The 7 Best Garment Steamers in NZ

Are you looking for the best Garment steamer to make your clothes fresher and wrinkle-free? Here we have made a list of the best garment steamers.  

A garment steamer is a great option over the traditional steam iron because it removes wrinkles and refreshes the clothes. These garment steamers are very gentle on soft and delicate garments like silk clothes, embroidery clothes or sequined fabrics, jackets, skirts and all other fabrics which are hard to iron. 

Garment steamers are great for travelling as it is portable and you can easily fit them into your luggage. You can use this steamer to de-crease your clothes on the hanger. It is also comfortable to use them to tidy up household items like pillow covers, cushion covers, bed sheets on curtains and more. 

The best Garment steamers sanitise your garments as steam kills 99% of bacteria and removes the foul smell and keeps the life of clothes longer. Garment steamed are of two types – portable small steamer and large vertical model steamer,  but both have the same method to use them. The large model steamer is big because it has a built-in garment hanger and a large water tank so you can steam your clothes for a longer time. 

In this blog, we will be discussing all the features of Garment Steamers, and popular models and help you choose the best Garment Steamer for your needs.

Best Steam Iron in NZ


How to choose the Best Garment steamer for you

There are various things you should consider while buying a garment steamer.

Water Tank Capacity: The capacity of the water tank is a major concern. It should be sufficient to steam your clothes for at least 10 minutes. If you plan on using your garments steamer for one-off occasions, then a tank capacity of less than 1.5L will suffice. If you plan on using it regularly, then it’s better to go for a steamer that has a better capacity. 

Temperature Control: The temperature control of the garment steamer is an important feature as well. If your clothes are delicate, then you should go for models that have adjustable temperature controls.

Heat-up Time: If you like to wear freshly steamed clothes, then you will need a garment steamer that heats up quickly to steam your clothes. A fast-heating model steams your clothes in minutes while the slow-heating models may take 10-15 minutes to get hot enough.

Safety Features: Every model has some safety features. If your steamer has an auto shut-off feature, then you do not need to worry about the safety of your garments when you are not around. However, if there is no auto shut-off feature available, it’s better to go for a model that shuts down automatically after a few minutes of inactivity which saves electricity and garment steamed.


Handheld vs Vertical Garment Steamer: 

Portable garment steamers have a smaller water container and hence, you can use them to steam your clothes on the go. These are of two types – Handheld and Vertical models.

Handheld Garment Steamer is the most common type and has a small nozzle. It heats quickly, takes less space and is light in weight. You can carry it anywhere you want as it is easy to move from one place to another.

Vertical models are larger in size as it has a built-in garment hanger. This steamer comes with a long hose, and a large water tank and heats quickly. It is used to steam your clothes at home.


The Best Garment Steamers NZ


1. Kogan Garment Steamer

Kogan Garment Steamer

Kogan Garment Steamer is the perfect way to keep your clothes and home looking cleaner and more presentable. The all-in-one garment steamer eliminates wrinkles and creases and can kill up to 99% of bacteria on fabrics. Simply fill the water tank, plug it in and start steaming away! The front-loading steamer with a telescopic pole is a built-in hanger and ironing curtain for easy access to your garments. The garment steamer has 9 fabric modes and a touch display. The garment steamer has a 1.35L water tank capacity.



2. Philips All-In-One Adjustable Steamer

Philips All-In-One Adjustable Clothing Garment

Philips All-in-one Adjustable Clothing Garment is designed for comfort and convenience. It has a powerful steam with a multi-angle board that allows you to adjust the board at maximum comfort and convenience. The garment is designed with dual heating technology which ensures you stay warm and comfortable. The powerful steam and the continuous steam deliver optimal performance. OptimalTEMP heated plate allows you to use the garment for a long time.


3. Sunbeam Portable Garment Steamer

Sunbeam Portable Garment Steamer NZ

The Sunbeam Portable Garment Steamer is a compact and lightweight garment steamer which operates on super-heated steam of up to 40 bars to deliver maximum results. It provides 5 steam settings so you can tailor your steaming experience to your needs. It has a detachable tank for easy filling and cleaning. The garment steamer features a rotating garment hanger and a standby auto-off function for added convenience. It heats up in 40 seconds and it is suitable for all fabrics.


4. Soga Garment Steamer Portable Cleaner 

Soga Garment Steamer Portable Cleaner

This amazing tool is not just a cleaner, but it also kills dust mites and protects your environment. It has a dual heat technology that is energy efficient, allowing you to save money on your energy bills. It has a 100-second heat-up time, so it is 3x faster with a 100-second heat-up time. It is equipped with a 360-degree rotating collapsible hanger that is telescopic, so you can easily adjust the height of the hanger to suit your needs.


5. Philips Comfort Touch Garment Steamer 

Philips Comfort Touch Garment Steamer 

This Philips Comfort Touch Garment Steamer is compact and lightweight. It is designed with a FlexHead and an extra-long StyleBoard, which allows you to remove wrinkles from your clothes. The fabric brush for deeper steam penetration on thick garments, and 5 steam settings for different types of fabric. The Hang&Lock keeps your hanger securely in place and automatically switches to standby mode for peace of mind.


6. Propress Mini Handheld Garment Steamer

Propress Mini Handheld Garment Steamer

The Propress Mini Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is a travel-friendly device which provides quick and easy garment wrinkles removal on the go. This handy device can be used on all types of fabrics and surfaces with no risk of scratching or marring, as the one-piece aluminium iron plate is non-stick coated. It comes with two steaming modes and a pump mechanism which makes it easy to use. The Propress Mini Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is a safe device with a thermofuse to prevent overheating.


7. Russell Hobbs Handheld Garments Steamer

Russell Hobbs Handheld Garments Steamer

Russell Hobbs Handheld Garments Steamer is a quick and easy way to keep your garments and linens fresh and clean. Steaming clothes kills up to 99.9% of bacteria while simultaneously removing wrinkles and odour. Additionally, the Russell Hobbs Handheld Garments Steamer heats up in just 45 seconds and offers continuous steam. This garment steamer comes with 5 reusable tabs so you can swap between each of the fragrance variants to find the perfect scent.


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