The 10 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts in NZ

When it comes to picking out the perfect wedding anniversary gift, it can be tough to know where to start. After all, you want to find something that is unique and memorable, while also showing how much you care about your spouse.

Luckily, we are here to help. In this blog, we will explore some of the best possible gift ideas for anniversaries of all kinds. Whether you are looking for something traditional or a little more creative, we have you covered. So read on and find the perfect present for your loved one.


How to choose the Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

When it comes to choosing the best wedding anniversary gifts, it can be tricky. You want to make sure that you get your spouse something they will love, but you are also memorable. Here are a few tips for choosing the best wedding anniversary gifts:

As with any event, it’s important to choose a gift that is meaningful and thoughtful in order to make an impression on your special someone. For an anniversary present idea, however, consider choosing something that has sentimental value – something that has meant a lot to both you and your spouse throughout the years may just make the perfect anniversary gift.

Consider the gift basket. There is a reason why it is such a popular gift idea – gift baskets are often fun and unique while also filled with useful gifts and treats. If you know your spouse’s favourite treats or candies, this may be the perfect anniversary present, as it can include many of their favourites all in one neat package.

You may also want to consider some other types of gift baskets as well, especially if your spouse has specific hobbies or interests that they enjoy during their free time. For example, if you know your spouse loves to cook and bake, you may want to consider a colourful assortment of ingredients and cookbooks. This way, you can ensure that they are provided with several items that they will enjoy and appreciate.

Consider some of her favourite accessories like a watch. If you are looking for something a little more modern, you may want to consider finding some stylish accessories for your loved one. Smartwatches and activity trackers are a great way to not only make your wife feel special but also to provide the gift of added health and fitness.

Consider some Perfume. There is a number of different types of perfumes available for purchase, so it definitely worth considering a key fragrance for your wife. A popular scent such as “Love” is a great way to show that you have made the effort to find something special for them.

For those looking for a more traditional, yet still unique anniversary present idea, consider the gift of art. This is a very thoughtful and personal type of gift that will surely be treasured forever by your spouse.


The Best wedding anniversary gifts for Her 


1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dreamwedding anniversary gifts

A Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream fragrance is the perfect way to remind your partner every day that they are important to you. It is a romantic, tempting perfume that will make them fall in love with you over and over again. 

A gift speaks louder than words. A Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume is not just a meaningful present; it’s the perfect way to show your love on your wedding anniversary or any other day of the year.


2. Georg Jensen Hearts Of Georg Pendant Necklace

Georg Jensen Hearts Of Georg Pendant Necklace

This delicate necklace features a minimalist yet romantic motif that’s sure to warm any heart for many years to come with its timeless Scandinavian designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. It also makes for the perfect gift for your wife on her wedding anniversary. 


3. Michael Kors Bedford Medium Pocket Tote Bag

Michael Kors Bedford Medium Pocket Tote Bag

This is a great wedding anniversary gifts for your wife or even just as a holiday present. The design of the bag not only looks exceptionally stylish and high end but is also perfect for travelling or the office. It’s spacious enough to hold all the essentials to look after your daily life, from your work documents and lunch to your iPad and cosmetic bag.


4. Pretty Pastel Roses GiftRoses Gift

The Present is a great gift for your wife because it includes an exclusive Veuve du Vernay Ice Rosé, House of Chocolate Raspberry, Hazelnut and Cacao White Chocolate Bar. Surely your wife will be super surprised that you know how to throw a great gift.


5. Make Her Blush


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The Make Her Blush is a great wedding gift for the woman in your life. This gift is perfect for those who are looking to express their love and appreciation to their significant other. It includes  Chocolate, cookie, beverage, bath salts and a pink rose gold make-up bag. There is enough variety to ensure that any chocolate lover will fall in love with this gift.


6. Cote Noire Gift SetCote Noire Gift Set

The Côte Noire” Gift Set is an excellent choice for a wedding gift for your wife because it contains a Diffuser, Perfumed Flower, Natural Wax candles, and 2 Perfume Sprays. The “Côte Noire” Gift Set comes in a beautiful package. Surely your wife will miss you when she uses those perfumes to make your wife feel in love with you again.


7. Red Roses Gift Box

Roses Gift Box

Red roses are an excellent gift to give your wife on the day of the wedding anniversary. A present that is both elegant and beautiful that she will adore. The roses are fresh and shining, bringing colour and life to any room they’re in. They also bring a sense of tranquillity, making it a perfect gift for the occasion

The Lindauer Sauvignon Blanc compliments the roses well, giving it a nice crisp touch between such sweet flowers. Drinking this wine will take your wife back to all those times you’ve shared together in happy moments with laughter and love vibes around you.”


8. Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch 

Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2  is a unique wedding anniversary gift for your wife because it will help her to track her weight and work out. The watch also has smart features that she can use stand-alone or with the phone. It is designed with excellent functionality and design, which will make her very happy.


9. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch

There are many reasons for the Galaxy Watch’s capability to be a great wedding anniversary gift for you and your wife. First, it is sleek and seamless because it blends with the look of a traditional watch. It also has an iconic design that only looks better with time. On top of this, is its ability to track your health data like calories burned during workouts and heart rate data. This can help you keep track of your progress through healthy activity and also manage some complex ailments like diabetes on the go.


10. Apple Watch Apple Watch S5

Apple Watch Series 5  is a modern gift to give your wife because it has a lot of new features that are really useful. This watch can track her heart rate and workouts, so it is good for your wife if she is interested in fitness. It also has a built-in GPS receiver that tells her the time and location of your run or walks. It helps her stay in touch with family or friends when she is on the go. With Apple Watch Series 5 GPS+LTE, she doesn’t have to worry about missing an important phone call because it supports cellular connectivity.