Top 7 Best Lawn Mower in NZ

If you are looking for the best lawn mower to help with your yard work, then this blog is for you. We will go over what makes a good lawn mower and why it’s so important to find one that best suits your needs.

The best Lawn mowers are a necessity for many homeowners. They help maintain the best-looking yard in your neighbourhood and give you that sense of pride when you look out at it every day. However, with so many models on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Here’s our list of the best lawnmowers currently available.

When you’re looking for the new best lawn mower, there are some key features to look out for. Whether that’s the type of engine or whether it has an adjustable speed control button – we’ve got all your bases covered with our handy guide below.

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How to choose the Best Lawn Mower for you 

It’s important to consider the type and length of grass you’re going to cut before buying a lawn mower. The first thing that should come into consideration is your area.

Lawns are often thought of as standard tennis courts – if you have an average-sized lawn (or smaller) then it’s considered a “medium” size. If your grass needs cutting more frequently, then buy yourself one with adjustable settings on the blade height and width for shorter or longer periods between mowing sessions.

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What different types of lawn mowers are there?

Electric lawn mowers are the best option for small or medium-sized yards because they may require an extension cord. Make sure you check how long your included cable is before buying another cable. A good rule of thumb: don’t use old extension cords – they’re too risky with high enough wattages at 1.5kW+.

Petrol Mowers – If you have a really big lawn, the best way to cut it is with petrol or a gas-powered mower. They are much more powerful than their counterparts and will cope better in long gardens without choking out too many weeds. Petrol models also require little maintenance aside from cleaning up after themselves at the end of each season.

Cordless mowers are great for cutting grass in places that don’t have an outlet, like if you live on a farm or near mountains. They’re similar to electric models but lack some of the benefits. You can only work for an hour before needing another battery charge so this may not be ideal if your yard is large enough to require multiple sessions (or hours long), and their power isn’t always up to par with other types when it comes down to cutting unruly patches of weeds. 

The Robot Mower is an automated lawn care system that can mow your lawn for you. The Robot Mower uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn the patterns on your grass. It can give an alarm on your phone if someone tries to steal it or tamper with its battery.

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What other features should you look out for?

Mowing your lawn can be a time-consuming and laborious task. The cutting width is particularly important. Some models are better than others at edges and fences which means they don’t leave strips of uncut grass in their wake when it comes time to cut the grass for this season. A roller can help create stripes across any surface making neatness more attainable too so get out there now before myriads show up on our doorsteps.

The second thing to consider is the height settings on your mower. Some might require just moving a lever while others may need to add sprockets or change out pieces with different blade fittings for differing cutting heights. 

Another factor to consider is what will happen to your grass cuttings after they’ve been clipped. Many mowers come with a bag or box, but make sure you compare the sizes of models before buying one. If composting isn’t an option for where you live (or if the council doesn’t provide it), larger clipping bags minimize trips back and forth from the home composter.

A mulching plug is an option that’s perfect for those who want to get rid of the clippers and bag. You can let it chop up all your grass into tiny pieces, which will decompose quicker than if you’d just pulled them off in one piece. The light residue also helps keep moisture inside during dry times (like summer).

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The Best Lawn Mowers NZ


1. Certa Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Certa Electric Lawn Mower

Certa Battery Powered Electric Lawn Mower is a lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre lawnmower. It is equipped with an adaptive load-sensing motor that delivers more power when you need it most. 

The Certa electric lawn mower features five cutting heights, which ensures a perfect cut every time. This model comes with a 40L catcher, making it very convenient for you to collect grass clippings and dispose of them easily.


2. GreenWorks Lawn Mower

GreenWorks Lawn Mower

Greenworks  Lawnmower is a  powerful cordless lawn mower that can be used for trimming, cutting or mulching. It is powered by a 40V 4Ah lithium-ion battery which provides enough runtime on a single charge. 

The mower features an innovative design with a steel deck, full wheel suspension and an ergonomic handle. It also comes with a 55L grass catcher for easy disposal of cuttings.

It has a cutting width of 460 mm, 7 position height adjuster between 25mm to 80mm. The foldable handle makes it easier to store in your garage or shed after use.


3. Hyundai Lawnmower Self-Propelled

Hyundai Lawnmower

The Hyundai Lawnmower is the best choice for you to complete your yard work. It has a 196cc 4-stroke motor, which provides enough power to cut through long grass and weeds. The cutting blade is 510mm wide, so it can cover more area in one pass. 

The 70L grass catcher makes sure that all the clippings are collected, so you won’t have to deal with any mess left behind by the previous lawnmower. It also comes with 4-speed settings and rear-driven wheels, making it easy for you to manoeuvre around.


4. Hyundai Lawnmower Self-Propelled

Hyundai Lawnmower

The Hyundai’s best Lawnmower has a tough steel deck construction that will give you years of great service. The lawn mower comes with a powerful 139cc 2.6 kW petrol engine for effortless mowing and 7 adjustment levels so you can achieve the perfect cut every time. 

The 70L grass bag capacity means you won’t have to empty it often, while the self-propelled function makes light work of your lawn care chores.


5. Hyundai Lawnmower

Hyundai Lawnmower

This best Lawn mower is a lightweight, easy-to-use petrol lawnmower, perfect for small to medium-sized lawns. It has a polypropylene deck construction which makes it durable and long-lasting.

The rear grass collection bag is 30 litres in size and the height adjustment ranges from 25-75cm making it ideal for almost all types of grass.


6. ROK 18v Brushless Lawn Mower  

Brushless Lawn Mower

ROK 18v Brushless best Lawn Mower is the ideal mower for small and medium-sized gardens. It features a brushless motor that delivers power and reliability for years to come, an ergonomic handle with height adjustment, 5 levels of cutting height from 25mm to 75mm, a 30-litre grass catcher and a push-button start/stops function. 


7. Steelfort Landroid M1000 WR140ESteelfort Landroid

The WORX Landroid is a robotic lawn mower that makes light work of your grass-cutting chores. Its compact design means it can be stored away easily after use, and its quiet operation ensures it won’t disturb you or your neighbours. 

The Worx Landroid can detect obstacles and go around them, so you don’t have to worry about it running into your flowers or pets. You can set it up with boundary wire so that it will only run within the area you want it to. It has anti-theft technology including pin security and app control, so you can make sure your Landroid is always safe from theft.

It can be controlled using an app on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to set up the mower before you leave for work in the morning, and then come home to a beautifully cut lawn when you get back from work at the end of the day. It can be set to one of four cutting heights (20, 30, 40 and 60 millimetres) and will automatically charge when low battery power is detected.