The 5 Best Cat GPS Trackers For Your Cat

Cats are notorious for getting lost. Whether they escape through an open window or run away while you’re out, it can be a difficult process to find them. However, with these GPS trackers for cats, you have the opportunity to know where your cat is at all times.

Having the best cat GPS tracker for cats allows you to keep tabs on your cat. In addition, it serves as a tool that can teach your cat how to be more responsible by detecting where he is going when he’s not supposed to be somewhere.

These GPS trackers come in all different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that works best for your needs. Some even allow you to program locations into the device so you don’t lose track of your kitty in your own backyard. Whether they get out or decide to go on a walkabout themselves, these devices will give you peace of mind and keep your cat safe.

This blog post will take a close-up look at some of the best cat GPS trackers available on the market today and give you everything you need to know before purchasing one for your feline friend.

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How to choose the Best Cat GPS Tracker 

Before purchasing the best Cat GPS tracker for cats, be sure to consider the following:

Tracking Accuracy: GPS cat trackers will vary in terms of how accurate they are. The better ones are more likely to provide you with a more precise location for your cat and can track them from farther distances.

Size: The size of the device is a big factor in deciding if it will be appropriate for your cat to wear on her collar. Those with larger collars might struggle to wear them.

Intuitive apps: As with all GPS tracking devices, you will want to consider the user interface of the GPS app. This is what you will use to control the device and find your cat. You’ll want an easy-to-use and straightforward app that doesn’t require much effort to operate.

Water-resistant: Some GPS trackers for cats are waterproof, and this is a great feature to have. This will ensure that the device is usable in any situation and that the chances of your cat getting wet are minimized.

Tracking distance: A lot of cat trackers will be able to locate your cat within a 50-mile radius of the device. This can vary, however, and you should check the maximum range for the device you are interested in before purchasing.

Subscription: Some cat GPS trackers for cats are available as a subscription service. You will be required to pay a monthly fee in order to gain access to location services and notifications.

Battery life: You’ll need to consider how long the battery lasts before you need to charge it. Some cats are known to chew through batteries in a matter of minutes, so you might want to opt for one that comes with a rechargeable battery.


The Best Cat GPS Trackers NZ 


1. Petrek 3G GPS Pet TrackerCat GPS Tracker

The Petrek 3G GPS pet tracker is the most advanced, reliable and versatile pet locator on the market. With IP67 water splashproof certification, this device will never be affected by rain. It also has a heat spot tracker and geofence alerts which only works on Android devices. 

The Petrek 3G GPS pet tracker comes with Vodafone Sim and it can update its location every 5 seconds in standby mode. In Urgent mode, the device will update every 30 seconds to give detailed live tracking of your pet’s position. It is designed to be used with a wide variety of collars and harnesses, as well as pet tags built into the collar itself.


2. Z8 –  Tracker GPS Cat CollarPet Tracker

The pet tracker is great due to its compact and lightweight design. It allows your pet to do everything freely and will not cause any burden to them. Z8 Pet Tracker GPS can locate your pet anywhere, and it can be seen on the phone. The Z8 Pet Tracker GPS also has a fence function that alerts you when they are going out of the area.  It has 15 hours of standby time, it is a really long time to keep track of your pet. This Tracker GPS features remote listening, a callback function, a water-resistant design, and 2 location modes. You can set these up on the app easily.


3. GPS Tracking Cat Collar GPS Tracker

With the GSM 2G GPS Tracking Cat Collar, you can enjoy unlimited freedom of movement with your pet. The smart geo-fencing allows the collar to automatically adjust to the radius of the area you want to fence in. This collar will provide you with real-time tracking of your pet’s position via the GSM 2G GPS positioning. The adjustable buckle allows you to adjust the length of the collar to fit your cat’s needs.


4. PET GPS Tracker System For CatsGPS Tracker System

This best cat GPS Tracker is a compact and lightweight GPS Tracker System for Cats. This cat tracker system is designed to be fully integrated with your smartphones or tablets and is compatible with every GPS-enabled device. The Geo-fence alerts you when your pet enters and leaves your designated area and the location of your pet is constantly updated on the Smart Cat app. This tracker is also equipped with a health pedometer that helps you keep track of your pet’s exercise. This device also has an SOS call button and two-way communication with your pet. 


5. GPS Tracker Geofence dog Finder

This is the perfect cat collar to give your cat the freedom they deserve. This collar features a  GPS tracker, voice monitor and free app to be able to track your cat’s location and movements. The collar is waterproof and has an Overspeed alarm to prevent damage to your pet. The collar is designed to be used with a 2G GSM network and will be the perfect tool to help you keep your pet safe and sound.



Can I GPS track my cat?

Of course, you can! There are many GPS trackers geared toward tracking your cat. However, most of these are fitted to the cat’s collar and can only be used on animals that have collars. This is because the device needs to be secured on the animal’s body and placed near the collar for optimal performance. In addition, all of these devices require a SIM card in order for them to work.


What is the best way to track a cat?

The best way to track your cat is with a GPS tracker. It will be able to give you an exact location every time he leaves and enters the house, and you can even keep tabs on him when he goes for walks.


How much does it cost to get a cat tracker?

The best cat GPS trackers can cost up to $250, but there are also less expensive options. These are generally less accurate and might have lower quality so you need to decide whether that is worth it for your needs.