Top 7 Best Cushions in NZ – Buying Guide

Are you looking for something that can beautifully transform your living space on a low budget? Then buying the best cushion would be a great option to add a piece of art to your home.

Cushions can add an extra layer of comfort to any seating surface and can make a space feel more inviting. Many people enjoy having cushions around their home to make it feel more comfortable.

Cushions are used in furniture, bedding and many other items. They can be made of many materials, including cotton, straw, foam rubber, wool felt or fabric. Cushion covers are often removable for washing but sometimes they are not. 

There are many types of cushions that can be used in your home, such as for decoration with furniture that looks more stylish and can also be used to keep the spine straight and sport your neck.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re buying new cushions for your furniture. You want to make sure that you get something that’s going to be comfortable and look good in your space. Here are some of our tips for choosing the best cushions for your home.

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How to Choose the Best Cushion for you


Type of  material 

There are many different kinds and varieties of cushion material available on the market such as down or feather-filled feathers, foam or fibre fille, wool and latex and many more. Down or feather-filled feather cushions are made from the feathers of a bird and sewing them into a cover for a cushion.

Feather cushions are historically used to provide warmth during the winter months. Foam or fibre-filled cushions are a great way to add comfort to your home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to decorate any room in your home. Natural materials like wool and latex cushioning are not toxic to your body. You should buy one which is best according to your preferences.


The right size 

When it comes to choosing the right size cushion, there are a few things you need to look at. Like the living room, chairs need bigger cushions. Additionally, you have to look at the type of chair you’re using it with. A smaller cushion is perfect for a chair with a tight back, while a larger cushion is better for a chair with a looser back. Different sizes work better in different places. Make sure that it’s not too large or too small for your needs.


Looks match with the interior

When it comes to choosing a cushion to go with a specific type of interior, there are a few things you should consider before buying a cushion. The first is the colour of the cushions- for example, if your interior is white, you can opt for some brightly coloured or lightly patterned cushions. The second thing you need to consider is the texture of the cushion. If your interior has a lot of soft textures, then you should choose a cushion with a soft texture instead of a heavy texture.


Style of the cushion

If you have a modern style interior, choose solid colours and fresh bright pattern cushions. If you want some antique style, then you can go with a patch of tufting or macrame technique cushion. 

A more contemporary chair with a low back and modern lines can look more luxurious by using a medium-toned patterned fabric on the seat. You can select as per your personal preferences and the interior design of your home.

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The Best Cushions NZ


1. Mulberi Remus CushionBest Cushions

The Mulberi Remus cushion is the best option for furniture decoration. It’s so comfortable that it feels like you are sitting on a cloud. The geometric designs of tufted cotton make it look very stylish and natural colourways make it fit in with any decor. This cushion really does have everything you need for an enjoyable experience.


2. Sands Cushion – 50x50cm

Sands Cushion

The Sands Cushion is the perfect alternative to a traditional throw pillow. It features an abstract view of sand dunes from above, artfully patterned with a traditional hand-embroidered cotton/wool chain stitch. The Sands Cushion includes a plush feather insert for added comfort and support. The Sands Cushion makes a beautiful accent for any room in your home.


3. Astrid Cushion by ApeltAstrid Cushion

The Astrid Cushion by Apelt is a vibrant array of opulent flowers in shades of pink, green, yellow and green. The 100% cotton cushion cover is designed in 49 x 49cm size and it is Made in Germany. Astrid Cushion by Apelt will bring the beauty of nature into your home decor with its unique design that adds a pop of colour to any room.


4. Blossom Cushion by Bambury

Blossom Cushion

The Blossom Cushion by Bambri is a natural and organic cotton cushion with a removable cover. It is loaded with polyester which makes it soft and durable as well. It comes with four tassels on each corner that can be used as handles for easy lifting and carrying of the cushion. There are three flowers made using the cotton tufting technique which adds comfort and beauty to your room with its luxurious texture.


5. Sosa Cushion by Bambury

5 30

The Sosa Cushion by Bambury is a decorative cushion that brings the natural beauty of nature into your home. The circular sun motif with macrame techniques is handcrafted from 100% cotton, and this cushion is available in three colours: papaya, ivory and flax.


6. Remy Cushion by BamburyRemy Cushion

Remy best Cushion is a unique and innovative cushion that can be used for the back, neck, shoulder and is perfect for decoration on the couch and bed. The cushion is made from cotton yarns and uses weaving and braiding techniques to create a geometric pattern that provides support when placed against your body. Remy Cushion comes in 3 colours (flax, steel blue and peach) so you can choose the one that best suits you. 


7. Checker Cushion by Bambury

Checker Cushion

The Bambury Checker best Cushion is a great choice for your home decor. This cushion cover features a bold check pattern and can be used as an accent piece on your couch or chair, or it can be placed on the floor to add some colour to any room. The removable cover of this cushion makes cleaning easy and hassle-free. Available in three colours. The Bambury Checker Cushion is made from broad cotton yarn that has been woven together. This cushion will be perfect if you want to give your space a modern look.