds are not available on all wash cycles. There’s a delicate cycle with lower spins, but if you want to get your clothes really dry, the faster spinning speed will be more efficient than low-speed washes that can’t completely shake out water from clothes and leave stuff feeling damp or wet.



Years ago, clothes were washed by hand. An agitator is the round column of plastic located in the middle of the drum. Today, clothes are typically cleaned with a washing machine that has an agitator to beat the dirt and stain from your garments. 

However, many people argue that when you use these machines it can stretch out or tangle up clothing so much during spinning cycles that their quality is diminished in comparison to if one was just laundered manually.

Some top loaders do away with the agitator, an essential component for cleaning clothes. 


The Best Top Loader Washing Machines NZ


1. Kogan Top Load Washing Machine

Kogan Load Washing Machine

Kogan Top Load Washing Machine is a great top load washing machine due to its innovative technologies and the abilities it gives its users. This Machine can dissolve detergent faster than traditional washing machines thanks to the unique detergent tray and features a convenient delay start function and memory function, letting the machine remember your program choice for next time (Normal, Cotton, Heavy Duty).

The Fuzzy logic checks how much dirt and grease is in the clothes to determine the best water level, wash, spin and rinse time for Normal and Heavy Duty programs, helping to reduce water consumption and wash times. The Kogan Top Load Washer also provides six intuitive wash programs with a large stainless steel drum that delivers tailored cleaning for every load size (7kg), ensuring a clean and hygienic wash each time.

Pros :  

  • Detergent dissolve tech
  • Memory function
  • Easy to use 
  • Large tub

Cons : 

  • Some washing cycles are longer


1. Samsung 5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine 

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

This  5.5kg kilo top loader from Samsung and with the affordable price tag, easy operation and compact design It’s no wonder why this washing machine connects to both cold and hot water.  The connections are located at the back of the machine so remember to add a few extra centimetres at the back when measuring your available space.

This top loader has six  washing cycles. The clear lid here lets you easily see your load throughout each stage of its cycle while the  control panel lets you operate the  machine and navigate through its six  different wash programs. This top loader  Filter collects all the particles, the lint, and fluff from your clothes. 

The tub clean feature can simply clean your drum and provide you bacteria free drum without using any detergent. The other feature is the diamond shaped drum which works gently on your clothes. 

Its dimensions are H 850 x W 540 x D 560mm. It has Double storm pulsator and durable and long lasting door. It has a spinning speed of 700 RPM.

Pros :

  • Durable and long lasting door
  • Dry clothes in less time with Air turbo drying system
  • tub cleaning function

Cons :

  • Doesn’t have a warm cycle
  • Delicates cycle not efficient  


2. Westinghouse 6kg Top Load Washing Machine 


The Westinghouse 6kg Top Load Washing Machine is the ultimate machine for those looking to wash their clothes with a high level of care. The gentle drum has thousands of holes that help water flow through faster so detergent dissolves quicker which improves effectiveness and ensures a deeper clean.

With a Westinghouse 6kg Top Load Washing Machine, you’ll never get your clothes dirty again. The sleek full-touch controls make it easy to wash at home without any fuss or mess. Simply work from left to right and set the specific settings for what type of washing needs done by holding down each button as desired. 

before moving on with one last swipe screen that allows you to select the preferred water temperature/spin speed among other options. To keep things clean after use, simply wipe down everything once finished loading up some new laundry. 

It has features that are perfect for any laundry need. You can wash your clothes in as little time as 20 minutes with the Quick Program, or keep them fresh and clean all week long using the daily 45-minute program.

It features a delay End Option so you can  Plan When Your  Wash will Finish. Its Gentle Drum and Delicates Wash Program gives your clothes more superior cleaning.  It also features the Reduce Wash Time Option if you do not want to wash your clothes longer. 

Pros :

  • Fast wash program
  • Easy to operate
  • Gentle drum

Cons : 

  • Flimsy little lint filter


3. Akai Top Loader Washing Machine 6 kg

3 2

The machine features a brilliant black panel that is tempered and has an amazing window to see what’s inside without opening the lid. It also includes white colouring with a unique design, which makes it even more beautiful.

Its soft curl drum gently moves your clothes along its surface while being gentle on them because of their small water exit holes – something we all need in this day and age and also preventing any snagging from happening due to its special water exit holes.

With its tempered glass window panel and unique white-coloured body, this machine will leave your clothes feeling clean.No matter what the load, it can handle the load with ease. This top-loader features six wash programs or you can customise it according to your need. 

 With a 6kg capacity and 8 water levels to select from, you can wash everything from delicate items to bulky bedding in one cycle. The 24-hour delay timer allows you to program your laundry for whenever suits you best while the child lock feature keeps little hands out of harm’s way. 

Pros :

  • Child safety lock
  • Simple design and easy to use

Cons :

  • Bit Noise
  • Not Energy efficient


4. Midea 7KG Top Loader Washing Machine 


Midea 7KG Top Load Washing Machine with 8 Programs, is a great option for a medium-size family and for your everyday washing. If you have a household of four or less and you’re looking for comfort and versatility in the laundry room  then this washing machine could be just what you’re looking for. 

 This top loader not only minimizes bending  when loading and unloading but the push  button controls just here will make operation easier and hassle-free. It features a host of special programmes for your convenience. Choose from 8 different wash programs for the perfect wash every time. A drum clean option will remove any limescale build up in the drum. 

This user manual top loader features 8 wash programmes  simply  choose 1 out of 8 wash programs, make any  adjustments using the function button and then press Start. There is also a delay function that lets you delay the  start of a wash by up to 24 hours. 

It has a soft-close transparent glass lid which is simple and easy to open and close. if an unbalanced load is detected, the machine will automatically adjust its own settings to compensate. It automatically shut off at the end  of a wash cycle.

This top loader is  easy  to install as there are handles located to the sides of the machine and all four feet are adjustable. It features a child safety lock that prevents little hands from tampering with settings. 

Pros :

  • Child safety lock
  • Easy to operate
  • drum clean option

Cons :

  • Not good design.


5. Tuscany 7kg Top Loader Washing Machine 


Tuscany 7kg Top Loader Washing Machine

The Tuscany 7kg Top Loader Washing Machine is the perfect appliance for busy couples and families. It has a glass lid which makes it easy to check on your laundry load, as well as an LED screen that displays how much time remains before you can switch over to dry mode.

This washing machine also features a delay start function so you don’t have to worry about rushing back home after work just in order to get those clothes clean. It features 8 programmes to select for  different loads and also has pulsating wash action but no agitator.  

The design of this top-loading washer  includes the ability for homeowners with kids or pets who would love nothing more than dirtying up their clothes beyond recognition. It is  equipped with some nice added bonuses such as  its handy glass lids enabling users  to open and close the lid or you can check the status of your washing. 

This Tuscany top load washing machine is the perfect laundry companion.  It smartly features a The I-Clean drum program to keep your washing machine running smoothly . The many wash programs, such as Delicates and a 15-minute quick cycle, make it easy to care for all of your loads with efficiency and precision. The balance detecting feature can alert you if the machine needs any adjustment on an uneven floor. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Soft-close lid
  • Value of Money


  • Not well Known Brand


6. Panasonic 8.5KG Top Loader Washer 


This stylish Panasonic  8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine can make your laundry time less than an hour. You do not need to worry about water spilling over the machine or clothes being unevenly soaked again.

Panasonic Top Load Washing Machines are a brand new, innovative line of washing machines that come with many handy features such as their top-loading design for easy loading and unloading. It  features a water pulsator that can help you scrub your clothes and remove tough stains. The dimensions are H 1069 x W 600 x D 674mm. 

The orange LED display panel which makes it simple to read while maintaining energy efficiency; extra large capacity so you don’t run out of space mid-way  through a load.  This top loader has a complete  finish with stainless steel drum interior for durability.

This new stain master is an all-inclusive machine that can wash clothes, spin them dry, and even detect  and automatically shut off when load is  done. The 8 wing design of the Active Wave Pulsator creates a powerful vertical water flow for washing with a scrubbing effect to remove tough stains effectively from your clothing without damaging fabric or shrinking it excessively.

Pros :

  • Modern control panel design
  • Fast cleaning and drying clothes
  • Tub Care

Cons :

  • Bit Expensive