The 10 Best Running Shoes NZ

Running is a physical activity that is great for your health and is a popular sport for many people. It is a great way to lose weight, stay in shape, and improve your overall health. But what type of shoes would you wear when you’re running? 

You can, of course, run in any ordinary pair of footwear – sneakers or running shoes but there are a number of good reasons to go for the best running shoes. The right pair of shoes can make a huge difference to your speed and endurance. And the best running shoes will give you an edge over the competition.

The best running shoes are specially designed for running, and they have a number of features that are supposed to be helpful for the athlete. Some shoes also have extra cushioning along the sides in order to support your ankles. 

In this blog post, we will explore the best shoes for running. From the best shoes for long runs to the best shoes for minimalist running, we will also help you to choose the best running shoes for your specific needs.

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How to choose the Best Running Shoes for your

What are the types of Running Shoes?

The best running shoes are categorized into three different types: neutral, stable, and motion control.

Your running style will determine which type of shoe is best for your needs. If you have a history of injuries, you should look for stability or motion-control running shoes. These shoes offer the most support and cushioning.

Neutral shoes, on the other hand, have a higher heel to help with propulsion when you run. These are suitable for those who overpronate their feet or suffer from pain after running long distances. You usually find neutral shoes in lightweight models.

If you have no physical problems, you can opt for the stability running shoes. These shoes offer a more natural and flexible ride. They are also ideal for those who run long distances and want to experience minimal impact on their feet and ankles. A lightweight pair of stability shoes is likely to be the best choice for beginners.


Road running shoes vs Trail-running shoes 

When choosing the best running shoes, you need to consider the kind of running you will be doing. Will you be running on a track or a treadmill, or will you be running outdoors? Outdoor trails may have challenging surfaces – they may help to strengthen your feet and ankles, but they may also be more likely to cause injuries. So, depending on what kind of running you will be doing, it’s important to choose the right shoes for the job.

If you want to run on a trail, it is universally agreed that you should opt for trail running shoes. The treads on these shoes are much more aggressive and rugged than the treads on traditional running shoes. 


What are other things that need to be considered?

Stack height:

When it comes to running shoes, heel stack height is an important factor. Some runners prefer a heel that is thicker so that their feet are more stable. Others might prefer a minimal heel that allows for more running efficiency. Larger heels affect your natural stride since you will be pushing off with your toes. This can lead to shin splints and other injuries. Low heels are perfect for runners with flat feet or over-pronators (people who tend to roll their feet inwards).


Heel-to-toe offset:

Another important factor to consider is the amount of heel-to-toe offset. This refers to how high your heel is in relation to your toes. For runners who overpronate, it’s best to choose shoes with a higher heel-to-toe offset. This will help keep your foot from rolling over. But for those who underpronate, you’ll want a lower offset, or even better, a zero offset.



The midsole is the layer between your outsole and your baseline. They provide additional cushioning and shock absorption. You can find a few different types of midsole technology that are used in running shoes. The most common are EVA, TPU, or Rubber. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is made from latex that has been hardened and molded into a foam material. EVA is lightweight and durable but is not as effective for shock absorption as rubber or TPU midsoles.


Heel Counter:

The heel counter is a padded area where your heel rests. Some shoes are more heavily cushioned for extra support. The level of the cushion will depend on the runner’s preferences and gait; this is something that you’ll need to figure out for yourself. A bigger-heeled runner will require more cushioning than someone with a smaller heel. 


Heel Cushions: 

When you take a closer look at the best running shoes, you will find many different types of heels and off-the-cuff heels. Some are made with a very thin layer of cushioning. Others are highly cushioned, and some are highly supportive as well. When picking out running shoes, you should also consider the kind of cushions and materials used in the shoe.

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The Best Running Shoes NZ


1. Hoka One One

Hoka One One running shoes

Hoka One One running shoes provide the lightweight and cushioning benefits of a true Hoka shoe with the durability of a standard running shoe. The upper is made from water-resistant full-grain leather and is padded with a soft lining wrap on the tongue for greater comfort. The full-length EVA midsole provides signature Hoka cushioning and a smooth ride. The early-stage meta-rocker offers the same responsiveness, energy return and smooth ride as you’ve come to expect from Hoka One One.


2. Nike Downshifter 

Nike Downshifter running shoes

This is the perfect shoe for a casual jog or workout in the park. The Nike Downshifter running shoes offer lightweight, flexible performance with support and cushioning. The Translucent window offers the chance to see your athletic performance in real-time. The rubber sole offers traction and stability.


3. Adidas Ligra 

Adidas Ligra running shoes

The Adidas Ligra is a performance training shoe, which is designed for runners who want to work on their speed and agility. The soft sock liner helps with the comfort and the breathable mesh upper keeps you cool and dry. The midsole softens in the midfoot to help with the support and the outsole structure with a pod pattern provides the perfect grip to make your strides more efficient.


4. Asics  Gel-Pulse 

Asics Gel-Pulse running shoes

The Asics Gel-Pulse offers a lightweight, comfortable feel, with the gel technology cushioning providing excellent shock absorption and the Guidance Line technology improving gait efficiency. The Amplifoam technology cushioning is designed for a softer landing for your feet and supports a natural range of motion. The iconic Asics design and the breathable mesh upper give this shoe a sporty appearance.


5. Puma Disperse XT Running Shoes

Puma Disperse XT Running Shoes

Puma Disperse XT Running Shoes are designed with a combination of EVA material and textile, which provides a lightweight, comfortable, and flexible experience. The shoe is designed with a low boot silhouette and textiles that offer an easy-to-manage fit. The EVA midsole provides impact protection and traction, while the wide outsole ensures your foot stays stable during workouts.


6. On Running Cloudswift Running Shoes

On Running Cloudswift Running shoes

On Running Shoes are designed to keep you running for hours. The CloudTec cushioning ensures the right amount of comfort and support, while the speed board provides a superior ride. The loop lock speed-lacing system allows you to adjust the fit in seconds. These running shoes are vegan-friendly, meaning they are made with cruelty-free materials.


7. Adidas Essence Shoes

Adidas Essence Shoes

Adidas Essence Running Shoes is a lightweight and breathable indoor shoe with a durable outsole that combines a flexible, lightweight sock liner for a comfortable feel and a mesh upper for breathable comfort. The pod pattern on the outsole adds lighter weight and increased traction for the wearer.


8. Puma Softride Enzo NXT Running

Puma Softride Enzo NXT Running shoes

The Puma Enzo NXT Running Shoes are an excellent choice for your next workout. These shoes are designed with a compression-moulded EVA material for lightweight performance and low boot. The progressive upper design provides a snug, yet comfortable fit and offers enhanced control. These Puma running Shoes are a great fit for your workouts and offer a soft ride.


9. Asics Gel-Trabuco Terra Trail Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Trabuco Terra Trail Running Shoes

The Gel-Trabuco Terra Trail Running Shoes for men are designed for all-day comfort, stability and durability. The breathable mesh upper provides a cool and comfortable fit with enhanced flexibility. The gel technology cushioning provides excellent shock absorption, while Flytefoam technology provides lightweight cushioning. The no-sew overlays improve support and the lugged outsole pattern provides a sturdy grip during your run.


10 Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes

Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes

Revolution 5 Running Shoes by Nike. A perfect blend of breathable support and lightweight knit material, these running shoes offer a soft foam midsole, durable, flexible traction, and a rubber outsole for your feet. These shoes feature a plush lining for your feet and have a textured outer for that extra bit of style.