Top 7 Best Garden Sheds in NZ

A  garden shed is a great place to store tools, toys and other outdoor equipment. A garden shed can be practical because it’s often an affordable option that doesn’t take up much space at all. 

The best garden Sheds are the ultimate problem solver for anyone who needs extra space. More than simply a home for tools and timber, sheds can be everything from an office to a garage. But understanding which shed is best will make your life easier when it comes time to buy one. Thus, It’s important to consider a few things when investing in any building project like this. If you’re dreaming of buying one but don’t know where to start looking, then we’ve got some information for you. 

In this blog, we will take you through the wonders of the best garden sheds available in NZ. Here we have a guide for what type is right for your needs and a great way to beat winter blues. 

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How to buy the Best Garden Shed for you


What size do you need?

If you’re looking to buy a small garden shed, it is important that the footprint of your new addition will be able to accommodate at least 6ft x 4ft. This means there needs plenty of space inside for storage purposes and its own separate electric facilities.

It’s easy to think that a shed would be just for storing tools and mowers, but if you’ve built up an impressive collection of garden implements like electrical equipment it might become clear why the 6×8 ft size was perfect. 

You can walk into this space without feeling crowded even when there are lots of items inside. If your intention is also a workshop at some point then consider getting one with more room – they’re worth every penny though because bigger garages cost less per square foot so they save money in the long run too.

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What materials should you consider buying?

It’s important when buying the best garden shed that you know ahead of what type your needs are so they can match accordingly. The garden sheds are available in two main types: wooden and metal sheds. 

A wooden shed is usually made of softwood such as pine, cedar, or spruce. Cedar is a classic garden variety found to have the least amount of rot but also comes at a very high price point due in part to its preservation methods which also require regular painting throughout this lifetime. 

Metal sheds are typically the toughest type of shed to assemble and can withstand a lot before they fail. They also have high security with their metal construction but beware that if left in humid conditions or close proximity by moisture-sensitive electronics there’s always a risk for humidity which might drip onto these items.

Now that you’ve decided to build a shed, the first step is figuring out what materials are going into it. Remember: everything from flooring all the way up will need to be made of these same construction-friendly components like wood or concrete so plan accordingly.

Finally, consider the roof. Wooden sheds are often topped with felt which can become loose or torn in high winds and need to be nicked down from time to time for repairs as needed. You don’t want your shed’s waterproof covering being compromised by runoff water finding its way inside of it.

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What to consider for windows and doors?

The door to your shed should be versatile and easy to access. A sliding metal one will give you more convenience, but if that’s not an option for whatever reason then make sure the opening is tall enough so as not to compromise on manoeuvrability when pulling in or out with a lawnmower right afterwards. 

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The Best sheds NZ


1. Keter Oakland 759 Garden ShedGarden Shed

Keter Oakland 759 Garden Shed is a great storage shed for your garden items. It has wooden texture walls.  It allows you to customize the shed to fit your requirement. This shed features double doors that are easy to open and close, and they lock securely with the help of a stainless steel locking system. This Garden Shed is made from durable materials that will last for years.

This shed features double-wall construction, steel reinforcements in the roof and a robust floor. The reliable and sturdy design is complemented by its attractive modern appearance. The Shed is easy to assemble and has dimensions of 2290 x 2870 x 2420 mm.


2. Keter Oakland 1175SD Garden Shed

Garden Shed

Keter OaklandGarden Shed is designed with large double doors to make it easier for you to get in and out. The roof, floor, and walls are constructed from heavy-duty materials that can withstand the elements of any season. This Garden Shed has a Victorian-style window that allows light into the shed even when it’s closed.

With its large size and high ceiling, it offers you a lot of space to keep everything in one place.. You can add shelving if you need more space or want to display your garden tools and accessories. It is also weather-resistant which makes it stand for a long time.


3. Wooden Garden Shed Dan 2.43m x 1.9m x 1.9mWooden Garden Shed

The Wooden Garden Shed Dan is a great choice for storing your garden tools and equipment. The shed has double doors and a plexiglass side window. The pre-assembled wall elements make it easy to assemble the walls, roof and floor in just a few hours. 

The Nordic style 2.2m  height makes it easy to store taller items in the shed, such as ladders and bikes. The shed has been designed to be assembled in 3 dimensions: W 2.43m x D 1.9m x H 1.9m, however, the floor area is 4.6m square.


4. Keter Factor 8×8 Shed 2.56m x 2.55mKeter Factor

Keter Factor Shed is a great addition to any garden, it has been designed with a modern and innovative look, this storage shed will be a great place for you to store your equipment and tools safely. It features double doors which open up fully to allow easy access into the shed, giving you plenty of space to move around inside the shed. It also includes two built-in shelves that can be used as extra storage space for your items is a great design Hut shape UV stabilized shed with a heavy-duty floor panel to protect all your tools from rain or dampness.


5. Log Cabin Corner Garden House MelanieLog Cabin

Log Cabin Corner Garden shed is a brand new design hut that comes with the latest features. The front windows are almost full-length and double glazed for extra insulation. Double doors make it easy to get your lawnmower or other gardening equipment in and out of the shed. 

It has been made from Nordic spruce wood so it will last for years, as well as be very strong. The roof is made from high-quality material that will also give you great protection against rain and snow.  The wall thickness is 44mm and the dimensions are 3.3m x 3.3m x 3.25m with a floor area of 9.6m. The ridge height is 3.25m and is easy to assemble. 


6. Keter Darwin 6×4 Shed 

Keter Darwin

The Keter Darwin Shed is a great cabin for storing your garden tools and equipment. It has a natural wood look with low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about painting or treating it. The shed is made from Evotech composite which is durable, weather-resistant and won’t rot in damp conditions.


7. Garden Shed 1.55m x 1.55m x 2.02m Wood FinishWood Finish

This shed is perfect for people who are looking to finish their wood without spending too much money. This Garden Shed is made from high-grade, galvanized steel and has an affordable price tag. This shed also comes with a lockable latch that will keep your tools protected when you aren’t using it. It can be easily installed by anyone who has basic DIY skills.


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