Top 5 Best Overnight Bags For A Weekend Away

We live in a world of constant movement and we don’t know where life is going to take us. When we are on the move, it is important to have all the things we need. So whether you are going on a night out or to the airport, you should pack your bags with all the comforts you will need.

But packing your bags can be quite a pain as you need to carry several different items.

It is impossible to carry everything in several bags and having one particular bag for everything is impossible too because the weight of the bag will be just too much. So you need a combination of good quality bags that are light but have enough space to carry all your stuff in them. The best solution to this problem is the overnight bag.

The overnight bag is a wonderful thing to have. It has several compartments to keep all your things in an organized manner. Some of these bags can also be locked. This makes them more secure and prevents others from rummaging through your stuff when you are not around.

They are also very convenient because you can use them as hand-baggage as well as hold-all bags when you are travelling by car or train. You can also use the bag when you are going on a weekend getaway or to a party. You can use the bag to keep your cosmetics and other accessories and you can use it as your handbag as well.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the best overnight bag and we will look at the factors that you should consider when buying one. We will also look at the various kinds of overnight bags available in the market.

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How to choose the Best Overnight Bag for you

There are several things that you should consider when you are buying an overnight bag for yourself. We are going to discuss these factors so that you can easily choose the best overnight bag for yourself.

The first thing to look at is the size of the bag. You need a big enough compartment so that you can keep all your things in it. But some people make a mistake and try to buy a small bag just because they think it’s fashionable or better looking than the bigger ones. But you should keep in mind that a small bag won’t be able to hold all your belongings properly so it is better to buy a larger one.

A shoulder strap is another important thing that you need to look for when you are buying an overnight bag. This is basically for carrying the bag as well as for making it comfortable enough. These days a lot of companies are using polyester or nylon straps which are lightweight and easy to carry around. These straps can either be removable or fixed in place. You should choose the carrying strap according to your requirements; if you travel a lot then a removable strap will be more useful while if you don’t travel much then a fixed strap will be fine.

The next thing is the material from which the bag is made. If there is an option available, you should consider buying leather bags because they will look classy and original at the same time. You can also go with polyester as it has some advantages of being more cost-effective, weather-resistant and comfortable. 

The last thing that you should consider while purchasing an overnight bag is its strength. If you find it necessary to carry some heavy things in the bag, then you should buy a bag with strong and sturdy material. You should also consider buying one that is waterproof so that it can handle rain and other weather conditions easily.

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The Best Overnight Bags NZ 


1. Adidas Sports Bag

Adidas Sports Bag

The Adidas sports bag is the perfect bag for overnight. The sports bag has durable tearproof nylon fabric material and can store a lot of items with its 65L capacity. It also has padded straps for high wearing comfort and a trim bottom to provide stability.  This quality sports bag from Adidas is the perfect overnight travel companion, featuring an additional side pocket with an integrated net bag for smaller things and closable pockets with a zipper.


2. SwissLite Rolling Bag

Overnight Bag

The SwissLite 110L Rolling Duffle Bag has a maximum capacity of 110 Litres. It has pockets for all your needs, including a front zipper pocket and a shoe compartment. On top, it is assigned with dual shoulder straps that allow for greater carrying and pulling power. The internal trolley system also allows for easy transfer between areas with dual handles at the base. Made out of lightweight fabric, this bag is easy to lift up, move about and transport wherever needed. It is also durable on the outside with its smooth-rolling wheels that allow for ease of transportation from location to location.


3. Ben Sherman Overnight Barrel Bag

Overnight Barrel Bag

Ben Sherman 30L Overnight Barrel Bag is a practical, durable and stylish bag. It has plenty of storage space for all your belongings. The large main compartment designed with a fully lined interior allows you to keep everything organized and in one place. The adjustable/removable shoulder strap with cushioned pad makes carrying the bag effortless or slipping it on your back to carry it around easy and comfortable.


4. Hedgren Breeze Sustainable Bag

Duffle Bag 

The Hedgren Breeze Sustainable Duffle Bag is a great bag for overnight because it features a spacious main compartment. The large front and top compartments have adjustable, removable shoulder straps. These compartments are also perfect for everyday use with detachable front compartment that becomes a waist pack.


5. Herschel Supply Sutton BagHerschel Supply

The Herschel 28L Sutton Duffle Bag is spacious and well-made. It offers an easy access two-way zipper with leather pulls. The external sleeve can hold a water bottle, wallet or other small items, and it comes with the signature Herschel branding on the front.



Can an overnight bag be a carry-on?

It is possible for an overnight bag to be a carry-on and it depends on the airline you are flying. If you are looking at low-cost airlines, then they will not allow a bag larger than 45x35x20cm. We recommend checking with the individual airline before packing as every airline has different policies and restrictions.


How many Litres is an overnight bag?

An overnight bag can be any size. The capacity will depend on the size of the person carrying it as well as what they would typically pack in it. The size usually starts from 10lt and can go up to 100Lt. 


What is a good size overnight bag?

An overnight bag should be large enough to hold your essentials for the night, but not so big that you’re lugging around a heavy load. The most common size is between 30 to 70Lt.