Top 7 Best Monitor Mounts in NZ

A monitor mount can be a very helpful addition to any home office or computer setup. It allows you to easily and securely attach your monitor to a stand or wall, which can make viewing and working on documents much easier.

A monitor mount is an accessory that helps you to adjust your monitor’s height, and tilt and swivel from left to right. The mount usually has some sort of clamp that attaches to the back of your monitor. 

The main benefit of using a monitor mount is for ergonomics purposes. Having a screen that can be adjusted can help prevent many common problems associated with sitting at a desk all day and working on-screen, such as muscle strain in the neck, shoulders and other joints. 

It can help protect your neck and back from strain, reduce eye fatigue (and headaches), and improve the quality of your work by providing a comfortable viewing angle.

This blog will help you to find the best mount for your need and discuss some of the factors to consider when purchasing one.

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What should you look for in a Monitor Mount?

There are many different aspects that you should consider when choosing the best monitor mount for you. Below we will go through the main factors you need to consider before buying the monitor mount.

Swivel arm: Swivel arm monitors are designed to swivel left and right at 90 degrees, as well as up and down at 45 degrees. They usually have a tilting mechanism that can raise or lower the arm up to 15 degrees in any direction. The arm and the base of the mount are usually made of metal, such as steel or aluminium, while the monitor clamp is typically made of plastic. The arm is attached to a base that you mount on the wall or on your desk.

Size: Swivel arm monitors come in a variety of sizes and screen sizes. The size of the swivel arm will dictate the usable range of size and screen size.

Extension: Swivel arm monitors will usually come with an extension for mounting to a surface. You can buy extensions for your monitor that can mount to your desk or wall, or you can choose one that has a stand built into the monitor bracket. 

Tilt lock: Swivel arm monitors will usually come with a slide lock that locks your monitor in place when it’s tilted, however, some swivel arms have just a tilt mechanism rather than a glide lock.


What is VESA?

The VESA standard refers to the distance in millimetres between four mounting holes on a TV or computer monitor. The measurement is taken horizontally and vertically, so it’s important that you know what type of equipment your particular set has been designed for. The majority of PC monitors can be installed with a 75 mm or 100mm x 150-millimetre mounting pattern.


Can you mount a Curved monitor?

Yes, you can mount a curved monitor using a wall-mountable monitor arm. Curved monitors are becoming more popular, so there are now a lot of monitor arms available that can accommodate them. Make sure to choose an arm with a wide range of motion so you can adjust the angle of your monitor easily.

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The Best Monitor Mounts NZ


1. StarTech Monitor Desk Mount 

Monitor Mount

The StarTech Monitor Desk Mount is a monitor arm that allows you to mount a display to a desk, table or counter, rotate your display from landscape to portrait position, and is built with steel. The arm features a 302mm tall support post, a VESA mount that can be rotated 360 degrees, and it can support a maximum weight of 14kg.


2. Brateck Single Monitor Desk MountMonitor Desk Mount

Brateck is a smart and elegant monitor mount that provides a smooth viewing experience with a 360° rotating VESA plate and easy adjustment. It is designed with an aluminium construction that provides a sleek, lighter, and elegant look. The mount is also compatible with 8kg monitors.


3. Gorilla Arms Dual Monitor MountDual Monitor Mount

Gorilla Arms Dual Monitor Mount is a dual monitor mount that allows for easy arrangement, set your display at the perfect height, adjusts, and supports up to 8kgs per monitor. Constructed from die-cast aluminium, integrated cable management, and a quick-release system.


4. Gorilla Arms Dual Spring Powered Monitor Mount

Gorilla Monitor Mount

Gorilla Arms is the ultimate monitor mount for your office or workspace with a dual spring-based arm. It is constructed from die cast aluminium and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It adjusts to a height of your choice and has integrated cable management.


5. StarTech Dual Monitor Swivel Desk Mount ArmsDesk Mount Arms

The StarTech Dual Monitor Swivel Desk Mount Arms is a durable aluminium, high gloss black finish, two-monitor arm that securely supports two VESA mount (75×75, 100×100) monitors up to 32″. The set-up allows you to tilt your monitors +30/-30 degrees and swivel +90/-90 degrees. The height is adjustable along with the 15.7″.


6. Kogan Spring-Assisted RGB Gaming Monitor Mount

Gaming Monitor Mount

The Kogan Monitor Mount is a modern, sturdy and versatile mount that features an adjustable tilt, swivel and rotation. It includes LED lighting which can be set to four different configurations. The highlight of the monitor mount is the detachable VESA plate design that provides simple installation and easy use during operation. The monitor can also be installed in two ways: with a clamp or grommet.


7. StarTech Quad-Monitor Stand 

Quad-Monitor Stand

The StarTech Quad Monitor Stand is constructed of aluminium and steel, providing it with the durability you need in a monitor stand. This stand supports four VESA mount screens up to 32″ each and can be adjusted for height, position and viewing angles so that your monitors are in an ergonomic workspace. Tilt your monitors +90/-40 degrees, and swivel 360 degrees to explore all your options.



Can any monitor go on a mount?

Yes, Most monitors nowadays come with a mounting plate on the back, which makes it easy to use popular monitor mounting on arm.


Are monitor mounts worth it?

A monitor mount provides an easy way to have your monitor in a more comfortable position while also spending less time on the desk. This can be especially good if you work all day long and have been sitting at your desk for hours.

A monitor mount is an accessory that holds your monitor in place to ensure a comfortable viewing experience. Some mounts provide a more stable and ergonomic solution for your workspace; others are more compact and cost-effective for those tight on space.


Is a dual monitor arm worth it?

A dual monitor arm is a device that attaches to a desk and allows you to use two monitors with the same keyboard and mouse. It positions your monitors at the same height and angles, so you can see both screens without having to turn your head too much.


Are monitor arms worth it gaming?

A gaming monitor mount or arm is a helpful accessory for gamers, especially those who spend hours in front of a screen. This device allows you to adjust the height of your gaming monitor, making it more comfortable to sit in front of.