The 5 Best 4k Projectors in NZ

You are probably aware that 4K or UHD, or just plain HD, is the next big thing in TV graphics. In fact, the latest TVs have 4K resolution, but a 4K projector is a bigger deal. You get the best of both worlds in this situation because today’s TVs are as good, if not better than the good old days. Plus, they are taking up a lot of space, so a 4K projector is perfect.

The best 4K projector is the perfect piece of tech for those who want to enjoy the ultimate home theatre experience. With a 4K projector, you can view 4 times the number of pixels that currently are available on most TVs. This means awesome images, better imaging, and incredible clarity.

There are many models of 4K projectors on the market, but some of the top ones could even provide a larger image than most bigger TV. In most cases, a 100-inch image is a norm, but higher-end models can project up to 200 inches – or as small as 50 inches.

In this blog post, you will find the best 4K projectors on the market. These devices are all easy to use, and they can provide you with a great visual experience. And, by reading this post, you will find out how to pick the best 4K projector that is right for you.

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How to choose the Best 4K Projector for you

Before you make any choice, you should determine what your needs are. There are many 4K projectors on the market, but they all have their own features. For example, some of them can be mounted on a wall, while others are more portable. Others come with wireless connectivity, while others do not have this feature at all.

These considerations will help you pick the best 4K projector NZ. You should look over various models and see which one is the best for your needs. Here is how to find the best 4K projector for you.


Do you need HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. When you are looking for a 4K projector, it is vital to see whether or not this feature is present.

What HDR does is allow the projector to have a wider dynamic range in the colours it can display. The result is a much more realistic image than what you would get with a non-HDR projector. Even if you won’t notice the difference at first, after some time, you will see how much better the images look with an HDR projector.

In some situations, HDR is more important than 4K resolution. For example, if you just want to watch a movie or a TV show, you don’t really need the higher resolution. However, if you are going to play video games on your projector, then an HDR projector is essential to have the most immersive experience possible on your device.


How bright is bright enough?

The brightest 4K projector is about 10 times brighter than the average TV. If you go for a brighter model, you will get sharper images and a better overall experience. However, this will increase the cost of your unit.

You should find a balance between the number of lumens and your budget. The best 4K projectors are bright enough to be used in most rooms without any issues. 

A projector rated at 500 ANSI lumens can yield a screen size of up to 80 inches. Conversely, a projector that is rated at 3000 ANSI lumens may have a screen size of up to 200 inches.


What is your primary usage?

If you want to use your 4K projector for gaming, you should know that some models can offer lag times below 30 milliseconds. This means that using the right model will give you an advantage in the gaming world. In fact, you should look for projectors with less than 30 milliseconds of lag time.


What’s the difference between DLP and LCD projectors?

DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) are two of the most popular types of projectors. The main difference between these two is in how they display images. DLP uses small mirrors to reflect light that creates an image, while LCD projectors use thin panels to project the image directly.

DLP projectors are compact and lightweight, which makes them a great choice for portable devices. They are perfect for those who don’t want a bulky projector. On top of that, they have excellent contrast and colour saturation.

LCD projectors are great for home theatres because they provide amazing image quality and brightness. LCD projectors can create more realistic images than most DLP projectors, but they may be expensive in some cases.


What other features need to be considered?

The following are some of the most important things you should consider:

Lamp life: This is one of the most important considerations you must make. You need to see how long the lamp can last before it will need to be replaced or serviced. Some brands offer lamps that can last for about 5000 hours, while others might have lamps that can last for as much as 80000 hours. The higher the number of hours a lamp lasts, the better it is.

Connectivity: If you are going with a projector, you should look for devices that come with a variety of connectivity options. This includes the ability to connect with your computer, gaming console and other media devices. You should consider getting a projector that comes with HDMI connectivity, component video in and out, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and networking.

Noise: You should always consider how loud the projector will be while it is on. Some models might produce a lot of noise while in use. Others are much quieter, so you should see how quiet the model is before you buy.

Streaming features: Some 4K projectors come with streaming options, which can be integrated into their user interface. These streaming options include YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

Ease of use: A projector that is easy to set up and use will be one of the most practical choices you have. You should choose one that is easy to control and operate, while also being user-friendly.

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The Best 4k Projectors NZ


1. BenQ W1700M Home Cinema Projector 4k projector

The BenQ W1700M Home Cinema Projector is a true 4K UHD projector with 8.3 million pixels, which makes it possible to display the picture and sound beautifully. It has HDR technology, which produces amazing colours that are accurate-to-real life. With its great calibration accuracy and cinema wide 100% Rec.709 colours, images will be reproduced exactly as they were intended by the director – in sharp colours and brilliant images with natural vibrancy and depth. This projector’s focal point is on deep bass resonance due to its narrow aluminium driver diaphragm; for ultimate movie-watching delight without distortion of audio quality or image detail.


2. BenQ TK800M 4K HDR Home Projector Entertainment Projector

The BenQ TK800 is a 4K HDR home entertainment projector that delivers stunning 4K HDR images with a perfect 8.3 million pixel count, true colours, and a cinema-like sound. With a simple lifestyle design for easy installation and convenience, the BenQ TK800 has been created to offer a vivid entertainment experience every time you watch. In addition, the projector’s various modes such as Football Mode and Sport Mode will provide the perfect entertainment experience tailored towards your sports and passion.


3. Xiaomi Mi 4K Laser Projector Laser Projector

This projector is the perfect device for giving presentations at up to 100”. With a native contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens and a 4K resolution, the projector delivers an impressive 3000×1600 pixel image for high-end entertainment and a sharper image for business presentations. With a lens designed for an ultra-short throw, the projector also has a 100” anti-glare screen for vivid colour reproduction and a graphic equalizer to optimize sound systems.


4. XGIMI Aura Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector 4K Ultra HD Projector

GIMI Aura Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector is the latest and most versatile projector that you can use anywhere in your house. With a resolution of 4K, it is the perfect projector for your family to watch movies or even play video games on. With a 2400 ANSI lumens brightness, it is guaranteed to give you a bright, clear and crisp image. The speciality of this projector is that it has a DLP display, which gives it 4K and HDR10+ technology. With a MEMC chip, it is able to produce a 16:9 image that is crisp and sharp.


5. XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Home Theatre ProjectorMovie Projector

The XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Home Theatre Movie Projector is designed for home entertainment, multimedia entertainment and the most demanding business. It is the most advanced screen adaptation technology and has a sleek design and flexible projection distance. It also comes with intelligent imaging features and hi-fi sound. The projector has a high resolution of 4K and a maximum supported resolution of 4096×2160 at 60Hz. It also has a high brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens.