Top 7 Best Boxing Gloves in NZ

The best boxing gloves are those that fit your needs. Your boxing gloves should be comfortable, provide support for your hands and wrists, protect against hand injuries, and have snug padding so you can work out without worrying about injury. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boxing gloves to meet all these criteria then this blog post is just what you need.

It is important to have the best boxing gloves when you are engaging in this sport. The reason for this is that it will help protect your hands and wrists from injury. This could lead to long-term problems with arthritis or tendonitis that can inhibit your ability to box effectively.

It’s not just about protecting yourself, but also being a good role model for young athletes who may want to participate in boxing at some point as well.

The best boxing gloves are the ones that fit your hands well, have a good grip and offer some protection for your knuckles. If you’re looking for gloves with all of these qualities, we recommend Title Boxing Gloves. These gloves are available in different sizes including small, medium and large to ensure they will fit just about anyone’s hand size. They also come with thumb loops on both sides to give you more stability when punching or blocking an opponent’s punch.

When it comes to boxing gloves, there are many different brands and styles. Knowing which the best boxing gloves are for you can be difficult. The best way to find out what is the right glove for you is by asking yourself a few questions first. What type of training do you plan on doing with your new gloves? Do you want heavier or lighter weight? How much money are you willing to spend? These three factors will help narrow down your search and ultimately lead you to the perfect pair of boxing gloves. 

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How to choose the Best Boxing Gloves for you

There are a few different types of boxing gloves, each designed for specific purposes. Fighting gloves allow you to inflict the most damage on your opponent and give them little protection. they’re lightweight but not heavily padded so that could be risky if someone throws too many punches at you.

When it comes to boxing, there are many ways you can gear up and head out for a workout. The three main types of gloves all have different uses: fighting – used when the boxer is in the ring; training-used as sparring with an opponent or hitting mitts; bag gloves designed specifically for punching heavy bags.

What materials should I look for?

A perfect glove isn’t just about the materials. What’s more important is how it feels and fits in your hands, as well as what you’re using gloves for. Synthetic fabrics are made to mimic leather but lack that comforting sensation of natural warmth on contact with skin when worn next to a hand’s surface.

Leather gloves are far more durable than synthetic materials. We recommend you purchase whichever type suits you best based on these guidelines. 

Synthetic material is cheaper but doesn’t last long in comparison with high-quality leather that may require some breaking-in time before it’s truly comfortable so if this glove won’t be used often then go for faux.


How much should I spend?

The first pair of gloves that you should purchase will depend on your budget. For those just starting out, it is best to stay around the $299 mark. There are inexpensive options available for as little as $99 but these tend not to be made well and they usually wear out quickly after being used a few times. 

If you want quality leather gloves with durability the price can be a bit higher or depending on what kind of professional level glove that you’re looking at buying.

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The Best boxing gloves you can buy


1. AIBA Boxing Glove – Red 10/12ozAIBA Boxing Glove

The AIBA Boxing Glove is designed to provide the best possible performance and comfort for all boxers. The glove features a wrap-around Velcro strap closing for wrist stability, extra soft polyester fabric lining, new comfort padding at the thumb and all over the palm as well as an extended cuff with an elastic bandage. 

Those gloves have officially outfitted all the boxers who participated in Olympic Games in 2008 and in 2012.


2.  16OZ Safety Sparring GloveSparring Glove

Safety Sparring Glove is a product that can be used for training purposes. It is made of leather outside material and high-compression IMF foam padding, which can provide better protection for your hands. 

The palm is lined with multiple layers of foam, so it will not hurt your partner’s skin when you hit each other. This product is designed to protect your hand from the impact caused by hitting hard objects such as punching bags or mitts during training sessions.


3. KOMBAT Boxing Gloves – 10ozKOMBAT Boxing Gloves

KOMBAT Boxing Gloves are designed for serious athletes. KOMBAT’s top-grain cowhide leather is a durable and long-lasting material. Each glove has a rigid double cuff with high-compression IMF foam padding and extra padding on the thumb.

 The wrist strap is made of nylon webbing that allows you to tighten your gloves for a secure fit.


4. Hybrid 200 Gloves 

Hybrid 200 Gloves

Hybrid 200 Gloves are the perfect gloves for Muay Thai training. The Hybrid 200 is a synthetic leather glove with an ergonomic design and foam blocks at the knuckles to protect your hands during sparring. 

It also has multi-shell construction, which is more durable than traditional single-layer gloves. This means you can focus on your training without worrying about damaging your gloves.


5. Power 300 Boxing Glove

Power 300 Boxing Glove

The Power 300 Boxing Glove is a great boxing glove for the novice or professional boxer. It has a nice balance of quality and price, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who is just getting into boxing. 

The gloves are made from high-quality leather that will last through plenty of training sessions and sparring matches. One thing that you really like about these gloves is that they have been pre-shaped to fit your hand perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them in before you can use them effectively.


6. Pro Leather Glove Blue

Pro Leather Glove Blue/Ny

The Pro Leather Glove is a great choice for both training and competition. It is designed with the right padding to allow fast punching while keeping your wrist stable. The glove also has an ergonomic shape that allows you to have better control over your punches.

This glove features genuine cowhide leather outside material and inside PU, which brings more stability to the wrist and punch than other gloves in its class. The pre-shaped multi-layer foam provides extra protection on the knuckles, back of hands, and fingers so you can use it longer without any injuries or pain.


7. Contender Pro Glove

Contender Pro Glove

The Contender Pro is an all-purpose glove for the boxer who wants to punch and spar without the bulk of a traditional boxing glove. The Contender Pro has been designed with the boxer in mind, providing great protection and fit without losing any of its versatility.

A unique feature of this glove is its shape, which allows it to be used as a ‘bag’ or ‘sparring’ glove. This means that you can use it either for heavy bag workouts or for hitting pads or other partners during pad work.