Top 3 Best UE Boom review in NZ

Ultimate Ears is a brand that has been around since 2005, with their first product being the UE Boom Bluetooth speaker. However, they’ve expanded into many other areas in recent years and released products like earbuds for active lifestyles as well as Ultimate Ears branded custom-tuned headphones.

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Their speakers are great because of how portable they are. You can bring them anywhere from your next workout to camping trips or road trips. Ultimate Ears app allows users some sound customization options like graphic EQs which can be very useful if music isn’t playing at certain times but still need noise cancellation headphones.

It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes without any damage. The UE Boom is also dustproof and shockproof. This makes the UE Boom perfect for taking along on excursions like bike rides or hikes.

One amazing feature that UE Boom offers is its 360-degree sound field, which means you can hear the music playing from anywhere around the speaker. The only downside is  there’s no voice assistant support nor Wi-Fi compatibility on most models.

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Best Ultimate Ears Speakers to buy


1. Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom 3

UE Megaboom 3 is a cylindrical design speaker, which is portable and waterproof. It’s the best portable Ultimate Ears speaker with 360-degree sound, making it the perfect companion for pool parties or beach gatherings. It has wireless range of 100 feet (that’s 30 meters), it’s perfect for pool parties or beach days, tailgating or camping trips.

It also offers a 17-hour battery life for all-day music and up to 50% louder volume than the original UE Megaboom so you can crank it up wherever you go. This speaker comes with an app that lets you control the volume of each individual device as well as change tracks, playlists and adjust other settings from your phone. 

With its IPX7 waterproof rating, the UE Megaboom 3 can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes without any issues. 

It also has no voice assistant compatibility, which may be disappointing for some people who like to use the Google Home or Amazon Echo devices. The lack of Wi-Fi connectivity means that you can’t stream audio over AirPlay or Chromecast either; however, this may not matter if all your content will come from Bluetooth streaming on your phone anyway. 


2. Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom 2 

Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom 2

This colourful Bluetooth model has a small and lightweight design, and it comes with a carrying strap, making it easily portable. It’s an incredibly well-built option that comes with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance

This speaker packs an incredible punch for its size, with 360 degrees sound to fill any room or outdoor festival space. It is a long-lasting wireless speaker that can be taken with you on the go without feeling weighed down by charging. With its 12-hour battery life, it offers quality sound in both mid-range and treble ranges so vocals are clear as well as lead instruments.

UE Wonderboom lacks certain qualities found commonly on other small Bluetooth devices such as low-bass or sound adjustment options but does have the benefits of being lightweight with an affordable price point.


3. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is an outdoor speaker that can be used in most weather conditions. This well-built, dust and water resistant model has a sleek design perfect for taking anywhere you want to go.

It is the most advanced and feature-packed speaker. Boasting a fabric design, a portable Bluetooth speaker with immersive 360° sound with deep and accurate bass, it delivers an unmatched listening experience wherever you go.

It’s waterproof and floats so you can blast your tunes poolside or at the beach. Use the UE Boom app to control your music and pair two speakers together for Stereo Mode. The UE Boom 3 features a 14-hour rechargeable battery so it keeps going strong all day long. 

It may not be the best for bass-heavy music, but offers up a distinctive blend of high-quality audio and durability without breaking the bank. It also doesn’t have a voice assistant, but the sound quality is so good that it might not matter. 



Ultimate Ears offers a variety of speakers for outdoor use. They are well-built and very durable but lack voice assistant support. These Bluetooth speakers usually have wide sound stages with great highs, which may also mean they’re lacking bass tones to balance out the speaker’s spectrum without having to customize their profile through the Ultimate Ears app.