The 5 Best Micathermic Heaters For Cold Nights

The Best Micathermic heaters are an innovative and eco-friendly way to keep your home cosy. They offer a blend of both convection and radiant heat and work well in a number of spaces. They are also very efficient and long-lasting.  

These heater works on the principle of convection to distribute the radiant heat evenly through a room and radiation to radiate infrared heat. Micathermic space heaters have been designed with increased efficiency in mind to ensure that they give you more time to warm up. The mica panels transfer approximately 85% of the radiant heat in the unit and just 15% of the infrared heat. 

In this blog, we will be talking about the best Micathermic heaters for the home. We will also discuss the features you should be looking for before buying a Micathermic heater.

Best Outdoor Heater In NZ

How to choose the Best Micathermic Heaters in NZ

There are a few things you should be considering before buying the best micathermic heater in NZ. These are discussed in the points below.

Heating Capacity: The heating capacity of the heater depends on the heating elements and the size of the heater. The larger and more powerful the micathermic heaters, the higher will be its heating capacity.

Efficiency: You want a heater that is efficient in terms of energy and heat production.  The best Micathermic heaters are generally more efficient than their counterparts, so you can expect a high degree of efficiency from them.

Safety Features: Micathermic heaters come with a lot of safety features making them one of the safest heating devices. One of the reasons for their safety is that they do not get hot to touch even when running at full capacity. Besides, they come with an automatic shut-off feature that turns the heater off if it starts to overheat.

Silent operation: Micathermic heaters operate by radiating infrared heat. They do not produce any noise and this is a very important feature you should look for in a heater. 

Timer: Most micathermic heaters come with a timer that allows for automated operation. You can set the timer to turn the heater on or off at a particular time, as per your needs. 


The Best Micathermic Heaters NZ


1. Goldair Micathermic Heater

Goldair Micathermic HeaterThis Mica Heater enables you to create a cosy and warm room in just a few minutes. Its thermostat gives you control of your heating and also provides a timer. Its heat output of 2.4kW makes it 30% more efficient than heating oil columns.  It also has a silent operation which makes it ideal for use in the bedroom.


2. Kensington Micathermic HeaterKensington

The Kensington 2400W Micathermic Heater is an efficient heater that is lightweight, compact and easy to use. It is perfect for use in large-sized rooms, and it is also ideal for use when using a timer function. With 2 heat settings and an LED digital display, this heater is highly efficient and offers fast heat-up time. The castor wheels and a timer function allow for a whole lot of flexibility and convenience.


3. Goldair Micathermic Heater 1500W Goldair

With the Goldair Micathermic Heater, you will be able to enjoy warm and healthy warmth at home. The heated bed is perfect for those who want to sleep better, with an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature. The tip-over switch overheats protection will automatically cut off the power when it senses the heater is too hot. This 1500W heater is easy to use, and the two-knob design makes it easy to adjust the temperature.


4. Sheffield Micathermic Heater


This Micathermic Heater is a powerful, efficient and safe heater with a heating power of 1500 watts and two heat settings. It comes with castor wheels and three-sided infrared heating to ensure the best heating from all around. This heater has convenient carry handles and the thermostat is adjustable for the best heating experience. 


5. Living & Co Micathermic Heater Living & Co

The Living & Co 1800W Micathermic Heater is a versatile heating tool that offers radiant heat and convection heat, with a design that is sleek, modern and clean. It also has two power settings, with a convection heat setting and a radiant heat setting. The heater is equipped with indicator lights, overheating and tip-over protection, and cool-touch plastic. 


We hope you are ready to invest in a new heating system! The tips outlined in this blog will help you choose the best heating option for your space. From best models to “how to choose” this blog will help in your search for the best heating option for your space.