Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets | Graphics Tablet in NZ

Designing is a lot of work, and sometimes the best way to get your ideas across is with some sort of visual representation. A drawing tablet can help you do this easily by allowing you to sketch out designs on your computer without having to constantly switch between input devices. You might be wondering what makes one graphics tablet better than another, so we’ve put together a list of our top picks for these types of tablets. 

A pen tablet has many benefits for designers who use it as an alternative to using their mouse. Some of these benefits include: a more natural drawing experience, less wrist pain from hours on end of clicking and dragging, increased precision when designing or sketching out ideas, and more room on your desk for other things like coffee cups or anything else you need. 

There is a lot of confusion about what type of device you should buy for drawing on paper with pen and ink. There’s the cheap, but not-so-good option that costs under $100 If you looking for something under your budget then these devices will do everything you need them to without breaking out into hives because there are other options like getting one made specifically by Wacom which has more features such as customizable buttons etc., though at higher prices ranging from around$150-$500 depending upon the model you consider to buy.

Best Tablets in New Zealand

How to choose the Best Drawing Tablet for you

The drawing tablet uses tiny sensors that create an electromagnetic field around its body which is tracked by computers as well as what’s drawn on it with magnetic ink from pens or pencils in order to measure where each stroke begins to end including angles held at different pressures making these devices accurate enough for architects designing buildings but also great artists looking for new mediums.

The size of the tablet, its resolution and how sensitive it is to pressure are what determine a device’s drawing capabilities. Tablets come in sizes where an active area ranges anywhere between slightly smaller than A5 pages (a little less than 5 inches wide) for those who carry around loose sketches with them at all times; up towards 4″ x 6″. The higher number indicates that there will be more individual lines per inch on your screen.

Pressure sensitivity is a measurement of how much pressure you can apply to the pen before it starts responding. There are two types: one with 8192 levels (more sensitive) and others that only have 2048, but they both work in similar ways for drawing different kinds of things like cars or people; however some artists might prefer higher numbers because then there is no need to press so hard onto your artwork which could damage its surface over time if applied constantly while working on larger projects.

Some higher-end tablets offer tilt sensitivity, where they can track the angle of a pen and use this for varying line thicknesses or effects. The manufacturers will usually specify how many levels there are – 60 means it tracks every degree in between.


Are there any other features you need to consider?

A pen is the main tool that can take your art from good to great. A lightweight and comfortable writing pen will have more natural movements while drawing for a longer time. 

Some drawing tablets have hotkeys, which you can program for specific functions in your favourite software. If you know what each one does and make it faster or more natural to switch between presets with different tools from the ones on offer this is an easy way ahead. Some even come equipped with dials so users can adjust intensity settings easily without having too many buttons pressed at once.


The Best Drawing Tablets NZ


1. Wacom Intuos Pro Medium with PaperDrawing Tablet

The Intuos Pro is the best tablet for digital artists and designers. The slim, sleek design makes it easy to carry with you on the go so you can sketch anywhere, anytime. This tablet is very intuitive and easy to use. It comes with many tools that make drawing more enjoyable and less time-consuming. The Wacom Pro Medium delivers a smooth pen-on-screen experience and pressure sensitivity. With this level of control, your lines will be more natural and expressive than ever before. 


2. Adesso 8″*5″ Wireless Widescreen Graphic TabletGraphic Tablet

Adesso’s Drawing Tablet is a slim and modern design that is easy to use. It has 2.4GHz wireless technology, a battery-free pen, both wired and wireless operation modes. The pen has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time. The high resolution of 5080 lines per inch and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity is great for graphic artists, photographers or other professionals who need precision control over their digital artwork.


3. Wacom Intuos Basic Pen S 


Wacom Intuos

The Intuos Pen and Touch tablet is designed for creative professionals who want to draw, paint and edit like a professional. It combines the power of the pen with the versatility of touch for natural drawing, writing and editing on any surface. Wacom Intuos Basic Pen S Black has a 7-inch active area of 100 lines per mm recognition of pen on tablet 133 electromagnetic interactions per/sec. It has 4096 pen pressure sensitivity.


4. Wacom Intuos Comfort Plus Bluetooth M

Intuos Comfort

Wacom Intuos Comfort is the tablet that adapts to you, offering a natural pen-on-screen experience. It’s thin, light and easy on the eyes so you can work comfortably for longer. 

It is an 8.8 mm thick, 10-inch active area and has 100 lines per mm recognition. You can customize 4 ExpressKeys and 4096 pen pressure sensitivity. This tablet has all the features of the previous models but with more advanced technology.


5. Huion 1060plus Black Graphic Tablet 10″ x 6.25″Huion 1060plus

This Drawing tablet is designed to look and feel like an actual notebook. Its sleek, lightweight design features a soft-touch finish that feels natural in your hand. The Huion 1060 Plus is the upgraded version of the Huion 1060. It has 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, which makes it possible to create detailed lines with different thicknesses depending on how hard you press on the pen.

It has 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity allowing you to draw thick lines or thin ones, just like using a real pencil on paper. This tablet comes with an 8GB MicroSD Card which can store your work, so you don’t need to worry about running out of space for your drawings.