Top 5 Best Multimeter in NZ

The Best Multimeter is a good investment for any DIY enthusiast or electrician. This tool allows you to measure multiple electronic variables and also helps to ensure that your home or work environment is safe. 

It can help you measure the voltage of your electrical outlets and appliances. It can also help you measure the resistance or the power of your circuit. But, the benefits of a multimeter don’t stop there. The best multimeter can help you troubleshoot circuits, install or test lighting and switches, and other electrical components. 

There are many different types of multimeters and it can be hard to know which one to get. This blog will take you through some of the top multimeters to help you decide which one would be best for you.

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How to choose the Best Multimeter for you

The best multimeter you choose can vary depending on the type of work that you’ll be doing. If you plan to work primarily in residential homes, then a basic analogue multimeter is likely a good choice. If you’ll be working in a commercial setting or want to do some testing at home, then an advanced digital multimeter will be a better selection. 


What are the types of Multimeters?

Analogue multimeters still exist but are not as common as digital versions. A digital multimeter costs less and is a little more convenient to use. Analogue meters are still sold today, so if you want to get an old-school feel for your tools, then this type of meter may be a good choice for you. However, it can be more difficult to read the measurements because there’s no light or digital readout.


How important to look at the accuracy?

Accuracy is an important factor to look at when buying a multimeter. You should choose the one which has a minimum voltage reading of 0.1V due to the fact that most electronic gadgets have a nominal voltage of 5V (AC power supply) or 12V (DC). If you are purchasing the multi-meter to measure battery voltage, you should ensure that its maximum voltage reading is higher than 12 volts.


Why need to Consider capabilities and safety features?

Capabilities refer to the type of tests you can perform with your best multimeter. So, you should make sure that it has a range of features that can allow you to measure voltage, current, and resistance.

The safety features are what keep you safe from any electrical shock or injury. You should choose a multimeter which has a proof scale rated from CAT IV to CAT III 600V or better.


What other features need to look for?

Some multimeters have the capability of auto-ranging so you can test voltages while keeping the dial settings at a lower range.  Some multimeters have built-in LEDs which work to light up the measuring area so you can read your measurements in the dark. This is extremely helpful when working in places where there isn’t much light. 

You should make sure that your multimeter has an auto-off function or a low battery indication because this will help to keep your meter in tip-top shape and avoid any unnecessary damage.

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The Best Multimeters NZ


1. Cem Digital Multimeter Pro

Digital Multimeter

Cem Digital Multimeter Pro is easy to use and read the best multimeter with a sleek design. It has a 4000 count display with an LED backlight to make it easier to read what you’re measuring. The auto range ensures you always get the right measurements and the auto power-off helps save battery life. It also can measure AC frequencies of 50Hz-400Hz, is true RMS, has data hold, MAX/MIN, and relative mode.


2. Cem Digital Multimeter


CEM Digital Multimeter Pro is designed for professionals and has all the features that are needed. The product is a digital multimeter with 6000 digital display counts. It has CAT III 600V safety design, auto-ranging and auto power off, MAX/MIN Hold & REL and non-contact 90-600VAC detection. In addition to all these features, CEM Digital Multimeter Pro also has an LCD display with a backlight which provides true RMS measurements.


3. Mini Digital Multimeter Clamp

Clamp Meter

The Mini Digital Multimeter Clamp Meter Measuring tool is a great tool because it provides you with every aspect that you require and more. It comes with a variety of functions and features in order to help you finish your project successfully. For example, it has an ultra-portable design which means it is easy to use and carry around with you. It also has accurate measurements for AC and DC current as well as the resistance, diode, continuity and capacitance functions which will help you keep an eye on the levels of current, signals and frequency.


4. BSIDE Digital Multimeter Color LCD

BSIDE Digital Multimeter

The BSIDE digital multimeter is an instrument that improves the efficiency of your test by automatically identifying the tested parameters and choosing their required range. It has a protective case that is detachable and easy to replace. The colour LCD display greatly enhances the reading experience, even in bright sunlight or poor light. The result display can show 3 test results on-screen – voltage, frequency, and analogue bar.


5. BSIDE Digital Multimeter, 3.5inch LCD 

LCD 3-Line Display

The BSIDE Digital Multimeter is the perfect meter for a quick, effective and accurate test. The large screen 3-line display can show 3 different test results at one time. You are able to concentrate on one reading at a time or all readings if you choose. With automatic identification of functions, you are easily able to navigate through all other features effortlessly. The high efficiency makes for an extremely fast test speed that enables you to get a result in less than 1 second with the auto-ranging of measurements from 0A-200A AC/DC and 400 mA-600 V DC