The 5 Best Outdoor Bean Bags in NZ

The best outdoor bean bags are a great addition to any deck or patio. Whether you need a place to sit while you enjoy a cool drink or want to take a break from the sun, you can find a bean bag that is made for the outdoors. 

These outdoor bags are designed to withstand the elements and are made out of durable materials. They are also great for people who love to relax outdoors and they are an affordable way to add some personality to your outdoor space. They are also lightweight and will be easy to move from one place to another. 

In this post, We will be sharing some of our favourite styles of outdoor bean bags and help you with how to choose the best option for your space.

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How to choose the Best Outdoor Bean Bags NZ

When looking to buy outdoor bean bags, there are a few things you need to consider. 

Size: When choosing the best outdoor bean bags, it is important to consider how big they are. Many people like their bean bags big so that they can sit comfortably and relax comfortably when sitting outside during the day. On the other hand, most people prefer lightweight options that can be easily moved so that they can take a break when needed. 

Fabrics: It is also important to consider the fabric. You will want a fabric that may not fade or even better, one that resists fading. A sewn-in liner is also great and helps the bag remain fresh and new for a long time. In addition to the fabrics, you will want to look for a bean bag that has zippers to ensure it does not leak. 

Fillings: Be sure to look for beans that have durability such as polystyrene beads, and polyurethane. These filings are great and will keep your bean bag in shape for many years. 

Water resistant: You will want your bean bag to be water resistant. If you live in a humid area where the rain comes often then this will be important to help protect your bean bag. Some of the best options are treated with waterproofing and also have protection from UV rays. 

Removable Cover: You also want your outdoor bean bag to be easy to clean. This can be accomplished by choosing a bean bag with a removable cover that is machine washable. This way, you can keep the bag clean and remove it when you need to get it dry cleaned or just put it in the washer.

Multi-functional: You will want something that can be used in many ways. This is one of the best features of outdoor bean bags and they are great to use while sitting indoors as well. One of the best options to consider is a bean bag couch. These are awesome to have around and you can use them any time you need a place to sit with friends or even take a nap after a long day.

Colour choice: You will want to choose something that complements your existing furniture. Many people prefer neutral colours like black or beige, but you can always add a pop of colour with a bean bag chair in a unique colour such as red. Also, consider how durable the colours are and how they will hold up over time.


The Best Outdoor Bean Bags NZ


1. Outdoor Bean Bag Marine Blue

Outdoor Bean Bag Marine Blue

The Outdoor Bean Bag is one of the best quality bean bags on our list. It is made from durable materials, including marine-grade fabric that is water resistant and fades resistant. The cover can be removed and machine washed in order to maintain a fresh, clean product. The liner ensures that any stains that may happen are not permanent and easily removable so as to not ruin the water-resistant material.


2. Outdoor Bean Bag Lounger Basil

Lounger Basil

Outdoor Bean Bag Lounger Basil is a bean bag with an L-shape that is made from marine-grade fabrics and contains water-resistant and fade-resistant properties. The bean bag lounger also has a removable, machine-washable cover. This helps to keep this bag clean and fresh for long periods of time. The bean capacity on the Outdoor Bean Bag Lounger Basil is 250L.


3. Outdoor Bean Bag pillow granny chine

pillow granny chine

The outdoor bean bag pillow granny chine is perfect for lounging in the shade while still providing comfortable back support. The marine grade fabric will not fade and is resistant to water, which makes cleaning easy. The lightweight cover makes this bag not only easy to carry but also a good choice for travellers. 


4. Beanz Moon Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bag

Bean Bag

This bean bag cushion is the perfect addition to any patio. With a round shape and a strong, durable and water-resistant outer, it is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It comes in a separate inner liner with washable outer and a removable cover. With a unique design and an even more great price, this is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your home.


5. Flo Pilo Bean Bag Cover

Flo Pilo

The Fraser Country Flo Pilo Bean Bag cover is a high-quality bag with a removable inner liner that can be machine-washed or hand washed. The cover is made from high-quality polyester which is water resistant and durable and is designed with a foldable design that is easy to store. The cover is suitable for indoor/outdoor use and comes with an inner liner.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on how to choose the best outdoor bean bags. As you know, when you have a new bean bag purchase to make, you have to take a few considerations. We have outlined a few tips for picking the best outdoor bean bag for your needs. We also hope that these tips help you find the perfect outdoor bean bag for your needs!