The 10 Best Alarm Clocks in New Zealand

Are you deciding on which one is the best alarm clock for you? You want to go with something that is easy to use, yet effective at waking you up in the morning. There are a number of different types of alarm clocks to choose from and some of the best brands. Our goal here is to help you to decide which alarm clock is the best fit for your needs.


 What kind of alarm clock should I buy?

The answer to that question depends on what kind of sleep schedule you have, or if you do have a sleep schedule at all. If you are the type who goes to bed and wakes up at different times throughout the day, then you should buy something different than someone who works five days a week at the same time schedule. 

If you have varying times of sleeping and awake then you need such an alarm clock that can set variable times for you and different buzzers.

What kind of display of alarm clock?

When you are trying to choose a display of alarm clock that is most suitable for you, among LCD, LED and traditional analogue. You might want to choose a clock that is very easy to see in LCD or LED and you can still see the time in the Dark. You can choose one which is not too bright at night. 

 Can I use my favourite music to wake me up?

Apart from the standard radio and buzzer, some alarm clocks have a media player like an iPod to play music from your device, or you can connect it with a USB stick for a customised buzzer of alarm.


The Best Alarm clocks to buy in NZ


1. Tech Outlet Soft touch bedside light & alarm clockAlarm clock

This Tech Outlet Soft-touch bedside light & alarm clock is a stylish clock that is great to keep in the bedroom, living room, dormitory, office but specially designed for bedroom light at night time. If you need to move around or need a low light in the bedroom during the night time then this warm light alarm clock is just the perfect option. 

This multifunctional alarm clock has a great  Easy Tap Control feature. With this vibration sensor, you can control the light. The first tap to the clock will give you soft light, the second tap will give brighter light and the last tap will turn off the light. The cover of this little alarm clock or night light is made of ABS and silicone that is soft, harmless, and safe for the human body.

The Time Display works 24 hours but if you want to turn off or turn on the time display, you just press the button inside the lamp. To turn off the alarm you need to tap the lampshade. 

Pros : 

  • Safe and eco-friendly alarm clock
  • Simple to use 
  • Three in one function 
  • Compact and Portable 


  • Time display might turn off after some time.


2. Lenoxx CRW25 10W Wireless Qi Phone Charger Alarm clock

This new black colour low profile designed Lenoxx CRW25 10W Wireless Qi Phone Charger w/Alarm Clock can be a great addition to your room or office. It features wireless charging compatibility and has the capacity of  10 watts of quick-charging power. 

To charge your compatible smartphone phone first you just need to put it on the top of the clock and then set your phone onto the Wireless Charging Alarm Clock. It has a USB port on the back of the alarm clock to charge your smartphone without wireless charging. 

This smart alarm clock comes with an FM radio and is able to scan and store up to 20 FM stations and can automatically switch off or go on standby mode.

This alarm clock comes in 12 hours or 24-hour formats. It has an adjustable display to high, mid, low and off. On the top of it, it has a dual alarm system and a snooze button. This option is perfect for work routine people or with a school or college routine. 

Pros :

  • Wireless charging option and USB port 
  • Dual alarm system
  • FM radio 
  • Bright  digital display so clearly visible time 

Cons :

  • It requires Battery


3. NINA Blush Silent Alarm Clock by One Six Eight LondonAlarm clock

This NINA Blush Silent Alarm Clock by One Six Eight London is a stylish and simple minimalist design that perfectly suits any area of your home. This peaceful peach coloured round-shaped and compact size clock is an ideal option for your office as well. 

It has a solid wood base with a white resin case and a glass lens which add elegance to the clock. The small size clock is easy to display and  

The numbers on the clock are large enough that it can be seen at a glance. This alarm clock does not have unnecessary ticking sounds so you can sleep peacefully and get up on time when the alarm rings. 


  • Silent performance
  • Peaceful look
  • Compact size 


  • Not digital
  • Do not have a snooze option


4. Space Hotel CYBORG Alarm Clock – Yellow/SilverAlarm clock

This CYBORG  stylish mustard yellow colour digital alarm clock can be an ideal option for your bedroom.  This lozenge-shaped case coated beautiful clock adds extra style to your home or your office desk.  

Its angled elongated legs make it look like a lunar landing in space. It has a silver effect mirror LED Screen to show the time both in 12 or 24-hour format and has a Black and Silver colour effect mirror. 

This multifunctional digital alarm clock has amazing basic features including a digital beep alarm, snoozing feature, brightness settings, night mode and optional temperature display.


  • It includes a USB power cable 
  • Night mode


  • Only two colour option 


5. Doctor Who Dalek Projection Alarm ClockAlarm clock


This is the most adorable alarm clock. Its design is inspired by the doctor who series character Delek. This will bring back a lot of nostalgia for the Dr who fans. A lot of effort has been made to make sure that the clock looks as realistic as possible.

This clock comes with interesting functions. When this clock sounds the alarm, its LCD display of the time will have a blue flashlight and the ceiling will have a projection display of the time. It has two control buttons that can be used to turn on-off the light, sound effects and projection.

The alarm clock will shout “exterminate with hover and gun” to wake you up, the sound effects will undoubtedly leave you in great joy every time. The clock works the best with 4 x AA batteries for settings. It is also officially licensed by Dr Who alarm clocks.


  • The excellent sound effects.


  • The time display is quite small as compared to the whole figure.


6. Laser 4-In-1 Digital Qi Wireless Charging Alarm ClockLaser 4-In-1 Digital Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

This is a modern designed alarm clock in rectangular shape with multifunctions which has the capability of doing multiple tasks simultaneously. It has a built-in stereo speaker to wake you up on time with a digital display.

This alarm clock gives you the perfect company while listening to music with the help of FM radio or Bluetooth speak on your travels. This clock has Qi wireless charging for Qi-compatible devices with a capacity of 2000mAh battery.

It includes a big snooze to remind you after a few minutes to wake you up, and you can also set your alarm twice a day with its dual alarm setting.

The Laser clock comes with a backup battery compartment. This latest multipurpose alarm clock is ideal for any type of room. It Supports USB, Micro SD and AUX inputs to give you all types of convenience. 


  • Large Snooze Button
  • 4 in 1 alarm clock 
  • Wireless charging 


  • No adjustable noise buttons


7. Oregon Scientific Resonance Alarm Clock

Oregon Scientific Resonance Alarm Clock

This Oregon Scientific Resonance Alarm Clock has a great combination of an LED digital alarm clock  and a high-quality Bluetooth speaker which will make your bedroom more modern and  can bring style to any room.

It has linen fabric on the  LED display and is covered with a grey coloured strong outer frame.  This cool digital alarm clock has a LED display that shows the time, calendar and day and features  3 levels of adjustable brightness.

This alarm clock has in-built superior quality bluetooth speakers and is powerful enough to give you high quality sound in any room you just  need to connect your phone with it. You can adjust the volume on the clock or by your phone in 16 adjustable levels. 

This smart alarm clock has a Dual alarm setting so you can easily set two alarms time on a one alarm clock. If you do not want to wake up at the first alarm so you can get up on the second one with a snooze function or get up with the music in bed.  It also has a USB port at the back of the clock  to charge your phone. 

Pros : 

  • Portable and lightweight
  • 3 levels of  adjustable display brightness
  • Super  quality Bluetooth dual Speakers
  • Adjustable Multi language setting

Cons : 

  • USB cable not included



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