The 7 Best Cat Toys For Your Cat

As a cat owner, you know that your four-legged friend is always up for playing. You know that they love to play with toys, but sometimes you might find that your cat becomes bored with the regular toys. You want a toy that your cat will enjoy playing with for a long time, and it should be a toy that is safe to play with.

A cat toy is made to divert your cat’s attention and provide fun, enrichment and exercise. A cat toy is a real treat and helps your cat entertain itself, play with objects that are interesting to the feline species and develop a certain level of self-control. Toys that excite enough interest usually keep your cats entertained for long periods of time and help them burn off all the extra energy they have accumulated throughout their day.

In this blog, we are going to be discussing the best cat toys for your cat to enjoy. We will also discuss how to choose the right type and size of toy for your specific cat. Whether you need something to entertain your cat in between naps or to help keep your cat busy during the day, this article will help you find the perfect toy for your kitty.

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How to choose the Best Cat Toys for your pet

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best cat toys for your pet, such as:

Your Cat’s Personality and Interests – The first thing to think about is the personality and interests of your cat. There are certain toys that may appeal more to a certain type of cat. For example, if your cat prefers fishing-style toys, which are designed with a feather or string on the end. Or some cats prefer laser pointers or mice toys because they like chasing small creatures.

The Age of Your Cat – Just as children, pets do grow up and their interests change as they age. Choose toys that are age-appropriate for your pet. A kitten will have different preferences than an adult cat and vice versa.

Resilience and safety – A toy needs to be resilient, especially if you have more than one cat. It’s important that the toy is safe for your cat and that it doesn’t contain any harmful materials.

Playability – Does the toy have a “catch” or is it built to stick on surfaces? That is something to look out for because if it can stick on the cat’s favourite surfaces, then the toy might work better with some cats. However, if you have multiple cats in your home, consider buying a toy that has an enclosed design so that your cats can’t play with each other and instead focus on playing with you or perhaps the toy itself.

Your home environment – Consider the space that you have for playing with toys. Also, consider other pets or people who may be around when using the toy. Avoid purchasing a large, noisy toy if small children are in the house since they’ll likely get frightened by a large, moving object.

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What else should you look out for?

Don’t buy toys that your cat will have a hard time carrying around. Avoid heavy and large toys. The toy should be lightweight enough so that your cat can carry it easily if needed.

Toys that are too small for your cat are not safe, since your cat will likely swallow the toy and choke. Cat toys should be big enough so that you can safely see them when they’re inside the toy box or drawer.

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The Best Cat Toys NZ


1. Topo Cat Toy Cat Toy

Topo Cat Toy lets your cat be more active and stay entertained for longer. With an easy-to-grip handle, Topo is the perfect size for cats not yet confident with being held. To help keep your cat from getting bored, Topo has also come up with ways to nip at its way of having fun.


2. Filo Cat Toy Ball Filo Cat Toy Ball

The Filo toy ball will stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts by providing an irregular structure and different materials. It stimulates your cat’s brain to play with the toy, not just scratch it. The Filo toy ball is made of cork and vegetable-tanned leather that is safe for your cat to chew on. Not only does the Filo Toy Ball encourage healthy chewing habits in cats, but it also provides a fun opportunity for you to bond with them.


3. Puzzle & Play Interactive Cat Treat PuzzleCat Treat Puzzle

Puzzle & Play Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle is a toy for cats that is designed with their natural instincts and movement in mind. Cats are playful creatures, and it seems like they would be distracted from their food quite easily, but actually, the process of “hunting” for the hidden treats has proven to be a great way to engage the natural hunting behaviour of these adorable creatures.


4. Catit Senses Digger Cat ToyDigger Cat Toy

The best part about this toy is that it provides a fun and challenging way for your cat to eat. Cats are naturally motivated by the act of hunting and being able to hunt for food reduces binging. The tubes also increase activity levels, which has been shown to reduce obesity in cats.


5. Flopping Electric Fish 

Electric Cat Toy

This Flopping Fish is a real cat toy that has an automatic motion sensor. It comes with a life-like moving fish that stimulates your cat and lets your pet have fun while you are away. It also features durable plush that is safe and non-toxic.


6. Petoneer Smart Dot Smart Dot

Petoneer Smart Dot is a great cat toy because it enhances the cat’s natural hunting skills. The toy satisfies cats’ need to play, as well as provides mental stimulation and engagement. It has three different modes that cater to cats of all types and personalities, which makes it one of the best choices for pet owners who have multiple cats or just want their pets to have fun whether they are present or not.


7. Cheerble M2 Mini Cat Ball Mini Cat Ball

Cheerble M2 Mini Cat Ball is a simple, but great cat toy. It’s easy to use and easy to clean thanks to its premium silicone construction that won’t harbour bacteria. The automatic moving and play-and-rest cycle features ensure your feline friend will be entertained for hours on end with the three interaction modes and playing and resting cycles.