5 Best Garment Steamer in New Zealand

Are you looking for the best Garment steamer to make your clothes fresher and wrinkle-free? Here we have made a list of the best garment steamers.  

A garment steamer is a great option over the traditional steam iron because it removes wrinkles and refreshes the clothes. These garment steamers are very gentle on soft and delicate garments like silk clothes, embroidery clothes or sequined fabrics, jackets, skirts and all other fabrics which are hard to iron. 

Garment steamers are great for travelling as it is portable and you can easily fit them into your luggage. You can use this steamer to de-crease your clothes on the hanger. It is also comfortable to use them to tidy up a household item like pillow covers, cushion covers, bed sheets on curtains and more. 

Garment steamers sanitise your garments as steam kills 99% of bacteria and removes the foul smell and keeps the life of clothes longer. Garment steamed are of two types – portable small steamer and large vertical model steamer,  but both have the same method to use them. The large model steamer is big because it has a built-in garment hanger and a large water tank so you can steam your clothes for a longer time. 

When you use both steamers use one hand to hold the cloth and the other hand to hold the steamer. Here we have a list of the best steamers for you available in the NZ market.  

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The best Garment Steamers you can buy right now


1. Philips ProTouch Garment SteamerGarment steamer

The new Philips ProTouch  GC625-20 Garment Steamer is great for quick ironing. It is an amazing garment steamer For all ironable fabrics. It has a maintenance-free engine with no descaling needed.  

This garment steamer features a very powerful steam performance and does not leave any wet spots. This garment steamer gives you great results effortlessly.

This Philips garment steamer has an Optimal TEMP heated plate and has 3 easy steam selection settings on the handle. This garment steamer is safe and causes no burns with continuous steam. It has dual heating technology.

This garment steamer has a pressure bar Max of 6 bar pump, its water tank capacity is 2000 ml. 

Pros:  This garment steamer is safe to use. It has wheels and is easy to carry and has a detachable water tank. It has auto shut off to avoid overheating and has gloves for extra protection. Simple to use and cordless. 

Cons: It is expensive and heavy to carry. 



2. Conair: Professional Garment Steamer

Conair Garment Steamer

This Conair Garment steamer is a great choice among the people. This steam iron comes with a wide range of streaming solutions and is designed to iron your clothes smoothly and make your clothes wrinkles free and neat. 

It is easy to use every day and has a large detachable water tank for steam. It gives your clothes a quick touch up and is great for your delicate clothes.  This garment steamer has large steam for faster streaming.

Pros: It has a 360-degree rotating hanger that can hold your clothes and adjustable dup pant clips.

Cons: It has only two settings.


3. Philips GC362 Steam & Go Plus Handheld Travel Iron Clothes

Garment steamer

This Philips Steam & Go Plus Handheld Garment Steamer is great for convenient ironing and has a smart Flow heated plate. This garment steamer can be used vertically or horizontally on difficult-to iron areas. 

This fabric steamer has a compact design which makes it easy to use anytime anywhere. It has a water tank that has a capacity of  70 ml and can do continuous steaming for a longer time. 

It is very lightweight and easy to hold and has continuous steam automatically and removes wrinkles easily. Cloth Brush accessory for thicker fabrics.

Pros: It is easy to use and safe on all ironable fabrics. It comes with a heat-resistant bag for easy storage.  It refreshes clothes without washing or dry cleaning. It has a longer cord and no need for an iron board. Refreshes clothes and kills smells and bacteria. 

Cons:  Cord is not enough long


4. Sheffield Garment SteamerGarment steamer

This Sheffield Garment Steamer is a lightweight and a value money appliance.  It is very convenient to use and easy to hold the steam head. 

In this garment steamer, the hot steam goes deeply into the clothes and removes wrinkles nicely. Then the basic iron. It is simple to use on curtains, household fabrics and also in other heavy fabrics. You can use this steamer for your delicate clothes and all types of fabric and also gives a refreshing touch. 

It has height adjustable poles and a built-in hanger. This awesome iron steamer can do continuous steaming for up to 40 minutes. 

Pros: It is a very effective and reliable steamer.  It has On/Off switches and wheels for moving anywhere. It has an Anti-drip system and has the capacity to kill bacteria and unpleasant odour on clothes. 

Cons: Hose is just 1.5 meters long 


5. Sunbeam Power Shot Handheld Garment Steamer

Sunbeam Power Garment Steamer

This Sunbeam Power Shot Handheld Garment Steamer is 120watts and very effective and an idol steamer for your everyday use. It has a powerful shot of steam for quick results. It has a 240mL water tank capacity. 

Use the powerful shot of the steam button to get rid of the toughest wrinkles. In addition, the steamer has continuous steam to quickly de-wrinkle. It has a fast heat-up time in seconds. In this fabric steamer, the accessories include  I2 accessories: Fibre Brush & Cloth brush. 

Pros:  it is the ideal solution for everyday clothes. Comes with a warranty. Safe to use and auto turned off once overheated. This garment steamer is ready to use. 

Cons: Power cord not enough long 

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