The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers NZ

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for overall well-being, and finding the right pillow plays a crucial role in achieving that. For side sleepers, it can be particularly challenging to find a pillow that provides adequate support and helps maintain proper spinal alignment throughout the night. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best pillows for side sleepers. 

Whether you’re a side sleeper looking to relieve neck and shoulder pain or simply searching for the most comfortable and supportive pillow, this guide will help you make an informed decision. From memory foam to latex, we’ll explore the various options available, taking into account factors such as firmness and material quality to ensure you find the perfect pillow for your side sleeping needs. Get ready to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with the ultimate pillow for side sleepers.


How to Choose the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Choosing the best pillows for side sleepers requires careful consideration of several factors, including pillow material, loft height, support, and personal preferences. Side sleepers need a pillow that provides proper spinal alignment, alleviates pressure points, and ensures a comfortable sleep posture throughout the night. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Pillow Loft and Height: Side sleepers typically require a pillow with a higher loft to fill the space between the shoulder and the neck, keeping the spine aligned. A loft of 4-6 inches is often recommended. This loft supports the head without causing it to tilt upwards or downwards.

Support and Firmness: Side sleepers need a pillow that provides adequate support to keep the spine in a neutral position. A medium to firm pillow is usually the best choice, as it prevents the head from sinking too deeply into the pillow, which could lead to neck strain.

Contouring and Material: Memory foam pillows or latex pillows are often recommended for side sleepers because they contour to the shape of the head and neck, providing customized support. Memory foam conforms to the sleeper’s shape, while latex is responsive and supportive.

Pillow Fill: Pillows can be filled with various materials, such as memory foam, latex, down alternative, or buckwheat hulls. Memory foam and latex provide contouring and support, while down alternatives offer a softer feel. Buckwheat hull pillows can be adjusted to suit personal preferences.

Pillow Size: A larger pillow allows side sleepers to comfortably rest their head and shoulders while keeping the spine aligned. Standard or queen-sized pillows are often preferable, as they provide sufficient surface area for support.

Sleeping Temperature: Consider the pillow’s breathability and temperature regulation. Memory foam pillows can retain heat, while latex pillows and those with cooling gel inserts tend to offer better temperature regulation.

Allergies: Individuals with allergies might prefer hypoallergenic pillows that are resistant to dust mites, mold, and other allergens. Down alternatives or latex pillows are good options for allergy sufferers.

Pillow Cover: A removable and washable pillow cover is essential for maintaining hygiene and prolonging the pillow’s lifespan. Look for covers made from breathable and hypoallergenic materials

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The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers NZ


1. Ecosa Pillow

Ecosa Pillow

The Ecosa Pillow shines as a versatile sleep companion. With its height-adjustable feature and ergonomic design, it caters to individual comfort preferences. Its ability to retain heat and moisture ensures a cozy sleep environment. The added perk of compressibility, along with the travel-friendly pouch, makes it ideal for on-the-go use. Whether at home or traveling, the Ecosa Pillow offers adaptability and convenience, promising a restful slumber experience.


2. Ovela Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow 

Ovela Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow

The Ovela Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow stands out with its innovative design. Its shredded memory foam filling offers personalized comfort, easing pressure on joints and muscles. Notably, its moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating properties ensure a comfortable sleep environment. The pillow’s hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and dust mite-resistant features add to its appeal. The machine-washable bamboo cover, complete with a concealed zipper, provides convenience. 


3. Emma Pillow

Emma Pillow

The Emma Pillow excels in catering to diverse sleeping needs. Designed to suit every sleeping position, its ergonomic build guarantees support. The option to adjust height and firmness adds a personalized touch. Its remarkable comfort and breathability enhance the sleep experience. Crafted from firm memory foam, the pillow offers both stability and cushioning. For those seeking adaptable comfort and support, the Emma Pillow proves to be a reliable choice.


4. Sleepmaker Refresh Classic Contour Pillow

Sleepmaker Refresh Classic Contour Pillow

The Sleepmaker Refresh Classic Contour Pillow redefines sleep comfort. Engineered with neck alignment in mind, its contour design supports optimal posture. The integration of memory foam technology ensures a personalized fit. Enhanced by ventilation, it delivers performance and breathability. The plush knit cover, washable and inviting, adds to its allure. Remarkably, its anti-microbial properties cater to hygiene.


5. Ovela Ergonomic Pillow

Ovela Ergonomic Pillow

The Ovela Ergonomic Pillow redefines sleep comfort. Crafted with contoured memory foam, it provides tailored support to the head, neck, and shoulders. Its ergonomic design enhances posture and relaxation. Remarkably breathable and hypoallergenic, it assures a refreshing sleep experience. The resistance to dust mites adds to its hygiene. The convenience of a machine-washable pillowcase ensures easy maintenance



What kind of pillow should a side sleeper have?

A side sleeper should have a medium to firm pillow with a higher loft (4-6 inches) to maintain proper spinal alignment. Memory foam or latex pillows are often ideal for contouring and support, while larger sizes, such as standard or queen, provide ample space for head and shoulder comfort.


Is a flat pillow better for side sleepers?

No, flat pillows aren’t ideal for side sleepers. They require a higher loft pillow to support the head, neck, and spine alignment, promoting comfort and preventing strain.


What is the best pillow-filling material for side sleepers?

Memory foam or latex are often considered the best pillow-filling materials for side sleepers. They provide the necessary support, contouring, and alignment to keep the spine in a neutral position, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.