The 5 Best Cat GPS Trackers For Your Cat

As cat owners, we all want to ensure the safety and well-being of our beloved feline companions. While cats are known for their independence and roaming nature, there are times when we may worry about their whereabouts, especially if they like to explore the great outdoors.

Fortunately, with advances in technology, we now have cat GPS trackers that can provide us with peace of mind by helping us keep track of our cats’ movements.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best cat GPS trackers available on the market, highlighting their features and benefits to help you choose the perfect tracker for your curious kitty.


How to Choose the Best Cat GPS Tracker 

Choosing the best GPS tracker for your cat is an important decision if you want to keep tabs on your furry friend’s whereabouts. When doing so, it is crucial to consider several factors including the technology used, size and weight of the device, tracking capabilities, range, battery life, cost, and any additional features that may be beneficial. Here’s an indepth look at each of these aspects:



GPS Accuracy: Most cat GPS trackers use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Look for devices that offer high accuracy (usually within 510 meters) to ensure you can pinpoint your cat’s location effectively.

Connectivity: Some trackers use cellular networks to transmit the GPS location to your smartphone, while others use radio frequency or Bluetooth. Cellular trackers generally offer the ability to track your cat almost anywhere there is cell service, but they may come with a monthly subscription fee. Radiofrequency trackers often have no ongoing fees but have a more limited range.


Size and Weight:

A tracker should be small and lightweight enough that it doesn’t hinder your cat’s movement or cause discomfort. Typically, a device suitable for cats should weigh less than 50 grams.


Tracking Capabilities and Range:

RealTime Tracking: A good tracker will offer real-time location tracking so you can see your cat’s movements as they happen.

Safe Zones: Some trackers offer the ability to set up virtual boundaries or safe zones. If your cat leaves these areas, you’ll be alerted.

Range: Consider the range in which the tracker operates. Cellular trackers may work nationwide or even worldwide (depending on the network), while RF trackers are usually limited to a few miles or less.


Battery Life:

The battery life of a GPS tracker can vary widely. Some devices must be charged every few days, while others can last several weeks or even months on a single charge. Picking a device with a long battery life reduces the chances of the tracker dying while your cat is out on an adventure.


Durability and Water Resistance:

Cats often find themselves in tight spots or rough play. A durable tracker will survive the rigors of a cat’s lifestyle, and water resistance is vital for those rainy-day adventures or mishaps near water.


Additional Features:

Activity Monitoring: Some trackers also include activity monitoring to give you information about your cat’s fitness and health.

Light and Sound Features: These can be useful for finding your cat if they are hiding nearby.

App Integration: A user-friendly app is important for easily accessing the tracker’s features and locating your cat quickly.

Compatibility: Make sure the tracker’s app is compatible with your smartphone, whether that’s iOS, Android, or another platform.

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The Best Cat GPS Trackers NZ 


1. Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker

Cat GPS Tracker

The Petrek 3G GPS pet tracker stands out for its advanced and reliable location-tracking capabilities. Designed to withstand the elements, its IP67 water splashproof certification ensures performance won’t be hindered by inclement weather. Its standout feature, a heat spot tracker, provides an extra layer of safety for your pet.

Geofence alerts add a layer of security for Android users, notifying them if their pet strays from designated safe zones. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is currently limited to Android devices, which may be a consideration for some pet owners.

Enhanced with a Vodafone Sim, the Petrek 3G GPS pet tracker offers exceptional update frequency, boasting every 5 seconds in standby and every 30 seconds in Urgent mode for live tracking. Its flexible design accommodates various collars and harnesses, ensuring compatibility with your pet’s existing gear.


2. Z8 –  Tracker GPS Cat Collar

Pet Tracker

The Z8 Pet Tracker GPS boasts a compact and lightweight design, ensuring that your furry companion can frolic freely without being weighed down. This pet tracker’s non-invasive profile guarantees unencumbered play and exploration for your pet.

Equipped with precise location tracking that’s viewable on your phone, the Z8 keeps you connected to your pet’s whereabouts. The added geofence functionality is especially useful, providing immediate alerts if your pet wanders outside a predefined area, thus enhancing their safety.

The device’s robust 15-hour standby time is notable, offering extended periods of monitoring. Besides location tracking, the Z8 Pet Tracker GPS comes with remote listening and a callback function, alongside water-resistant construction for durability. With two distinct location modes and user-friendly app setup, this tracker provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for pet safety.


3. GPS Tracking Cat Collar GPS Tracker

The GSM 2G GPS Tracking Cat Collar empowers pet owners with the assurance of knowing their feline’s location at all times. The innovative smart geo-fencing feature adapts to your specified boundaries, making it simpler to monitor your pet’s movements within a designated area.

With the integration of GSM 2G GPS positioning, this collar delivers real-time tracking, keeping you informed of your cat’s whereabouts through immediate location updates. This technology bridges the gap between you and your pet, providing peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Designed with both pet comfort and owner convenience in mind, the collar comes with an adjustable buckle for a custom fit. This ensures that your cat remains comfortable, whether they’re lounging at home or adventuring outdoors.


4. PET GPS Tracker System For Cats

GPS Tracker System

This GPS Tracker offers a seamless blend of functionality and convenience for feline owners. With its compact design, the tracker won’t hinder your cat’s movements, effectively becoming a part of their daily routine without adding noticeable weight or bulk.

Integration with smartphones or tablets means that tracking is at your fingertips on any GPS-enabled device. Stay informed with Geo-fence alerts through the Smart Cat app, informing you when your pet enters or leaves a predefined area, while offering continuous location updates to keep you connected to your furry friend.

Health-conscious owners will appreciate the built-in pedometer, an excellent tool for monitoring your cat’s daily exercise and overall well-being. Additional features such as an SOS button and two-way communication enhance the safety aspects of this tracker, providing an extra layer of reassurance that your pet is always within reach.


5. GPS Tracker Geofence

dog Finder

This cat collar is the epitome of freedom and safety for your adventurous kitty. Equipped with a GPS tracker, it offers not just location tracking but also a voice monitor feature, heightening the sense of security about your pet’s surroundings. All of these functionalities are easily accessible through a free, user-friendly app, allowing you to stay connected with your cat’s adventures in real-time.

Durability meets functionality as the collar is waterproof, ensuring that it withstands any playful encounters with water your cat may have. The Overspeed alarm is a unique addition that alerts you if your pet is moving too quickly, potentially preventing accidents or dangerous situations.

Designed to operate with a 2G GSM network, this collar is a fusion of modern technology and practical design, promising to be an indispensable asset in maintaining the safety and happiness of your pet. Whether your cat is a homebody or a wanderer, this collar offers the perfect balance of independence and security.



Can I GPS track my cat?

There are various GPS trackers available on the market specifically designed for monitoring your cat. Generally, these devices are designed to attach to a collar and function best when securely positioned near the cat’s neck. For operational purposes, they typically require a SIM card, which enables the device to transmit location data effectively.


What is the best way to track a cat?

The best way to track a cat is to use a lightweight, waterproof GPS tracker specifically designed for pets. It should offer real-time tracking, a safe zone feature, and a durable design suitable for a cat’s lifestyle.


How much does it cost to get a cat tracker?

The cost of a cat tracker can vary widely. Basic models start around $50, with more advanced options costing up to $200 or more. Additionally, some GPS trackers require a monthly subscription fee ranging from $5 to $10 for cellular network access.