Top 5 Best TV Wall Mounts in NZ

Whether you are low on space or simply want to style your walls, a TV wall mount is a must-have. You can get the most out of your TV by mounting it on your wall and then you can use it stand-alone or with the help of any additional equipment you may already have. 

They come in different shapes, sizes and designs so you can find exactly the one that suits your needs. Create a modern look by using a sleek and minimalist TV Wall Mount while keeping your TV fixed to the wall. 

Alongside all of these benefits, you will also be able to enjoy cable management and create an organized system for all your cables without having to worry about them getting caught up on furniture or exposed to the elements. There are also plenty of models available which are compatible with HD TVs and allow you to attach additional equipment.

This blog post will introduce you to some of the best tv mounts available online so that finding one becomes easy and worry-free.

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How to buy the best TV wall mount for you

There are certain features you want to keep in mind when you go looking for a TV Mount. Some of these features will be part of the mount while others fall on your end, but either way, it is important that you keep them all in mind when making a choice. They include:

Size: This is probably one of the most important factors to consider. Remember that your TV mount will be supporting a TV so if you intend to place it on the wall make sure that it can handle the weight of your choice. Also, check that it has the perfect size to fit your chosen model without being too wide or too narrow.

Weight: This is an indication of how much weight your TV will have to hold. Keep in mind that heavier TVs are also more likely to break if they are placed on a mount poorly designed for the job. Be careful about this as you go about choosing your mount.

Ease of Use: This factor may seem like it can be overlooked but it is very important. There are so many different models and designs out there that it can be tough to see which one to choose. That is why you need to make sure you have done your research beforehand and that you know how easy each mount is to use.

Durable: This is another important feature as well. Make sure that your mount does not fall apart on its own over time or after a short period of use. It should be built with durable materials that will keep it together for longer than a few months or years. 

Materials: The materials used to make your mount should be chosen carefully as well. Make sure that it is made of high-quality materials which will withstand wear and tear over time without falling apart. These include steel, wood and plastic.

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What are the types of TV wall mounts?

There are four main types of TV wall mounts:

Fixed-mount: A fixed mount is the most basic kind of TV wall mount. It doesn’t allow for any movement whatsoever, so it’s best suited for TVs that will be in a stationary location.

Tilt mount: A tilt mount allows you to angle your TV up or down, which can be great for optimizing the viewing experience. This type of mount is perfect if you want to be able to watch TV from different angles.

Swivel mount: A swivel mount allows the TV to rotate left and right, which can be handy if you want to view it from different spots in the room. Swivel mounts also tend to be tilt mounts, so you can angle the TV up or down as well.

Full-motion mount: A full-motion mount is the most versatile option because it allows you to do everything that a swivel and tilt mount does, plus you can extend, pan, and rotate the TV.

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How to Pick the right size 

Once you’ve settled on the type of TV wall mount you want, the next step is to choose the right size. This can be tricky because there are a lot of different sizes and types of TVs. But here are a few tips to help:

Measure TV size – Before you do anything else, you need to measure your TV. This will give you a good starting point for finding an amount that’s the right size.

Check the VESA standard  – It is basically a set of measurements that all TVs conform to. Most mounts are designed to fit these measurements, so it’s a good idea to check and make sure your TV’s VESA measurements match the amount you’re considering.

Slightly bigger than TV It’s always better to choose the mount that’s a little bigger than your TV, just in case there are any discrepancies. This will help ensure a snug fit.

Finally, you need to think about where you’re going to be mounting your TV. If there are any obstacles in the way (like a fireplace or a window), then you’ll need to choose a mount that can accommodate these.



The Best TV Wall Mount NZ


1. StarTech Full Motion Articulating TV Wall MountTV Wall Mount

This is a high-quality TV wall mount for those who want to display their TV on the wall. This mount is easy to install and features a full range of adjustments. The heavy-duty TV wall mount is made from high-grade steel and fits your TV up to 100″ with a weight capacity of 75Kg. The tilt and swivel range of the screen can be adjusted from 2 to 15 degrees, and the screen can be rotated +/- 60 degrees.


2. StarTech Full Motion TV Wall MountStarTech TV Wall Mount

StarTech TV Wall Mount is designed to be strong and sleek to provide a perfect fit for any home. It offers flexibility and also features a heavy-duty full horizontal motion. The TV mount is also compatible with a variety of devices, and the integrated cable management enables you to keep your home clutter-free. This mount can hold any 32″ to 75″ TV and is designed to be a full-motion mount.


3. Goobay: Large Pro Full Motion TV Wall Mount 

Goobay TV Wall Mount

Goobay: Large Pro Full Motion TV Wall Mount is a smart and strong TV wall mount that is designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern-day. The mount is sturdy and can hold a TV up to 70 kg. It is also integrated with cable management, which makes the wires invisible. The mount is perfect for the TV lover who has a large size TV.


4. StarTech Full Motion TV Wall Mount Full Motion Wall Mount

This is a contemporary design wall mount TV bracket that can hold a TV up to 80 inches with a weight capacity of 50kg. It is easy to install and install it just about anywhere. This TV wall mount is compatible with most modern TVs with VESA mounting plates. As the wall mount bracket is designed with a contemporary design, it is easy to use.


5. StarTech Full Motion TV Wall Mount NZ

TV Wall Mount

This wall mount is designed for 22″ to 55″ TVs. With the built-in cable management, you can enjoy crystal clear images with minimal distractions. The wall mount is easy to install and includes easy-to-follow instructions for this specific model. The arm extends to provide a smooth, full-motion viewing experience. The built-in +/-90 swivel and +/-2/-12 tilting ensure that you’re always in the perfect position for your TV.



How high should a TV be mounted on a wall in NZ?

The television should be mounted to a wall at a height that allows an unobstructed view of the screen from any seating position in the room. It is recommended to mount TVs at least 80cm above floor level. The height of the TV mounted on a wall should also allow for minor adjustments by tilting without blocking the view of either picture or the remote control.


Is it easy to wall mount a TV?

Wall mounting a TV can be simple if you know the right spot on the wall to drill the hole. You can also follow the instruction that comes with a wall mount.