8 Best Cheap Air fryer under $120 in New Zealand

You may already be searching for the best cheap air fryer that you can buy for your kitchen. This can be one of the most important kitchen appliances to own, simply because it lets you prepare healthy fried foods with only a few ingredients and very little cooking time. 

This makes it a good choice for many people who are watching their cholesterol levels and want to slim down in the process. There are many different kinds of air fryers to choose from, so here we help you to buy the best cheap air fryer. 


Advantage of Air fryer in you Kitchen

An Air Fryer over a frying pan is that it cooks from the outside in and not from the inside out. By cooking from the outside, the amount of fat contained in the food is retained therefore giving you healthier meals.

It cooks fast because the outer skin of the food is crispy and gives the dish a crispy feel when heated. Furthermore, in comparison to a deep-fried meal from the oven, the amount of fat contained in these meals is minimal. 

Another advantage of the Air Fryer is that it creates hot air circulation which results in a more even cooking. This can actually reduce the instances of overcooking and uneven cooking, resulting in a more appetizing dish. Another benefit from the circulating hot air that comes from the air fryer is that it also creates a smoky aroma.


How to choose the best Cheap air fryer 

Air fryers are much more compact and are easier to use if you are worried about space. They just require a little space for storage.

Another thing to look for when you are comparing air fryers is whether or not they offer a wide temperature range. Air fryers should be able to cook foods from just about any cooking level, from very low 80 degrees to 200 degrees very high.

By cooking from a wide temperature range, you will reduce the instances where your food is undercooked or overcooked. The benefit of a wide temperature range is that you can use less oil while cooking.

One thing that you should also take into consideration when you are looking for the best one is that they should be easy to clean and should have a very minimal maintenance cost.

This type of appliance usually has three different sizes(1.5, 2 & 3 litres) that are good for all your frying needs and all of them will cook in a few minutes. You can also use this type of fryer to cook different kinds of food items such as chicken, potatoes and eggs and some even have a grill to complete your meals. 


The Best Cheap Air Fryer under $120


1. Craig & Russell Air Fryer 3.5L

Craig & Russell Air Fryer

This is the best cheap air fryer. The Craig & Russell air Fryer cooks food by using hot air circulation. This home appliance is a black body oval-shaped stylish air fryer great for your kitchen for fast cooking.

This air fryer is very easy to use. You just need to set the timer and the temperature. It is great for multi-purpose cooking like a grill, roast, fry, bake, reheating and defrosting. Awesome for making french fries, chicken nuggets and fish.

The quick air circulation cooks food from all directions you just need to flip the food in between. It has a 30 minutes timer and a temperature range from 80 to up to 200 degrees Celcius.

Pros: Easy to clean and has a removable non-stick coating basket. This air fryer needs little to no oil for cooking and cooking food in a healthy and delicious way.

Cons: This appliance is not dishwasher safe. It is quite bulky so takes more space in the kitchen.


2. Air Fryer – 4.5 litres

Healthy Choice air FryerThis air fryer is a black and grey colour metal-look body, oval in shape and flat from the bottom is popular. It uses an electrical heating tube and a hot air convection method for cooking. This can cook food, bake, roast, grill and make fries, potatoes, fish and many more in a healthy way and give you a mouth-watering experience.

It is 4.5L large capacity and great for a family of four. It has high-speed air circulation technology for fast cooking and heating food. This air fryer can cook food Without adding Oil or very less amount oil. You can adjust the temperature up to 200 degrees celsius.

This air fryer has bottom heat technology that makes it do even heating resulting in delicious and crispy food. This appliance has a removable basket a heatproof holding handle and safety nets. It has a touch operating panel and has a preset programmed menu on the top of the air fryer.

Pros: This type of air fryer does oil-free cooking which is healthy and uses very little effort to get ready your food. It has a safety feature that prevents overheating.

Cons: Not ideal for dishwashing. It might be a hassle to wash the basket after roasting meat or after cooking.


3. Sheffield Air Fryer 3.5L

Sheffield Air Fryer

Sheffield Air Fryer is a round-shaped black metal body falt from the top and bottom. It has two dials, one on the top and another on the front. It has a 3.5L capacity, ideal for a family of two to four. It cooks food by using a high-speed hot air circulation which cooks food evenly and gives a very delicious crispy texture.

This air fryer is great for fast cooking meals and for snacks like chicken wings, chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, cake bread and cookies. You can roast chicken, fish, potatoes, cauliflower, vegetables and even can grill your favourite food.

This Sheffield Air Fryer has a detachable frying basket with a plastic handle and a little button on top to remove it. You can safely remove it after cooking for cleaning. With the dial, you can adjust the timer and control the temperature for cooking up to 200 degrees.

Pros: This air fryer is simple to use and value money. It has a dishwasher safe basket and other safety features.

Cons: Cleaning can be a mess sometimes you may have to soak the cooking bowl overnight.


4. Easy Home Digital Air Fryer 6L

Easy Home Digital Air Fryer 6L

This Easy home digital air fryer is a very handy choice for fast cooking and is a great kitchen appliance. It uses a fast hot air circulation method for cooking and cooks your favourite food with or without oil. It is very convenient and makes your food in a very nutritious way.

This air fryer has a 6L basket, 7.7L oil pot and is also coated with Teflon which is good for a small to large family. This has a detachable basket and pot with a safe plastic handle.

With its digital touch preset program menu, you can adjust the temperature for different cooking from 80 to 200 degrees and can set a 30 minutes timer. It has a non-slip foot for a grip and overheating safety function.

You can cook chicken nuggets, fries, chicken wings, veggies and can roast and grill in a matter of minutes. Your food will be ready and come out juicy and tender in taste.

Pros: Dishwasher safe basket and very handy to operate and cook. It has a double protection circuit and is safe to use.

Cons: The coating can come off if not handled carefully. The dial can be loose in some cases if not operated gently.


5. Healthy Choice 3.2L Digital Air Fryer

Healthy Choice 3.2L Digital Air Fryer

The healthy choice digital air fryer is a multifunctional air fryer that uses turbo air technology to cook food. This is an elegant oval-shaped and matte black shade air fryer that uses a hot air method for cooking.

This 3.2L digital air fryer has many features. It is very simple to control. You just need to put your food with all the ingredients in the removable basket and set the timer and temperature from the preset programmed menu. You can make crispy fries and chicken nuggets, fish any more items in the air fryer.

You can control the timer for up to 90 minutes and adjust the temperature from 65 to 200 degrees Celcius. It has 8 different cooking modes and you just need to select the timer and the temperature and it will beep automatically once your meal is ready.

Pros: This air fryer is easy to control and also has dishwashing safe parts. it cooks food without and with a very little amount of oil that makes your food healthy and delicious.

Cons: This digital air fryer is large in size so can take more space than other kitchen appliances.


6. Kitchen Couture Air Fryer 3.4L

Kitchen Couture Air Fryer

This Kitchen Couture 3.4L capacity large size Black air fryer is a very convenient kitchen appliance. This air fryer uses rapid air circulation technology for cooking your meal evenly. You don’t even need oil or maybe very little oil for cooking in the air fryer which is a simpler and healthier way of cooking and eating.

This air fryer can cook food very quickly and you don’t even need to preheat it to cook your meal. You just need to set the appropriate temperature and the exact time for your food and your food will come out in a very delicious and crispy way. The timer you can set up to 30 minutes and adjust the temperature range from 80 degrees Celsius to 200 Degrees Celsius.

It has an automatic shut off program when food is ready. This air fryer has a Detachable basket and non-stick Teflon-coating which makes it easy to clean the basket.

Pros: it is very simple to use and lightweight so you can place it easily in your kitchen. It is a low-fat kitchen appliance. Time Saver and value of money.

Cons: Not dishwasher safe. The non-stick Teflon coating may peel off if you do any harsh cleaning.


7. Black Airfryer 3.5L

Black Airfryer

This Black Airfryer 3.5L Turbo Low Fat Healthy Cooking Cooker or air fryer is designed beautifully in an oval shape and black in colour. This is a multifunctional appliance for quick and delicious cooking which saves your time than doing long long hours of cooking.

This compact size air fryer has 3.5L of capacity which is great for a family of two people. You can cook different types of cooking like baking, roasting, toast, fish, and can make cookies as well. It is very simple to set the timer and to set the temperature for cooking. Maximum temperature setting up to 200 degrees.

The other feature is that it removes the extra cooking oil from the meal and allows you and your family to enjoy healthy meals every day. This air fryer has a non-stick detachable drawer and food basket and has a nice soft plastic handle to hold up the basket.

Pros: Black Airfryer 3.5L Turbo Low Fat Healthy Cooking Cooker is very easy to use. It has a preset program menu for different cooking and has dishwasher safe parts.

Cons: it can take more space in the kitchen for storage and you need to be more careful while washing the non-stick coated basket as may



8. Kogan Air Fryer 6.2L

Kogan Air fryer

This Kogan digital low-fat air fryer is nicely designed square in shape and with a digital preset programme menu in front of it. This air fryer is a multifunctional air fryer in your kitchen that helps you to cook meals quicker and help you to prepare mouth-watering meals for the whole family. This air fryer uses rapid air circulation technology for cooking meals.

This air fryer uses very less oil and comes with preset cooking functions. this can cook all of your favourite dishes in a healthier way so you don’t need to compromise on taste. It comes with a nice removable basket with a handle

This 6.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer circulates the hot air at high speeds on the food, so once the food is cooked it comes out delicious.
 This multi-function appliance has 7 one-touch preset cooking modes. This has easy control of time up to 60 minutes and temperature up to Degrees to 200-degree celsius with the digital display

Pros: this air fryer has a non-stick coated removable basket that is easy to clean. It also saves your time while cooking. This is a dishwasher friendly air fryer. Moreover, it is easy to wash.

Cons: Needs more storage to place this bulky air fryer and can be heavy


These are the best cheap air fryers for you which helps you to cook your meal quickly and in a  healthy way. Let us know if you have any queries.


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