Top 5 Best Food Vacuum Sealers in NZ

Do you want to preserve your food in the fridge or freezer for longer?  The answer is a food vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer removes air from bags and containers, which means that food can last up to five times as long. Vacuum sealing also prevents bacteria growth and reduces oxidation of the contents.

They can be used with meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Vacuum sealers also allow you to freeze your food without worrying about it spoiling or drying out. There’s a wide range of vacuum sealers on the market that vary in features so it may take some time for you to figure out what best suits your needs. In this blog post, we will give you some tips for finding the best food vacuum sealer in your price range and needs. 

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What thing to Consider Before Buying The Best Vacuum Sealer?

There are two types of vacuum sealers on the market: chamber and external. 

Chamber vacuums usually use a heating source to create an airtight enclosure around food, while externals involve pumping hot or cold liquid into their system which then makes contact with both sides (heated) before being pumped back out again. this refrigerated whatever’s inside perfectly without damaging its quality like heat would do if left untouched.

A chamber vacuum is the best type for large-volume packaging because it has a bigger size. This machine would be great if someone wants to vacuum lots of large food items.

In contrast to the traditional chamber type of sealers, external vacuum sealers are cheaper and more compact. The machine sucks all the air from the bag and creates a tight-fitting bag around the food. 

The operation of an external vacuum sealer is simple. All you have to do is place the food in a bag and put it into your machine, which will tighten around them with its sealing head.


What is a wet Sealing Function? 

The tender and succulent meat are great when you use the best vacuum sealer to help it retain its juices. This feature can also extend storage life, making it perfect for those who love barbecue or any other occasion where food needs refrigeration but not freezing.

Sealing vegetables or meat, poultry or fish can help to keep it fresh for longer. It also helps establish an awesome effect because your food will taste even better after being cooked at home rather than going out.

The machine that comes with Drip trays is important because they catch all liquid, which could otherwise seep through and cause you big problems. 


What is Pulse Mode in Vacuum Sealer

This is great when the food sealer is featured with pulse vacuum mode. It can control pressure with this feature and also depend on the food quality and decomposition capacity. You can monitor the exhaust air and also prevent crushed and spoiled food. 


How convenient to Store

Not all vacuum sealers are the same. Some options can take up a large space which is not only inconvenient but also takes up valuable counter space in your kitchen. So you need to consider the size of the vacuum sealer before buying one. 


What are other Functions?

The other features to consider in the best food sealer are the wet-sealing capacity, removable trays and integrated rollers as well as the quality and performance of the product. 

Another thing to keep in mind while buying the best food sealer includes a transparent lid, accessory hose, container packaging and seal-only button. 


The Best Food Vacuum Sealer NZ


1. Maxkon Food Vacuum Sealer Food Saverfood sealer

Maxkon Food Vacuum Sealer is the best product for your kitchen. This vacuum sealer machine can help you store your food in a good way so that it can save more space and freshness of food.  It has some amazing features: premium metal construction, LED control bar, 64kPa suction power, built-in cutter, sealing bag storage area and more. It also has a Dry mode for solid items and a Moist mode for wet food storage.


2. Food Sealer Vacuum Heat Sealer MachineSealer Machine 

The FoodSaver vacuum is a compact appliance that removes air and seals bags in seconds. It comes with 2 rolls of bags and is white in colour. The machine protects and keeps food fresh for longer. This product makes it easy to store foods at home or on the go. It features an intuitive control panel with touchpad controls that are simple to use.


3. Sunbeam FoodSaver

Sunbeam FoodSaver

The Sunbeam FoodSaver is a versatile and efficient food preservation solution for every kitchen. With 5 food settings, this appliance ensures precise and customizable sealing for various food items, keeping them fresh for longer.

The marinate program adds a flavorful twist to your meals, infusing your favorite meats and vegetables with delicious marinades quickly and easily. The lock lever operation provides a secure and airtight seal, maintaining the quality and taste of your stored food.


4. Foodsaver Handheld cordless Vacuum Food SealerVacuum Food

The Foodsaver Handheld cordless Vacuum Sealer is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It allows you to store food in airtight containers and zipper bags, preserving it for later use. The unit comes with 3 cups & 5 cups containers and 5 zipper bags. It also has a compact design for easy storage.


4. Maxkon Food Vacuum Food Sealer Dry & Wet Vacuum Sealer

Maxkon Food Vacuum Food Sealer is a great vacuum sealer for your kitchen, which can help you to save a lot of space. It can be used to store different kinds of food like meat, vegetables and so on. This vacuum sealer has a powerful suction power of 80 kPa, which means it can keep the freshness of the food for a long time. The sealing strip is 3mm wide, which makes it easy to use for anyone 


5. Healthy Choice Vacuum Food Sealer

Food Saver Machine

The Healthy Choice vacuum sealer is the easiest way to store your food. It can be used with other food-saver canisters and bags, so you have a variety of options when it comes to storing your food. This food sealer has an in-built bag cutter, so you don’t have to waste time cutting open the bags yourself. This saves you time and effort! It also features a 30cm sealing width, which means that it has enough room for most containers.