Top 7 Best Inflatable Kayaks in NZ

Kayaking is a great way to spend your summer, and the best inflatable kayaks are a great option for beginners or experienced paddlers. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure on the water this season there’s no better choice than one of these boats.

The popularity of inflatable kayaks is growing in NZ as more people discover the freedom that comes with owning an “inflatable” (soft shell) kayak. So you do not need to have any heavy lifting or storage issues involved, and it’s possible to go on a spontaneous trip at any time. 

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How to Choose the Best Inflatable Kayak for you

Kayaking seems like a great activity, but it can be expensive to rent one every time you want some alone time on the water. If space and transportation are an issue for you, then buying your own kayak makes more sense than renting from their stores each time.

The best Inflatable kayak is a great option for people who don’t have the space or resources to store an entire kayak but want something that can stand up against many of its standard models. Inflatable boats are lightweight and easy to carry around as well as transport in your car. They take up very little space when deflated and they may even provide more practicality than non-inflatable due to their portability.

If you want to carry or store the kayak by yourself, it needs to be light enough and fold up small. You need one seat if you’ll only be carrying a little weight in the boat because two seats will make it too heavy for people who aren’t “fit” like an athlete would have to lift over their head when transporting them on their own.

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What features do I need?

Inflatable kayaks can take time to set up before going into the water. You’ll need to install seats and a skeg (a bit of plastic that works as the keel). Deflating after use is just as important, if not more so than inflating it in the first place since you want your boat dry for storage purposes. The best valves are Boston valves which allow air out quickly, while single-skin boats will help with faster drying times. 


What else do I need?

Before purchasing the best inflatable kayak, make sure that all of the accessories you need come with it. This includes life jackets and a dry bag to carry your precious items; night paddles will require lights as well. Some boats include repair kits, carrying bags, or pumps for easier transportation – but not every boat does so check which ones are included before making any purchases. 


How much should you spend?

If you’re looking for a canoe to casually paddle on calm waters, an inexpensive inflatable costs around $200. However, if your goal is durability and quality of materials when renting it out or using it in rough conditions like deep lakes with strong winds and waves the price can go up by hundreds of dollars depending on how much money you want to spend. The more expensive something is there’s generally better the qualities of that product

Best Inflatable kayaks are popular among advanced paddlers, who often spend $800 or more for a single inflatable. Inflatable kayaks that have an increased pressure when inflated will be made of better materials and behave more like hard-shell boats and you may even go through rapids or on the sea.

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The Best Inflatable Kayaks NZ


1. ProMarine 3.5m Inflatable Kayak Inflatable Best Kayak

The ProMarine Kayak is a stable, comfortable and fun way to explore the water. The kayak can be easily inflated with the included foot pump in just minutes and deflated for convenient storage when not in use. 

This kayak features built-in handles on both ends for easy transport, as well as a padded backrest with lumbar support that makes longer excursions more enjoyable. An adjustable seat allows you to find your most comfortable position as you paddle around your favourite lake or river.


2. ProMarine 2.4m Inflatable KayakProMarine

The ProMarine 2.4m kayak is made of high quality and durable material that makes it ideal for recreational use. It is a single seater model, which means you can only fit one person in it. 

This inflatable kayak has an air chamber design that gives it a rigid structure when inflated. The UV protection feature shields the kayak from sunlight damage.


3. Hydro-Force Inflatable Kayak


The Ventura is a two-person inflatable kayak that will take you and your partner out on the water for some fun in the sun. It features a black sitting area with sky blue fabric for the outside, nylon-coated material, two air chambers, and an adjustable seat.

The Ventura is easy to inflate and deflate so that you can store it away easily.


4. Intex Excursion Pro K1 305cm Inflatable KayakIntex Excursion

Excursion Pro K1 inflatable kayak is the best choice for both beginner and advanced paddlers. It is an ideal boat for recreational use on lakes, ponds or slow-moving rivers. This kayak features three-ply laminate construction with high-quality PVC material which makes it very durable. 

The boat has two removable skegs that provide great tracking and stability while the detachable GoPro camera mount allows you to capture every exciting moment during your trip.


5. Bestway Hydro-force Ventura Inflatable Kayak 


The Ventura 2-Person Inflatable Kayak is the perfect choice for a fun day out on the water with your family and friends. The kayak can be inflated within minutes, and it features three separate air chambers to ensure that you always have a backup in case of a puncture. 

This is the perfect choice for those looking for a great deal on an inflatable kayak. It can hold up to 200kg of weight. It features a nylon coated hull for extra durability, as well as a removable fin.


6. Bestway 3.21m 2 People Inflated Lite


The Bestway 2 People Inflated Lite-Rapid Kayak is a comfortable seating kayak for two people. It’s made with durable PVC material and form-fitted construction. 

The kayak comes with an air pump that makes it easy to inflate, and the inflation process only takes about 15 minutes. The kayak has comfortable seats. It also comes equipped with footrests for added comfort while paddling.


7. Inflatable Kayak -Floating Kayak

Inflatable Kayak -Floating KayakFloating Kayak is the best inflatable kayak that can be deflated and folded into a compact size for easy portability. It’s lightweight, portable, durable and can be stored anywhere. The kayak is equipped with high-pressure air chambers which makes it incredibly stable on the water. The kayak has two seats with backrests to support your comfort. It also comes with a removable skeg to help track straight in windy conditions.