The 5 Best Cat Dry Foods That Provide Essential Nutrients

Cats are the most popular domesticated pet in the world. They are a part of the family, and they will always be there to have their needs met. They have unique dietary needs that are often overlooked by owners. The best cat dry food is an important part of any cat’s diet and making sure they eat the right one can make a big difference in their health and happiness.

The best cat dry food depends on what your cat needs. Cats are carnivores and evolved to eat a high protein diet. The best diet for them is high in meat, low in carbohydrates, and contains no grains whatsoever. Some cats are able to tolerate grain-free diets and some are not.

If you are looking to provide your cat with the best cat dry food, it is important to understand their dietary needs. Cats usually have specific dietary requirements that need to be met for optimal health and happiness. In this article, we will discuss the best cat dry foods, what they are, and what to look for when choosing the right one.

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What to Look for in a Premium Dry Cat Food

There are many different types of dry cat food on the market. There is also a variety of ingredients that can be used. While it is important to choose a food that contains the right ingredients and meets your cat’s specific needs, choosing a food that is made with quality ingredients is another big factor.

Life stage: The type and amount of protein needed by a cat changes throughout their life. A kitten needs a high protein food while ageing cats need a lower higher protein content to support the changes that are happening in their bodies.

Ingredients: It is important to always read the ingredients label before purchasing food. Cats are carnivores, so look for an animal protein source as the first ingredient. Some examples of quality ingredients include turkey, lamb, and fish. Also, look for an animal protein source that is named specifically rather than just “meat.” Ingredients like chicken meal and chicken by-product meal are significantly lower quality than fresh whole chicken or a fresh whole turkey.

Protein content: The recommended protein content for cats is 26% or higher. Many products fall short of this. The higher the protein content, the more essential fatty acids that are needed.

Flavour: Cats are notoriously finicky. If your cat does not like the flavour of food, then they are less likely to eat it. Look for a food that has a meaty taste, but is not overwhelming.

Essential nutrients: Some of the essential nutrients that your cat needs are taurine, essential amino acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. If your cat is not getting these nutrients, then cats can have a variety of health problems. Look for a food that contains some of these nutrients, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Grains: Cats are not supposed to eat grains, which contain simple carbohydrates. These carbs fill them up but do not provide enough essential amino acids and fatty acids that they need to be healthy. This causes many health problems like diabetes and obesity in cats that consume grains. If the food has a grain in it (like corn or wheat), look for a different food because this is not the best cat dry food.

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The Best Cat Dry Food NZ


1. Royal Canin Fit Dry Cat Food

Cat Dry Food

Royal Canin Fit Dry Cat Food is a dry food that is specifically designed to help maintain the health of an adult cat. It includes a high-quality, balanced diet with all of the necessary nutrients and it provides cats with just enough calories to maintain an ideal weight. This food also contains specific fibres that help reduce hairball and it also helps stimulate intestinal transit. It’s designed for urinary system maintenance in adults as well. 


2. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Cat Food

Adult Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Cat Food is the best cat dry food because it provides the optimum nutrition with your adult cat needs to maintain a healthy weight and strong immune system with no grains or corn. The food has the utmost quality you can expect from Hill’s along with rich taurine which is essential for the proper functioning of your adult cat’s heart, kidneys, and bladder.


3. Whiskas Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food

Whiskas Meaty

Whiskas Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food is great for your cat because it is made with real chicken. This food has the highest protein content, which means that your cat has lots of energy to play and work. It also has all the essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs so they can maintain their good health as they grow up. And, as an added bonus, there are no artificial colours or flavours.


4. Black Hawk Original Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Cat FoodBlack Hawk

Black Hawk Original Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food is a delicious blend of high-quality Australian chicken, vegetables and grains that contains omega fatty acids from emu oil for skin, coat and joint health. This cat food also contains Yucca to help reduce stool odour as well as real meat proteins to give your cat all the protein they need.


5. Acana Wild Prairie Dry Cat Food

Acana Wild Prairie

Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food is made specifically for cats with a balanced and nutritious formula. This cat food contains high-quality protein, fibre, and probiotics to help support the digestive health of your pet. It also contains taurine, EPA & DHA which are essential nutrients for eye and heart health. Cats need these nutrients in order to maintain their shiny coat, healthy skin and handsome eyes. With Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food, you can provide your cat with what he needs to stay healthy.



How much dry cat food should you feed a cat?

That depends on the cat. These are the general guidelines for daily feeding:

Age of Cat in Years Daily Feeding

0-3 Months 1/8 cup 

3-6 Months 3/8 cup 

7-9 Months 1/4 cup 

10+ Months 1/2 cup amounts may need to be adjusted during periods of heavy growth or extreme weight loss caused by illness or surgery. Adjust food as necessary to maintain a good body condition.


What shapes are dry cat foods available in?

Dry cat foods come in various shapes and sizes to suit cats of all sizes. Smaller kibbles are preferable for kittens and toy breeds, while larger kibbles are better for large breed cats.


What ingredients should you look for in the best dry cat food?

The best dry cat food is one that has a high-quality protein content. There are a few different types of protein sources that can be used, such as poultry, fish, beef or lamb meat. Other types of ingredients may also be included in the formulation such as dried egg whites or dried vegetables like sweet potatoes, peas and carrots.